How To Increase Traffic With Reddit

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Reddit is a social bookmarking website otherwise called a bulletin board system which has an enormous potential to drive great amount of traffic to your blog or website.

Reddit users say that the power of Reddit is so great that it is capable of giving 1500 hits in a day's time.

In this article I would like to tell you that apart from Facebook or twitter, you can use Reddit to promote your content and get results.

On Reddit you can submit your post in the form of a link or a text (similar to an article) post. After you submit your post, other members can vote up or down on your submission. The voting determines the rank of your post as well as its position on the Reddit website's pages and front page.

Read these awesome tips to increase traffic with Reddit

Sign-up and start promoting:

If you are new to Reddit, use the sign-up form and create a user account. Once your account is active, you can submit a link and know the response from Reddit users through votes. At the same you will also be able to browse the entries and vote for them.

Each entry previously known as a Reddit is now called as subreddits and The home page of Reddit displays front page content from selected Reddit  The front page of Reddit is where you should find your content because this is where you get visibility and a great number of hits to your website. Your content needs to be selected as a featured content in the recommended page.

How to bring your content to the front page of Reddit:

As I said earlier, the front page is where your submission/links gets more exposure so create a headline that is new, catchy and something which creates a curiosity and results in a hit. Reddit automatically suggests a title but you may add one with rich keywords.

When users click your headline to read your content, they will able to vote positive or negative on your content and add comments on your submission page. Only a positive feedback will help you move to the front page. To get positive votes, you need to share a good quality content in the most suitable category.

Gathering friends on Reddit:

Friends on Reddit also contribute to generating traffic to your website. Adding users to your friends list is very easy. On a user profile, beside the username an option +friends is available. If you like the profile and would like to connect press the option and the user will be added to your friends list. Identify like-minded people and become friends with them.

Tell them to visit your post, vote and give their valuable comments. It also requires you to be an active Reddit user, viewing other posts, voting, adding comments and promoting the link of your friends. As a Reddit user you can score points (points are called karma) when you contribute to the Reddit network community.

I hope you liked my simple strategies on how increase traffic with Reddit Take the advantage of this excellent website to get exposure and promote your content.

Mohideen Shameem

Mohideen is an Part-Time blogger,tech addict founder of

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179 thoughts on “How To Increase Traffic With Reddit”

  1. @Mohideen

    Gathering friends on Reddit is very important part. This post will diffidently help to increase traffic with Reddit.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Post Mohideen.. I was ignoring Reddit as of now..But now I would obviously start using Reddit..Thanks for the wonderful Post on reddit..
    Ashwani Kumar Singh

    • Thanks for your comment Ashwani Kumar most of the bloggers not familiar with reddit due to spam sharing.If you work on right manner sure you can increase a good traffic

    • Nice ideas and really reditt along with some sites like stumbleupon can help you increase the potential of your content and draw a healthy traffic.

  3. Reddit …..This is new word i heard.I know only twitter, facebook, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, linkedin. This will help me a lot to attract traffic for my blog. Thanka a ton….:D

    • Glad you find an new source sure you can generate a traffic through Reddit make sure to contribute best post and build relationship on it

  4. wow… great tips… reddit one of my favorite social sharing site…. its very easy to use… nice post

    • Glad you enjoyed using reddit and i do agree its very to easy to access thanks for stopping by Debarup Mukherjee

  5. Oh, great to see you as a participant in this guest blogging contest Shameem!

    My hearty wishes for you!

    Yeah, I really liked your simple strategies to perform blogging well with Reditt. Am having Reditt account, there I used to promote my blog posts. But after reading your guest post, I understood how to increase traffic with it.

    Thanks for writing and sharing the useful information for the bloggers and other internet marketers.

    Will help you to win in this contest and sharing your guest post on my networks πŸ™‚

    • First of all thanks for your wishes and i do agree Reddit is also an good source to increase traffic.Make sure to build relationship and promote your post sure you will find some good results.

  6. Reditt is good but it increase bounce rate, and visitors are just for show off, i was getting sometimes 1000 + visitors on my posts but all are waste my bounce rate was 95 +.

    • Great to have your thoughts on my post Nishant, if you want to increase the traffic we can proceed with Reddit but sometimes bounce rate also need to be considered.

  7. Nice post, Mohideen… I have tried Reddit a long time ago but I didn’t get much success. May be because I was not connecting with others on Reddit. Thanks for highlight the point of gathering friends on Reddit.

    • Thanks for your comment Tesur gathering friends on Reddit it can build traffic for your website but make sure to share quality post

  8. I’ve played with Reddit and I play now as well. I really love the site. I’ve earned 2K link karma in just a few days and got a lot of traffic too. The main point of getting traffic is catchy headline and good content as Mohideen bro says. Cool post you’ve shared. πŸ™‚

    • I do agree with you Avi catchy headline plays a lot in Reddit to increase traffic meanwhile thanks for your comment.

  9. I never really took the time to understand Redditt and this article has given me a clear perspective of how it works.

    • Glad you found it useful Toshiba Reddit is also an good source to increase our traffic but if we share an quality post and thanks for your comment keep visiting!

  10. Reddit requires a lot of patience. You should atleast read 5 articles daily and start promoting your article after 15-20 days otherwise those links are treated as spam and you might become a ghost.

    • Yash i to agree with you working on Reddit requires more patience and need to share valuable post hence it will be treated as spam thanks for taking time to comment on my post keep coming

  11. If you have something viral in nature then Reddit can do magic… In other words if you write for users and not for search engines then it will work on Reddit.

    • Mahesh good to receive your comment yes we need to write for users so hence its get lots of response and reach the main page its an potential to receive viral traffic thanks for your comment

  12. Hey Mohideen,

    To be honest I have never really spent time on reddit. But after reading your post I just got a track. I think I should be spending more time there.

    Thanks for the tips, buddy.

    • Hi Abhi its good to have your comment and Reddit its an best one i can suggest as am getting good amount of traffic for my blog but the main thing is valuable post get high impact

  13. I’m not yet much active in Reddit yet. The networks are so many and the time required to manage each of them is so huge that I started to feel it impossible. I’ve started to focus on very few and more effective networks now.

    Looks your tips helps to get more exposure in Reddit and it must be useful to other networks as well

    • Suresh its great to have your comment Reddit its an good network which you can engage regularly to increase traffic and gathering friends sure you will love to part keep visiting..

  14. I never used reddit for my blog but I found the last point interesting as many bloggers do it to promote their posts to front page.
    Well it was a nyc post

    • If we reach homepage its generate more traffic it can by done by gathering friends and sharing valuable post sure you will like it Akshat thanks for your comment keep coming

  15. I too agree on your points, Reddit is one of the best way to increase traffic to your website or blog or even your social profile. You just need to have the things interesting, the up votes will make it go up and up…

    • Thanks for your comment kishore yes i do agree with you Reddit is an good source for increasing traffic for website or blog but make sure to share catchy headline and post it will help to raise up the votes

  16. Reddit is indeed a great site if it comes to traffic generation but a little mistakes may ban you there and even you will not be notified about the ban So read all the guidelines clearly then start using it. Nice post!

    • Thanks for your comment Atish yes i do agree if any mistakes done on Reddit they will ban you without any notification hope you had an good experience on it

  17. Hi Mohideen,
    First of all you had written such a nice article. I am not very familiar with Reddit, I used Reddit three or four months ago and then i quiet because i really doesn’t know how to use it and how to drive traffic through it. After reading your great article i will sign up again and use it.

    • Hey Swapnil glad you like the post yes you can drive the traffic from Reddit by sharing an valuable post with catchy headlines and gathering friends.Hope you will like the Reddit and thanks for your comment keep visiting

  18. Hi Moideen,
    I didnt know tat Reddit is a bookmarking site until one of my friends suggested me to read this post. My friends are working in the field of seo and I ll suggest this particular post to them.


    • Hi Murali glad you find an good bookmarking site sure you will love to work on Reddit but make sure to follow there guidelines for your promotion purposes thanks for sharing your comment

  19. Simple and effective tips., good job brother., we basically love Fb, Twitter and G+ for sharing but reddit, digg are also imp. i have seen bloggers from foreign prefer digg and others….

    • Devagya glad to see your comment on my post yes most people prefer to spend the time with FB,Twitter and G+ rather then giving importance for other sites because there not aware of it

  20. Reddit, I used to use it for the blogspot blog few months ago… Thanks for reminding about it again πŸ˜› i am gonna use it from now πŸ™‚

    • Nagaraju great to hear as you have already worked with Reddit thanks for sharing your comment keep visiting

  21. Interesting post, but not sure how many companies are leveraging Reddit now a days! What would be the content strategy for Reddit?

    • Hello Raja glad to receive your comment companies are started to give importance for sites like reddit and other networks inorder increase the traffic and followers keep coming

  22. Reddit is really an interesting site to work and also it is one of the best source for generating traffic to our website . Article is really good and you have shared lot of information to us . I was using Reddit few months ago but I had no proper guidance to continue working in it , now I have good understanding about the Reddit concept reading your article.
    Good Work πŸ™‚

    • Hi Linda thanks for sharing your comment about Reddit experience well its an great source to increase traffic for our websites or blogs but need to follow certain thing as mentioned in the post keep coming again

  23. Hey Mohideen, thanks a lot for this great tips. Never used Reddit but now i am surely going to do. Thanks again and all the best.
    – Koj

    • Hey Tajo thanks for your comment Reddit is an best site to drive traffic for our blog,i wish you to try and share your experience with us keep visiting

  24. Hello Mohideen,

    We all crave for traffic so thanks for feeding that crave by adding one more dish. πŸ˜‰

    Traffic is what gives us benefits without it our blog don’t holds any meaning its like a painted picture but there’s no one to see. Its like an art without audience.

    • Hello Romy glad you find it useful yes i do agree without audience no meaning of running a blog.If we have good traffic it can benefit us at all circumstances thanks for sharing your comment

  25. Hi Shameem,
    Happy to see u after a long time, with a creative topic about reddit. Most of the people are still using reddit just for bookmarking and for some other stuffs, as other persons mentioned here. But you took up the topic in a different way, hope this reddit traffic idea, will be in great touch and reach large audience.

    • Hey Massjo glad to see your comment yes Reddit is an great source for increasing traffic but people are not aware of its uses if they follow the right methods sure they can succeed on it keep visiting

  26. I’ve never really spend that much time on Reddit to be frank. I noticed the traffic from Reddit is causing my bounce rate to sky rocket. Nevertheless, the link from there is DoFollow and no harm to add your blog posts there for the purpose of backlinks. Nice post, Shameem and good luck in the contest!

    • Hi Peterlee thanks for sharing your thought Reddit is an dofollow if we submit we can can solid backlink but i do agree sometimes bounce rate will be high keep coming

  27. Hello Mohideen,
    I don’t have luck with redit, i always get my account deleted without reason. but i’ll try it out again and see how it goes. thanks for this wonderful article

    • Hi Baba Reddit sometime ban the account without any notification but its not possible to get it back hence we can create a new account and follow the guidelines to avoid this in future Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  28. Great information thanks for the tips! Reddit is an excellent source of free marketing πŸ™‚ I upload every single article I write.

    • Glad you like it DJ hope you find the right source for free marketing its an great place to share every single article which get dofollow backlink and traffic thanks for commenting

  29. Good article, Mohideen. I’m very new to Reddit, so I’m still learning. I need to focus more on writing catchy titles.. In the past I’ve just used to recommended title that Reddit supplies.

    • Hi Angela catchy title always plays an important part make sure to submit the post with best one it can generate a good amount of traffic and reach homepage thanks for commenting keep coming

  30. Hey Shameem,
    Nice to see you participate in the contest.
    Few days back, one of my posts received thousands of visits from Reddit alone. Reddit is really an awesome place to get traffic.
    A catchy title and good content can make people give positive feedback and a few votes can get hundreds of traffic to your post.
    You are doing really well here. I hope you win the contest. Good Luck!!


    • Sounds Good Thejas i think you have better experience with Reddit i do agree catchy title always plays a good shot and Thanks for your wish

  31. I havent Started using Reddit yet. I think it’s high time I started. Thanks a lot for this Post

    • Hi Antonio thanks for your comment hope you will start your account on reddit and don’t forget to share your experience with us keep coming

  32. Article is really good . Reddit is an amazing site to generate traffic but it is not an easy job , we mus really work hard o withstand ourselves in Reddit ….These information will help us to use Reddit in a proper way.

    • Hi Anjali i do accept hard works always stands a head reddit its an good source to drive traffic until we find the right way to promote our post on it thanks for your comment

  33. Hi Mohideen,

    I guess I totally failed to understand Reddit and what for me is sad is that if even 1 of these items is real then I need to understand Reddit better and I am grateful for this information.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Bashir,
      Glad you like the post Reddit is an useful source if you learn the tips sure you can generate the traffic easily thanks for your comment

  34. once upon a time i use reddit for instant traffic but after using some days my bounce rate was increased to 80. It seems users are not spending more time on the article.

    • Hi Joseph I do agree sometimes bounce rate get high due to new users not spending on the article may be title might not interested them

  35. Hello Mohideen bro,
    you are right that apart from Facebook and twitter, Reddit is also used to drive a huge traffic to a blog/website but i want to share something with you that i was using Reddit and got a good amount of traffic which i didn’t get into my past days but the problem is that it increased my bounce rate too much.
    i used many tatics to minimize the bounce rate but didn’t get succeed so currently i am not using Reddit to share my blog content just because of bounce rate.
    so i would like to know that is there any way to minimize the bounce rate while using reddit? if yes then please do reply back.
    and awesome writtened post and well explained too πŸ™‚
    worth sharing
    thanks for sharing bro πŸ™‚

    Praveen Soni

    • Hi Praveen hope you had a good experience with reddit bounce rate is the major problem faced by all users good title can make user stable try with catchy one share your experience with us thanks for your comment

  36. ya reddit is great way for getting traffic i am also using reddit network since last 2 months. it is great source. πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing useful information in this post. really i like your post πŸ™‚ keep it up good job

    • Hi Rahul glad you have worked with reddit its really good source to increase traffic thanks for sharing your comment keep visiting

  37. Hello Mohideen…
    Nice post dude.That is another way to get traffic from social sites.Ya I am sure that there are lots of blogger who doesn’t know the importance of Reddit for getting traffic.Thanks for nice and valuable information.

    • Yes Mahendrac some bloggers are not giving much importance on reddit due to bounce rate they need follow the guidelines before submitting the post glad you like it keep coming

  38. Hello mate,

    Yup! Reddit has some serious potential to drive traffic to our blogs. I think that instead of promoting our posts in the beginning sharing other’s posts is important. After that everything is possible .


    • Regular activities is most important in reddit as you need to share other interesting stuff rather then your own post and keep following other members will help to get engaged and increase traffic thanks for stopping by Navneet

  39. Wow Mohideen!

    This is a real exposure to Reddit. I once registered but don’t really create time to learn the uses. I think this post has really helped. More grease to your elbow.


    • Hi Moses,
      Glad you find this post useful yes reddit is an good exposure site to increase traffic for our blog hope you will start working on it keep visiting

    • Hi David,
      Reddit is an useful source for promotion stuff glad you have worked on it thanks for your comment keep visiting

  40. I think the important thing with Reddit or any Social Media site like this? You need to build up a following/friends and share/vote for their stuff more then you link yours. If you don’t you risk not only losing link karma but you could end up getting banned by the user base not the site itself! Redditors are a rabid bunch – so tread carefully! I haven’t used Reddit much as I am pretty insecure about the content I provide πŸ™ But I’ll have to go and spend some more time on there!

    • Reddit is an good social media sites which we can increase the traffic on it but we just need to follow the guidelines hope you will try them and share your thought with us thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  41. i would like to know if its safe to post on reddit,
    even after reading your post i still am confused if it will give me good traffic or it will give bad effect on my site for duplicate issue. kindly help me with this issue.

    • Reddit is an good source to increase traffic yes you can submit on it doesn’t cause any duplicate issue as its an social media site hope you will try and share your thoughts

  42. VERY appreciabl post/.. and seriously ultimate way to receive traffic…thanks for sharing…stumbeupon is also very helpful to give you a lot of visitors…and if you have facebook likes then there are more chances to receive traffic to your blog..

    • Hi Anonymous glad you found this post useful thanks for sharing your thought about traffic from stumbleupon and facebook likes keep visiting

  43. are this steps applicable for squidoo lens too… usually many seo guys didn’t get results as there page on Social bookmarking site or web 2.0 properties didn’t get much visibility….ur post will definitely help them

    • Hi Charlie,
      Reddit is common for all which you can share the post to get much visibility and some people are not much aware of it if they know the importance sure they will utilize this source to increase traffic thanks for your comment keep coming

  44. I currently don’t use Reddit. Based on the information that you presented, I will definitely consider it.

    • Hi Adrienne glad my post help you to know about reddit hope to receive your thought once you have tried on it and thanks for your comment

  45. Great article. You put great efforts in your post and it’s a good way to get more traffic from social websites.Thanks for nice and valuable information.

    • Hi Fabio,
      Glad you like the post reddit is an good social site to increase traffic for our blog but make sure to follow the guidelines before submitting and sure you will get good result

  46. I try to submit 5 links daily. some day it shows i have reached the limit. but I do get traffic from reddit because I share quality articles only.

    • Sounds good Anchit yes there is limitation for submitting articles on reddit glad you have some experience and traffic from it thanks for your comment

  47. Hi,
    Great article. Happy to read this about how Reddit helps for generating traffic to your website. Very usefully. Thanks

    • Hi Alyssa,
      Glad you found this post useful yes reddit its an good source for increasing our traffic but need to share quality post sure increase your reputation thanks for your comment keep visiting

  48. Hi,
    Great article. Happy to read this about how Reddit helps for generating traffic to your website. Very usefully. Thanks

  49. Hey, Thank you for great tips. After reading I’m planning to try your strategies for my site.
    I think promoting is one of the most effective ways.
    By the way, with you good luck in this contest!

    • Hi Sonia,
      Great to have your comments on my post i do agree promoting is most needed one and hope you found this post useful would like to have your thoughts once you tried this steps

  50. Hi Mohideen.

    Awesome article. I must say that we should never neglect any source of traffic and sites like Reddit can work like a charm if used properly.

    I would be sure to try out your tips. Let me see how good this works for me πŸ™‚

    • Hello Mahaveer,
      Yes we shouldn’t miss any source which brings traffic for our blog or website as like you said it can work like a charm if we use them properly glad you found this post useful would like to see you again keep coming

  51. I know Reddit is one of best site in social media, now you have give a clear brief about it. If still some more information we were expecting from you.

    • Hello Nethaji,
      Sounds good you got some clear vision about reddit sure will come up new post about other social site and hope to receive your thoughts about experience you had with reddit keep visiting

    • Hi Rosette,
      I do agree reddit its an good site to share ideas and get more views from the redditors hope you found it useful and great to have your comments on my post

  52. Hi Valentine glad you found this post useful commenting and vote for other post really help to get engage thanks for your comment

  53. Now a days Reddit is a very good source to generate traffic. Thanks for exploring the secrets Mohideen. Great article on Reddit.

    • Glad you like it Silvia reddit is an good source to increase traffic for our blog or website hope you try and share you thoughts with us which will be useful for others too thanks for commenting keep visiting

  54. Hi @Mohideen,
    You had contributed a great Guest article. I’ll do my best to take part on Reddit and share my great content there. Hope I will see better results… BTW thanks for the article and technique.

    • Hi Muhammed its pleasure to share on bloggingcage hope you try the stuff on reddit to increase traffic and let us have your results thanks for commenting

  55. Great tips! I have used StumbleUpon in the past and have been wanting to try Reddit as well. Thanks for the motivation and help getting started!

    • Hi Brenda,
      Great to have your comment yes stumbleupon too good source to increase traffic but reddit is different hence we need to follow the steps to get reach homepage to drive more traffic.

  56. Simple and helpful tips Moihideen. I used Reddit but they banned me once. They are big on sharing other people’s content, right?


    • Hey Ryan,
      Yes Ryan they have limit for submission per day and invalid activities also make you to ban the account.I do agree they are much interest to share big people content thanks for your comment

  57. This is surely an awesome post It’s important to ghater traffic for your blog and Reddit is a good place for doing just that thanks for sharing this eye opening article keep it coming

    • Hi Anis,
      Yes reddit its an important source to increase traffic for your blog and glad you like my post hope to receive your thoughts keep coming

  58. I have heard of driving traffic to one’s blog via reddit and i got into it but lost interest after awhile when the traffic wasn’t coming, but now you this post has totally rekindled that interest and i have the conviction i can do it right this time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Bro,
      Reddit its an good source for traffic but need to have some patience to learn the stuff,if you find the way sure you will generate solid traffic on it hope you will try my stuff thanks for your comment

  59. This is a great reminder for me. When I was using SYND a few years back, I had an account with Reddit. I will go back to use it. You are a series blogger. I definitely have lots to learn from you.
    Sigal Zoldan
    Holistic Healing

    • Hey Sighal,
      Thanks for your appreciation glad you have the account with reddit hope you will try the stuff and would like to have your thought which will be useful for others too.

  60. I never know about reddit, but thanks Mohideen, it’s really simple and useful tips for how to increase the traffic.
    Thanks for writing on such a nice topic.

    • Hey Lee,
      Thanks for your comment yes reddit is an nice source to increase traffic for our blog but its should be genuine with the submission guidelines keep visiting

  61. Hey Mohideen Reddit is an good social bookmarking site once have worked on it but my bounce rate got increased so i just stop using it.But we can easily increase the traffic from reddit thanks for sharing it

    • Hi Anitha,
      Sometimes you will find the increase in bounce rate due to non users available in reddit but it can help you to generate the traffic easily thanks for your comment

  62. I just started using reddit (seeing some changes) but still not impressive i hope after implimeting these tips my traffic will increase! thanks for sharing

    • Hey Wilson,
      Glad you are working with reddit and seeing the changes make sure to follow the guidelines it will help you to generate traffic thanks for taking time to comment keep visiting

  63. Hi Mohideen,

    Great Share!

    I think reddit has been a great source of traffic for my blog but I really don;t know whether this is more of a spammy or real traffic.

    Thanks for this great share.


    • Hi Sapna,
      Reddit is an good source for traffic it won’t get spam until you follow there guidelines for your submission thanks for your comment

  64. Adding people on reddit as friends, will they get notified about it? And is there any chance that they will add back?

    • Hi Kumar,
      Yes you can add them as your friend by keep voting there post or commenting on there sharing it will be notified and help you to get engaged with them easily hope you will try them

  65. Hi Mohideen,
    I know reddit is one of the social networking site by its name. once i read this post i really come to know the benefits of reddit site. Will this to build more traffic for my site.

    • Hi Devi,
      Yes reddit is an social networking site which helps you to build traffic for your website if you keep active on reddit make sure to follow the guidelines to avoid get ban from it thanks for your comment

  66. These are excellent points to make regarding Reddit. I’d like to add though is that one of the ways to achieve success on reddit is to have a sense of humor. Reddit users really appreciate the funny ones.

    • Hey Sam,
      Glad you enjoyed my points and i do agree funny stuff are really appreciated a lot from the reddit users but if you share the valuable post with catchy title so on,sure you can find the good result thanks for your comment

  67. Hi Mohideen,

    thanks for this article and it is of great help. I used to post on Reddit but not getting higher results. But now i know how to come in front page. Do share article like this, its very helpful.

    • Hi Julia,
      Reddit is an good source to increase the traffic but make sure to follow my tips sure it will help you to get good result thanks for commenting keep visiting

  68. Hi,
    I have heard about Reddit but had no idea about it and after reading your article i feel there is so much interesting stuff inside Reddit ..I am surprised. Thanks for sharing an useful article with us.

    • Hi Katherin,
      Glad you enjoyed my article yes reddit is interesting stuff to increase traffic for our blog but make sure to follow the guidelines and follow the steps which i have mentioned in my post thanks for your comment

  69. Hello Mohideen,

    Great Article MATE.. Already having account in Reddit network, after reading your post planning to use regularly..

    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your comment hope you have an account with reddit would like to have your thoughts once you have tried keep coming

  70. StumbleUpon is a good one too. It brings thousands of visitors within a matter of time. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Kuldeep thanks for sharing your thoughts about stumbleupon too yes it also provide good amount of traffic i have too experienced it thanks for coming

  71. Hello,

    Really well-written & interesting blog post. I enjoyed each word of your post. Your efforts are really appreciated. Thank you very much for the share.

    • Hi Kristina,
      Thanks for your appreciation glad you like my post hope you are trying the stuff which i have mentioned here and let us have your thoughts about your experience with reddit keep coming

  72. Great post body, Reddit is really for increasing Traffic, but it’s hard. Thanks for sharing your tips to increase traffic from Reddit.

    • Hi Chiranjeev thanks for your comment reddit its an good source for increasing traffic if we use them in right method glad you like it keep visiting

  73. reditt is really one of the best social bookmarking application on which we can rely completely for good organic traffic

    • Hey Pieter,
      I do agree reddit is an good source for increasing organic traffic thanks for your valuable comment hope to receive your experience with reddit thanks for your comment

  74. Hey Mohideen
    Just thought i would drop a comment here and take yo to the peak of point table.

    The article was a great showdown and i did enjoy every bit of it.Keep coming up with such good and essential contents.

    Very Best luck for the contest

    • Hi Anz,
      Thanks for your wish sure i will come up with other source for increasing traffic but the thing which am sharing is all based on my experience glad you enjoyed it

  75. Hi Mohideen,
    I had heard much about Reddit, but I didn’t used it.
    After I started using it, my traffic had increased. But it also increase the bounce rate πŸ™
    Thanks for sharing this useful post with us.

    • Hi Sriram,
      Thanks for your comment and glad you found increase in your traffic yes sometimes bounce rate will get increase but if you are sharing an interesting topic we can avoid it keep coming

  76. I do have a Reddit account but I’m sorry to say I didnt find it very useful. I stopped using it.
    After reading this article, I want to give it another try.
    Thanks for suggesting better ways of going about it! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ambika,
      Glad you found this post useful hope to have your comments once you try this all steps sure you will see the change on your traffic and thanks for your comment keep visiting

  77. Honestly,If you share this article in Reddit,I bet you wont be having 5 upvotes…Reddit is different from Fb or Twitter,People dont easily fall to the false articles and They always demand something different.

    Share the link to this article in reddit,Let me see how many upvotes it got.

    • Hey Vivek,
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    I have been using Reddit of recent. The traffic there is really good. If you post too much on it, you could get ban.
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      If you share an post with eye catching title and make sure to build relationship with others sure it will get engage to drive traffic for your blog but nonetheless categories should be submitted relevant to the post Thanks for commenting keep visiting

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  91. Reddit is one place where most of the viral things come out of. I have seen many such videos and articles that have become viral and popular through Reddit. I am going to focus more on Reddit now than Google+

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