If you are into internet marketing then you must have heard about Scrapebox.

Scrapebox is a black-hat tool which people are using from last 4-5 years and this tool works like miracle everytime.

When I saw this tool first time, I was so amazed with its features and functionaries that I decided to buy it as soon as possible. I was very excited to use this tool for my business and consider it as a MAGIC WAND.

All I knew was; this tool is going to make my work simpler.

So I decided to spend money on this tool and finally it was in my hands, but people were still saying that this is a black hat tool and you are going to destroy your blog after using this.

But I read on one blog:

No tool in this world is a bad tool, it's all on you how you use it.

So one thing was clear that I am going to use this tool as white hat tool and not going to use it for automated commenting.

Let's dig into this tool and learn how this can help you to find some great quality backlinks and you can save your time with this tool. In this tutorial I am going to select any keyword and we are going to find some high PR URL with much ease.

Little setting before doing anything.

1. Click on Platforms

Scrapebox has option to select various platforms which will give you freedom to choose any suitable platform for your niche. Here we are going to select WordPress powered blogs only.


2. Check on WordPress Blogs

Locate Blog filed in setting and click on select option of WordPress blog.


This setting will help you to find only WordPress powered blogs.

Step 1: Use Intitle: Your Keyword

You can use many footprints in Scrapebox and find them your targeted blogs of various niche. At the end of this article I have shared few footprints so you can use them to find targeted blogs.


Step 2: Check URL Pagerank

You will have to check Pagerank of URL so that can check them individually. We want pages with Pagerank as we are going to comment on those particular pages, so getting page URL is the option which we will select here.


Step 3: Sort them

It will take time to calculate according to number of links which you want to calculate. By sorting them it will become much easy for us to target high PR backlinks on priority basis.


Step 4: Open them (Right click on URL > Open in default browser)

Scrapebox has inbuilt browser in it which support proxies also. So you can either use internal browser of default browser.


Step 5: Start finding some good blogs with this method

Here is one blog which I found


This is a PR page URL and comments are open for everyone. You can leave your valuable comment and can get backlink from this PR4 page.

Try writing awesome comments, as they will give you more probability of approval.


This was all about finding great Pagrank links and then taking backlinks from them by doing commenting.

This tool can be further used to find many opportunities.

1. For finding guest posts opportunities.

In harvester section put your main keyword for which you are looking guest blogging opportunities.


You can search with following keyword for any niche.

Here are footprints for finding guest posts.


  • “write for us” OR “write for me”
  • “Submit a blog post”
  • “Become a contributor”
  • “guest blogger”
  • “Add blog post”
  • “guest post”
  • “Write for us”
  • “guest column”
  • “contributing author”
  • “guest article OR post”
  • “add blog post”
  • “submit a guest post”
  • “Become an author”
  • “submit your own guest post”
  • “Contribute to our site”
  • “Submit an article”
  • “Add a blog post”
  • “Submit a guest post”
  • “Guest bloggers wanted”
  • “guest column”
  • “submit your guest post”
  • “Submit post”
  • “submit one guest post”
  • “write for us”
  • “Suggest a guest post”
  • “Send a guest post”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “Submit blog post”
  • “guest article”
  • “become a contributor” OR “contribute to this site”


So you can use this tool in multiple way after feeding various footprints in it.

Here are few footprints for finding comments enabled blogs

  • “Add New Comment”
  • “add a comment”
  • “Leave a comment”
  • “Post new comment”
  • “Post a Comment:”
  • “blog comments powered by Disqus”
  • “respond to post”
  • “Leave a Reply”
  • “post a comment”
  • “Sign in to comment on this entry.”
  • “Notify me when new comments are posted”
  • “Post Comment”
  • “Reader Comments”
  • “You must be registered and logged in to leave comments.”
  • “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”
  • “Enter this code to prove you are not a robot:”

This one little tool will give you many freedoms and by using its features wisely you can boost your business at any level.

Note: We need proxies to run Scrapebox. I am using 3 premium proxies right now and they are working awesome for me. By paying $9/month you can grab 3 dedicated IP proxies which are very fast and secure. To buy click here.

Final Words

If you are into SEO business or building any niche blog then use of this tool is must. You can find many link building opportunities and get quality backlinks.

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  1. Hey mate!

    Nice write! The familiar sounds familiar. Haha!

    Great tutorial indeed. Many people actually thinks and see black hat in SB. They don’t see the real potential in it.

    Have a great day mate.

  2. Awesome and detailed guide on scrapebox. Yes, it’s in the user control on how to use the tool in the right way. Well, as mentioned this tool is going to make link building work much easier. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi, Kulwant Nagi!
    Wow, I love your post. Really impressive. I do also work on online business but my experience is not much. After reading your article, I have to confess that you do work well. Backlinks are actually important in online business. This news gives me some ideas. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to reading more useful information from you. Great job!

  4. Hello Kulwant,

    Scrapebox is no doubt a great tool for building backlinks but due to recent google algo updates most of the people are hesitating to use it as it may harm they ranking. I’m really amazed to see your strategy for getting high PR backlinks.

    thanks for sharing

  5. I Wasn’t Aware That We Can Use This Tool In Such A Brilliant Way, It Was With Me From Months Lying Behind Thinking That It Was Just A Black Hat Tool Which Would Take Down Our Site In The Penguin Algorithm, But Now I am Confident About it And Would Start Using it.

    Thanks A Lot For This Effective Way 🙂

  6. Hey Kulwant, I already have Scrapebox and have been using it exactly the same way. Only recently I stopped using it since it was causing some problems like ip blocking (since I also stopped using proxies :)).

    But yes, it is a great tool. Only in the wrong hands it becomes a black hat tool. If we use it properly we can get great white hat benefits.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Then we have something in common Jane. ha ha !!

      You might have used that proxies too many times that’s why they started creating issue. Hope that issue would have been solved till now.

      No doubt this is a great tool, and it all depends on how we use it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I read out all Post but still not clear, What’s the main benefit to use Scrapebox? Because we can use other online tools or even can use special search queries to find blogs. Is it because different IPs?(I am not clear).

    1. Kamran, with simple search you cannot do such high search queries. Because of high volume search Google will start asking captcha everytime when you will perform any search.

      So using such tool with proxies is a much faster method then doing manual.

  8. I have never used Scrapebox but it sounds like an awesome tool. Right now, I use Blogging Communities for finding out leading blogs in my niche.

    BTW, Does it have a trial version? I want to take a look at it before buying it. Thanks for sharing this awesome blog with us Kulwant Sir.

  9. Nice write! I heard good about scrapebox. I think there is no max version of it.

    Great tutorial indeed. Many people actually thinks and see black hat in SB.

    Have a great day mate.

  10. very great information you have shared….
    normally I used to find high PR site….After reading this article, it will automatically find me high PR sites..
    it done my task easy…
    thanks for sharing….:)

  11. You are sharing really useful thing and i hope it will be work according to expectations and in the end it will give result good in the end.

  12. Hii Kulwant,
    thanks for sharing your experience on such a beneficial tool. It will be definitely worthy for my site as it is used by an experienced blogger. By the way how much it costs ? and the steps you discuss here are the white hat tool steps ?

      1. Thanks bro, I’ll definitely try it. As to be active in social media, I also want a high page rank.
        Thanks again for helping me.

  13. Hi Kulwant, I am glad you are using it as a white hat tool, and agree that the tool is only as good as how its used. Automated comments are only going to get approved on junk blog in my opinion. Also, thanks for the footprint, there were quite a few that I didn’t know about.

    1. Good point Bethany. Yes, in most of the cases automated comments will give you negative results only, because you don’t know what is the quality of that article where you are going to comment.

      Have a nice day and keep visiting us. 🙂

  14. That really a useful tool, I am going to try this out.
    One can really make a good use of their time using this tool.

  15. I am going to try this tool. But do you think it is better than Backlink Beast. Have you tried Backlink Beast??

  16. Hi Kulwant. Thanks for sharing this fantastic tool. I am working hard to get pr but at the time pr is 0 so i think time to change something different.

  17. Hey Kulwant, Amazing tips mate. I never heard that scrape box can be used to generate high quality backlinks as I never used it. The above tutorial for getting high PR backlinks is really unique and informative.


  18. This is really good trick ! But if its Black Hat method then will Google penalize my blog? And what are the chances? And Can you give me cracked copy of this software as I am failed to get it. Every file is password protected. Thanks.

    1. Because this software is searching all big search engines for your keyword. Google will catch you. If you will try to search anything then Google will ask captcha from you, which is very irritating. Using proxies is a safer method to do such things.

  19. When most people hear of Scrapbox, the next thought that comes to mind is blackhat, spams, etc. The wrong users have used this exact tool to wreak havoc of blackhat and spams all over the place, hence the bad name it seems to be associated with now. Good to see how it can be put to good use.

    So, at the end of the day, it’s not the tool that is evil, it’s the user. As Kulwant has rightly pointed out in this piece it can indeed be put to good use, if the intention for good is there, 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, Piyush, on Kingged.com where I found and “kingged” it.

  20. I have heard your presentation that you had presented with Yousuf and Idresse Bhai. Though I did not still buy it but I have tried its trial version , You are right brother , it really makes things easier . And today yoy written artical has cleared more my mind , thanks for putting efforts to write this detailed article and for sharing secret tactics .

  21. I Totally agree with that quote. Its on you how to use that tools. the method you have specified is really good and hope it works for me … 🙂

  22. Hi, First of all it’s a great article. Am a constant follower of your articles. But i have one doubt, these backlinks from comments are of no-follow links, which doesn’t help in increasing my website PR. And also, Google’s recent algo, says, too much of no-follow link is also bad ?

    What’s your comment on it ? Eager to get an answer from you !

    1. Thanks Chintan. This is little expensive tool but the amount of automation which you can do with this plugin is awesome. This tool has great plugins which make it best tool for internet marketing.

  23. Thanks for the post Great article the information published here will be very useful. anyway thanks again. Great work. 😀

  24. very nice post about Scrapebox. It is really a very nice tool to get good backlinks but it is expensive so me so I think to buy after some time..

  25. I like SEO tools – GSA search ranker and Scrapebox..
    These tools my favorite..
    Thanks your sharing tutorial find high PR with Scrapebox..

  26. Hey Kulwant I saw your hangout…in YouTube and searched your blog name and finally after viewing some posts I am here now. “SEO”….don’t understand till date….I hope I am in right place now…..I am friend with you on Facebook also…..

  27. Hello Sir
    Can u tell me plz is backlinks are safe for our blog via scrapbox..Please rply
    Thanx in advance

  28. Hi, a very great article on ScrapeBox till today I was wasting time to find high PR article and then to post backlinks on it I was surprised when I read your article its easy way to build quality backlinks and if you be honest while posting backlink its 100% going to be approved thanks for this tips.

  29. Hello Kulwant Sir,

    Your way of Article is So good and I have bought ScrapeBox after watch one video of yours and I also bought the proxy as under your affiliate. Keep your Good work always Kulwant sir.

    Arun Raj

  30. That’s awesome tutorial for Scrapebox, as I had it with no use till now. Hope I can use is white hat way now. Cheers Kulwant.

  31. Really amazing technique.Using blackhat tool as whitehat techniques and getting benefits through it. Surely I have to try this amazing tool. Expecting GSA search engine ranker usage in your next post.

  32. Nice post bro, But i have many doubt that the almost all wordpress sites gives nofollow links. So can you explain how to get dofollow by commenting.

  33. Hey Kulwant ScrapeBox has emerged as the killer link building tools and I have seen hundreds of experts like you are using it and I also planning to use it for my task of creating back links. Thanks.

  34. Kulwant Nagi,
    A powerful piece of software when used to its fullest capacity. Thanks for the epic content and for epic tool.

  35. Great publish bro, Although we have many hesitation which the virtually all wordpress sites offers nofollow inbound links. Thus can you make clear getting dofollow simply by commenting…. thanks.

  36. Kulwant,
    Great post.I’m a newbie in the internet marketing. I’ve spent pretty good time in reading and exploring. This blog was very to the point and great value add. I’m excited and subscribed to your blog for a regular update. Keep up the good work.

  37. I have never used Scrapebox but it sounds like an awesome tool. Right now, I use Blogging Communities for finding out leading blogs in my niche. So if I use some cracked version of this tools will it have negative effect?

    1. It’s been 2 years I am using Scrapebox. It’s an awesome tool to find good blogs for commenting. Sorry to say, this tool is not available as cracked. 🙂

  38. Hello Kulwant bro,
    I don’t remember whether it’s my 2nd comment on your blog. But truly, this content was so helpful to me. If you don’t know about me, I’m a 15-year-old guy, I’m always looking forward to learning new stuff and rank my blog. I’m managing 2 different niche blogs. Maybe by fortune, my first blog now receives 18k visitors every day.

    But my blog on the blogging niche is becoming hard to rank. So, I just wanted to say thanks for this content for I needed a lot of backlinks for competing with other blogging niche blogs. I didn’t decide to use Scrapbox until I started reading this post. Hopefully, I will be able to rank this blog too like the 1st one.

    Have a great day & take care! 😀

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