How Books Helped Me to Shape My Life

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I used to hate books when I was doing my graduation.

I used to stay away from them (we all do) and tried my best to learn things directly from friends rather than reading those lengthy books.

But a friend (he used to download free books from various sites) came to me and asked, “Do you have any good book to read?”

For me this questions was like – asking a fish, “do you have a parachute?”

He was surprised when I said, “No, I don't read books.”

I could see his shocking face… for him this was unbelievable.. because as per my appearance I look like a studious guy.

He shown me the potential and the amount of learning which he was getting from the books, he shared few inspirational stories with me and at the end suggested some books to read.

The very first book he suggested me to read was – The monk who sold his Ferrari.

This one books forced me to reflect on my life and I started reading more books one after another.

Till now I have read –

  1. The Greatness Guide 2 1st Edition
  2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  3. Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
  4. The Greatest Salesman In The World
  5. Life Is What You Make It
  6. I Have A Dream
  7. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  8. Rahasya – The Secret
  9. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company
  10. The 24-Hour Turn-Around
  11. The Magic Of Believing 1st Edition
  12. MegaLiving From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: 30 Days To A Perfect Life 1st Edition
  13. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
  14. Heal Yourself
  15. Chicken Soup For The Soul
  16. Corporate Chanakya
  17. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  18. Questions Are The Answers
  19. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
  20. Autobiography of A Yogi
  21. Biography of Steve Jobs

and many more are in the hit-list.

How they helped me to shape my life?

If you are not reading the books then this article is going to help you take quick decision today.

1. Reading books increase your imagination

Reading books will help you to imagine the situation where the story is running.

If you are reading a mystery novel then the curiosity to know the truth will increase. Once you will move ahead in the story, curiosity will keep on increasing.

You will start imagining yourself in the situation.

2. Books work as pushing torque

I feel comfortable when I am reading any book.

I realized this just 2 months back.

I was in the habit of reading inspirational books so my dreams were pushing me forward to do something which can help me to make my identity.

But once I stopped reading, I started feeling demotivated.

Inspiration is like a bath – we have to take it daily to get refreshed.

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

So I am taking this bath daily now. 🙂

3. I can carry them anywhere

Means I can inspire myself anytime.

You might be having a habit to read blogs, but this is completely different from reading a book.

While browsing a blog we have a lot of distraction – we keep checking Facebook, Twitter, Email and love to do various other tasks while reading a blog post.

But we cannot do them while reading a book.

Final words

Books are our friends in true sense.

So what are you waiting for?

Pick a book and start reading today.

Kulwant Nagi

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12 thoughts on “How Books Helped Me to Shape My Life”

  1. “The Secret” is a great book. Though I don’t read books (don’t hate them but just don’t want to read books) but it was something that attracted me a lot. Anyway, thanks for mentioning other books.

  2. These all books that you mention in your post is very informative and useful, I also read some of them and got very useful point. We also enjoyed to read your post, keep it up.

  3. I Love Book Very Much. a single Book Can Change anyone Life. Thank you very much for Sharing With us.

  4. Books are very powerful. We can learn things through and through with them. I even prefer reading books rather than watching movies or videos. Books explain things more thoroughly.

  5. Hello Kulwant,

    Wonderful share mate, I really loved this list of books as I’m planning to get started reading books these days.


  6. Hello Kulwant – I agree with you that reading books is a must habit that everyone should try to cultivate as that helps us to gain a wider knowledge which also helps us to see things from a different perspective with the knowledge gained.

  7. Nice post about books, I was thinking reading a book for bloggers is waste of time but you changed my view. This is because i am a student and every next day I do not want to read books. Thanks to share this incredible post.

  8. Great Knowledgeable article Mr. Kulwant.

    Well said that books are our friends in true sense. A great person said “Every successful writer is a reader first”.

    I would like to even add here that I got a habit of reading book (though alternatively) when I took a Health Nutrition course. That time, my consultant recommended a very famous book
    “What your Doctor doesn’t know about Nutritional Medicine may be killing you – By Dr. Ray D. Strand”

    While reading this book, I came to know that how everything is written in a very planned process. One by one chapters in ascending order of the way one should receive the knowledge. Here I started reading. So, next am gonna read “How to Win friends and Influence People”

    I came to know that we receive a lot of positive energy by reading books. Moreover, it’s very good habit as it increases your knowledge in a channelized way, opens your mind and makes you think.
    Although, considering the fact that it’s the Internet world, especially the young generation prefers to read online books and magazines but book reading have its own curiosity.

    Happy Reading..!!!

    • First of all sorry for this late reply, Kanchan.

      You said it right, “Every successful writer is a reader first.” If you want to do something awesome in your life then reading books is the very first step.

      Glad to hear that you have habit of reading books and looking forward to read more awesome books also. I have also “How to Win friends and Influence People” sitting in my book-shelf so going to read it next month. I personally started feeling very energetic, positive and self-motivated once I started reading some good books.

      Happy to know about another books lover..

      Have a great week ahead.

  9. Hi Kulwant,

    Thank you for sharing such a nice Article…!!

    There is no doubt that books are our real friend and they can help us to shape our life. But I have seen lot of people after graduation hardly read any book. But books can teach us lot of good things which we can implement in our daily life and can make our life better and even if we could teach all the elaring s to others they can also get benefited with that.
    for almost 4 years after my graduation i hardly read any book, but now I am regularly find time to read good books to improve my self.

    Finally, a good article

    Vikash Sharma

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