How To Get 500 Visitors To Your Blog In Its First 48 Hours

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On March 3rd, I launched my business blog, and in its first two days it received over 500 visits.

Most people start their blog with a whimper, but if you plan your launch right, there is no reason you can't have an audience ready and waiting. Here's how.

Plan Your Blog Before You Launch

Most people wake up one day and decide to start a blog.

Most people also never get much traffic to their blog.

See the correlation?

If you're blogging as a hobby, then that's fine, but if you're blogging as a business, you should rethink that.

You need to have a strategy to launch your blog, otherwise you will have a long, uphill road getting readers.

Additionally, the people that do come to your blog will quickly lose interest and perhaps never return because you didn't take the time to set up a good first impression.

I had been thinking about my launch for the better part of a year and seriously planning and prepping it for 3 months. It allowed me time to research my target audience, get some great content together on important subjects, make sure all the bugs were fixed on my website, and drop hints with influencers along the way.

To summarize, you are should be thinking about the following:

  • What topics should I be covering?
  • How can I design my blog so that it stands out?
  • How many articles will I be launching with (I say at least 20)? What will be on the home page?
  • Who should I be connecting with now, that I can let know when my blog launches (and ask for a share)?

I believe it is a balance between taking too long to launch and not planning enough, and I recommend taking a Minimum Viable Product approach to making sure everything is in place and that you have addressed the big questions as outlined above.

The blog doesn't need to be perfect, but it should be something people will want to return to.

Something To Rally Around

When thousands of people launch blogs everyday, you need a way to stand out.

A blog, in and of itself, might not be such a big deal.

What can help, is if you have a product, like a mega article or a free ebook that you can rally people around.

For me, I created a mega detailed guide called 500 Ways To Make Money Online which, at least in its niche, is the most comprehensive free guide you'll find.

Whenever I emailed people I made sure to mention it as something I knew people would want to read.

As a result, I was able to get awesome shares from people like Spencer of Niche Pursuits

spencerIt also doubles as a newsletter teaser (despite it being free right there), which helped me capture 60 subscribers in my first month!

Invite Friends And Family (Email, Facebook)

If your blog is something you're proud of then there is no reason you shouldn't tell your friends.

Two easy ways to do this our via email and Facebook.

Here is an example of an email I might send out:

Hey Pete

As you know, I am starting a new business blog called SelfMadeBusinessman - which is all about my exploits online and hopefully will help others in the ways of lifehacking, entrepreneurship, and building a business online.

I'd be forever gracious if you could come on by and share some of the posts on your social media profiles.

There is already some great content up there such as:

Switching To A Polyphasic Sleep Cycle

500 Ways To Make Money Online

How I Lost $15k In The Stock Market

The best way to follow along is to like my social media pages and join the newsletter!

Thanks in advance!

The important things I am doing here are:

  • Making it clear that I am asking for help
  • Showing him some of the articles that I've written already
  • Directing him to my social media and newsletter

Now Pete is a friend, so I know he's going to help, but it doesn't hurt to direct him to how I want him to help.

As well as making it easy for him, because friends can be lazy.

Additionally, Facebook has a nice “invite” feature, which allows you to invite all of your friends to like your page.

For me, this was an easy 75 likes from my 400 Facebook friends to kick the page off and also provided additional exposure to my blog from people I might not have been 100% comfortable contact via email (since I don't know them that well or hadn't spoken to them in years).

Connect With Influencers And Give Them A Reason To Share

Friends and family are great, but most of them don't have influence.

Unless your mom has a twitter following of 50k people, you're going to need to connect with people who can actually promote your stuff to their audience.

We call these people influencers.

For example, I just launched my blog, but I've been working online now for 1.5 years so I've connected with a good amount of people in and out of my niche. I wouldn't call them friends, necessarily, but they are people I feel I can turn to if I have some big news.

In order to sweeten the deal I made a concerted effort to link to some of their posts in my new posts, which gave them an extra incentive to share.

I have found if you are polite and not uber aggressive, then, with proper cause, the big guys will step up and share your stuff.

Day 1 Is Just The Beginning

You can't launch your blog every month – you only get one shot.

A successful launch provides a lot of motivation to keep going, but motivation without action isn't going to carry your blog.

In the coming days and months you need to make sure that promotion is the crux of your strategy.

Start by nailing a guest post (that was my second big spike later in the month) as your next big action item.

Dave Schneider

In 2012 David left his corporate banking job to travel the world, and it's been the best decision he's ever made. Since then he has started his own online business and blogs about it at (He is no longer managing this site). He can be found at and now.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    First of all, let me thank you for this awesome and informative article.

    Well, as a blogger; we all want to get traffic. Social Media and SEO being the pillars of traffic. But, being a new blog, it takes much time to build traffic.

    But, with your helpful and innovative guide a newbie blogger can drive handsome amount of traffic in 48 hours!


  2. Excellent share Dave! Well yes, if starting a blog as a hobby, then planning is not necessary, but if starting a blog as a business, then it’s crucial to think and plan. Just checked your post on “500 ways to make money online” and I must say it’s an amazing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Yet another awesome post, indeed the ideas and tips you’ve shared will surely work and get could get a band of visitors or readers to our blog but the only thing we gonna need is hard work and consistency which is obvious.

    I really love your case studies listed above and I’m trying to implement your tips on my blog too.


  4. This article is simply awesome. You have spotted out every steps that we need to look before starting a blog clearly. But is it possible to definitely bring 500 visitors within 2 days or 48 hours of blogging.

    • It’s even possible to get thousands of unique visits within first 5 or 10 days after launching a brand new blog or site. In fact getting unique visits from different sites are much easy that monetizing content for SEO and getting traffic from search engines. But in this procedure you need work hard in white hat way otherwise Google panda or penguin will attack over your site.

  5. Hey,
    Nice article, thank you very much for sharing, I have made a tech blog named fulltechtricks without any keyword research, I am a newbie, and a child don’t have money for using software like long tail pro, what would you suggest for me so that I can be able to make some money from the online world (From my blog). and please give me suggestions, I really like your blog posts, they are simply awesome
    Thank you

    • Hey Nitin – that sounds awesome. Head on over and check out my guide on 500 ways to make money for all the answers!

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  7. Hi Dave,
    Nice write up. Spreading the words about your blog should be the first thing to get traffic. Newsletters and Interacting with other bloggers on social media work well.
    Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

  8. Dave 500 visitors to new blog in just 48 hours is something which everyone may not be able to achieve..It is really nice to know that your new blog was able to get so much traffic in the first 2 days..Dave keep us updated about the ways you are using to bring in more traffic to your blog..Also make us know the paid plugins which we should buy for getting the same type of success.

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    • Hey Amadi – yes I agree it used to not be so hard but now that there are so many talented bloggers you have to work for your traffic a lot more than before!

  11. Hi Dave, Awesome aritcle. Every blogger needs to get traffic. You are written on the main point.
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    I agree with you. You need to decide what are you blogging for? … for Business or Hobby.

    And It’s not so hard to get blog traffic and it is a matter of learning the simple ways and take action.

    You have a great blog here!!

    I’m loving how the blog looks man!

    You have done a great job!

    Keep it up! … you got a new follower here! 🙂

    I wish you the best success ever!


  15. Excellent share Dave! Well yes, if starting a blog as a hobby, then planning is not necessary, but if starting a blog as a business, then it’s crucial to think and plan. Just checked your post on “500 ways to make money online” and I must say it’s an amazing. Thanks for shair

    • Hey Ahsanali glad you liked my post. You are absolutely right about the difference between a hobby and a business. Problem is too many people approach a business like a hobby.

  16. Hi Dave!
    First of all Thanks for Sharing such a precious information to the bloggers to get visitors to their blogs,
    in this competitive blogging world it is really very hard to get traffic to your blogs but some of our tips are really very helpful to the bloggers to get smooth visitors to their platform.
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  17. I am not sure this is a proper channel to raise this discussion. I have a question
    What if I used these all method but failed to get much traffic?

    • Hey Mahboob – there are never any guarantees with traffic but I am confident that if you do all of the above you will see nice traffic, maybe not 10k pageviews, but a lot more than you would otherwise

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    It’s now 2months and some few days since I started my blog but I have not lunched it yet and this is a really cool way of propagating my new blog and getting it in front of influencers.

    Thanks so much and note that I will be contacting you for sure and will be using your strategy. So don’t be surprise if you see my mail. 😀


    • Hey Sam – feel free to contact me any time would love to help with your blog’s launch! How come you haven’t touched your blog for two months?

  19. Excellent Dave! Keep sticking to those basics of creating and connecting to succeed. The basics form the foundation of any successful blogging endeavor. Thanks!

    • Hey Ryan you are seriously all over the place! Looks like we read the same blogs lol. You’re right, all about the basics.

  20. Hello Dave.
    It’s very Refreshing to read your blog. And SEO doesn’t works for few days. So it’s very advisory to Follow your steps.
    I’ll let you know after trying these methods 🙂


  21. In my opinion, For new blogs, the compelling factors to get more visitors are-
    1) Uniqueness in blog’s idea and main niche.
    2) The choice of words that you have selected during promoting your blog, your service or any of the blog post.
    3) The number of user base (More than 10000 users per page or community) for the platform where you have shared the first words about your blog.
    For example, sharing some unique and new idea on Facebook groups, Google plus communities and Twitter with using relevant hastags (Including #newlaunch) works wonderful in getting more hits.
    4) Interacting and discussing people about your newly launched blog or service on social media also plays an important role in getting you more hits.

    By the way, you have also explored some of the good practices such as inviting people, providing value through blog so that people feel a need to shared that.

    Also, getting reviewed from some of the reputed person in your niche can get you more hits in early hours.
    Anyways, I found the story shared on

  22. Hi Dave,
    You are right – “Plan Your Blog Before You Launch”. This is a fact business bloggers must never forget.

    Good planning and execution brings good result. Getting 500 visitors from a blog after 48 hours of launching is a function of good marketing.

    So, a blog who wants to succeed should plan for valuable posts and the marketing of such posts consistently!

    You have highlighted some of the most effective marketing strategies bloggers should comply with!

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    Sunday – Contributor to

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    I must agree with what you’ve shared in the article above.

    As what is said, plan your launch first. I believe that good planning is a great step to start whatever your activity is.

    The next step you should do after launching your content, blog or product is to promote it. Viral promotion will surely help you out gather hundred visitors and traffic. There are many ways to do online promotion, but I believe that the best place to go to is on social media.

    Leveraging also works.

    Thanks for the shared knowledge! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  25. Hey Dave,
    That’s exactly what happens if you already have a community online before starting a new blog. with proper planning, you can do really great with a new site. However, Search engine traffic will flow with time

    do have a wonderful weekend

  26. In planning, it helps decision makers by providing guidelines and goals for future decisions. It can help quantify goals and establish a means of measuring success, allocate limited resources like staff, materials, and time in an orderly and systematic manner, and establish goals “proactively”.

    Actually, there is more.

    To make my comment short, if you plan your business launching your blog/post well, there is no doubt 500 visitors in your blog within 48 hours could be attainable. So I agree with your statement about planning.

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    My take on this is – if you can get few influencers helping to promote your blog, it works the most. It seems you did that reppo building exercise during the planning phase. Good


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