How To Find Guest Posts For Your Blog ‘Absolutely Free’

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Guest blogging has turned into a big online exposure tool in recent years. People all around are looking ways to get more traffic and business on their blog via guest blogging.

Having FREE guest posts on your blog is always a great idea, but you will have to be very selective while accepting them. I am saying ‘very selective' because when I was a newbie, I accepted too much guest posts on my blog and I was not aware about the fact that wrong links in those articles can hurt my blog at death level.


So before accepting any guest article on your blog, it's your duty to check the quality of link which they want to add in their author bio. Here are few things which can go wrong if you are not paying attention.

  • They can insert negative links (poker, casino, porn) in your article and your blog can be hurted.
  • Low quality links can lower down the authority of your blog.
  • You AdSense account can be banned because of non-acceptable links according to Google.

and many more.

Let's come back to the point

And don't take this article in another direction.

So, here we are talking about finding free authors for our blog.

If you are one of the person who is looking some reputable resources, from where you can get good quality articles for your blog, and make them live once or twice per week (this frequency will not hurt your blog) then here I am going to share few sources.

1. MyBlogGuest

This is my top-most favorite platform to get decent writers on my blog. At present there might be 20+ articles on my blog from MyBlogGuest (As I removed many links and article because I was newbie at that time and accepted many articles).

At MyBlogGuest you will have to follow simple process to register your blog and verify it either via Meta-Tag or uploading a HTML file. They will check your blog and then your blog will be approved if it is fulfilling their requirements.

Select appropriate categories for your blog and soon you will start getting many requests to write on your blog.

One thing I like here is; you can request article of your choice from bloggers.

You can request them to accept that article on your blog, and if they will find your blog good according to their need then you will get that article.

As simple as that. πŸ™‚

2. Guestr

This is another good resource to get good articles for your blog.

There are many categories on Guestr, so you can easily find articles for your blog by going to various categories.

3. PostJoint

I joined this platform few months back.

And here is good news for you…

You will get paid to write some articles on your blog (If they are paying). πŸ™‚

Here both free and paid opportunities are there. Simply you can request authors to accept that article on your blog and tell the expected price which you are going to charge.

Again, if they will find your blog appropriate then you will get that article.

Final Word

So, if you are looking to make your blog automated for few days then you can try these resources and have awesome content on your blog.

Even if you don't want to automate it then you can select 1-2 article per week and make them live on your blog to have more engaging audience.

Share your views about this article and let me know few other resources so that we can give them try. πŸ™‚

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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25 thoughts on “How To Find Guest Posts For Your Blog ‘Absolutely Free’”

  1. Hi ,great post. It is amazing what awesome information you can find when you look for it. I would never have known about these sites if i did not read this post. Going to go and check out MyBlogGuest right now. Who knows might even have someone guest posting on my blog before the week is out. Again awesome post!!

  2. I must say that some bloggers look for quality guests posts and that’s why this post by you Kulwant shall help out such bloggers…Kulwant I must say that you are really doing superb work in helping bloggers out in finding guest posts…Bloggers with good PR should accept high quality guest posts only….

    • Thanks for your awesome words Mohit. These sites are going to help in big way, so start using them.

  3. Nice info you gave me thanks , looking forward to get and give some Guest post..

  4. Hey bro,
    I’m discovering guestr in this post. I never used it before. I’ll be checking it especially for the quality of articles.

    I have gotten some articles from postjoint. I approved and cancel some because of poor quality. However, I recommend postjoint for paid posts. Things are very fast there

    Thanks for showing us these resources πŸ˜‰

    • Enstine, we will have to become very selective after joining these platforms. Only then we can get quality articles.

  5. I have been on the hunt of places for guest blogging and have been failing so far. Thanks for sharing those links! About to bookmark them now.

  6. Awesome work again Kulwant. I am going to try Guestr and Post Joint now. Keep posting similar articles because they are quite helpful for new bloggers.

  7. Very helpful post kulwant. I am also waiting for guest post for my blog.Though i am new to blogging but looking for great opportunity in blogosphere.I am a technical guy but never utilised my knowledge and skills but your blog inspired me to set an aim.Thanks for this awesome job man! Hope i will get guest post on your blog.

  8. This is really interesting, I did not know about those platform, will try them soon. I really appreciate your thoughts on having things automated but still keep an eye on the details of those guest post, be careful with what on your blog is never a waste of time.

  9. Guest blogging seems like a great way to build up my blog. I’m not sure though if the quality will be that good, because I fear people spin articles or even use duplicate content to give to you and add on your blog, which will eventually hurt it.

    • Right Jens. That’s why I said that you will have to become very selective and careful while selecting them.

  10. ya it seems good idea. And obviously its always great to have things moving automatically, that’s what I love πŸ˜‰

  11. Thanks, being new to blogging and getting stuck at times for new content, I will certainly check these sites out. There are a few that require your blog to be at a certain “age” and have certain traffic coming in – hopefully these requirements don’t apply with these on the list.

    • Chavol, if you have good PR and Alexa then most of the times you will get many posts.

  12. Hi Kulwant Thanks for the brilliant idea and resource links, i’ll try Guestr and Post Joint now.

  13. Beautiful! I was unfamiliar with the sites mentioned in this blog post, going to do some research now!
    I suggest connecting with similar experts in your niche, and exchanging articles. Sometimes the guest blogger will choose the topic, and other times, the owner of the site will suggest a few potential topics to the guest blogger. Cheers!

    • That’s great idea. I myself will also try the things suggested by you.. great point..

  14. Wouldn’t that be creating copied content on Blog? I mean if more than one person publishes that Guest post from these sources

    • They allow only for one person. Once you will say “yes” I will publish it, then that post will be given to you only.

  15. Thanks. Just like everyone this is a nice info. Never knew that there were sites like these.

  16. I never knew about any of them. I seems that i should register there to get some quality guest posts for my blog. Thanks.

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