Do you want to become a blogger? Are you looking for some great Indian bloggers to learn from who are running popular blogs?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll show you 17 famous blogs from the top bloggers in India to learn to blog in 2020. These 17 bloggers have created a name for themselves in the Indian blogging community by creating valuable content that has helped many people like you.

While there are many popular Indian bloggers out there, this list is only limited to blogs who create content about blogging niche in general.

I picked these blogs based on the content they publish on their blog. I didn’t choose these blogs based on their Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, or ranking because some of these blogs are fairly new and have already made a reputation in the community.

That being said, let’s jump right in know more about these blogging niche bloggers.

Here are the 17 popular blogs that will help you learn blogging in 2020.

1. Blogging Cage

Founder/Owner – Kulwant Nagi

Year Started – 2012

Yes, that’s this blog. Over the years, I have created content that will help bloggers not only start their own blog but also make money from it.

But, that’s not it. The value I provide in this blog helped me grow a community of great bloggers and now I even have a Facebook group of people who want to make money from their blogs.

Moreover, with this blog, I aim at helping newbies become great at blogging and make money from it.

I started Blogging Cage back in 2012 and since I’ve published hundreds of articles about blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO and more.

2. ShoutMeLoud

Founder/Owner – Harsh Agarwal

Year Started – 2008

ShoutMeLoud is one of the biggest if not the biggest blogs in India. The man behind this blog, Harsh Agarwal, is an inspiration to the Indian blogging community and helped many people start their own blogs.

The blog has won numerous awards and also helped Harsh be featured on international media.

ShoutMeLoud covers all topics related to blogging such as SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

The blog generates over 1 million visitors per month. If you want to get in the blogging field, you should definitely check out ShoutMeLoud.

3. HellBound Bloggers

Founder/Owner – Pradeep Kumar

Year Started – 2009

HellBound Bloggers is another great blog that was started back in 2009. Pradeep Kumar, the founder of this blog, was just 17 when he started this blog.

Fast forward to today, HellBound Bloggers publishes great articles about blogging, social media, eCommerce, and SEO.

HellBound Bloggers now also have an active forum where people discuss blogging and help each other out.

4. Bloggers Passion

Founder/Owner – Anil Agarwal

Year Started – 2010

Anil Agarwal makes over $8,000/month from his blog Bloggers Passion and teaches you how you can do it too.

Founded in 2010, Bloggers Passion covers all topics related to blogging. The blog has been featured on some big publications such as Forbes, Huff Post, The Next Web, and more.

You should check out the content published over at Bloggers Passion to learn more about blogging and making money online.

5. iftiSEO

Founder/Owner – Iftekhar Ahmed

Year Started – 2013

iftiSEO was started back in 2013 by Iftekhar Ahmed. Today, the blog has published some really great traffic generation techniques and has grown a community of thousands of people.

The blog covers topics such as SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.

You should really check out the guides published on iftiSEO. I’m sure you’ll love them just like everyone else.

6. Bloggers Ideas

Founder/Owner – Jitendra Vaswani

Year Started – 2012

Bloggers Ideas is a blog by Jitendra Vaswani who writes not just about blogging, but also other topics such as link building, social media, business, content marketing, and more.

He started the blog back in 2012 and has now achieved financial freedom and even launched his own book.  

In his blog, you’ll find some really helpful articles and guides that will help you become a better blogger.

7. Digital Deepak

Founder/Owner – Deepak Kanakaraju

Year Started – 2013

Digital Deepak is a blog started by Deepak Kanakaraju who started the blog to write about digital marketing.

Now, Digital Deepak is one of the most popular blogs in India. The blog is updated quite regularly and he writes about everything in the digital marketing industry.

You can find interviews, guides, personal stories and whatnot in his blog.

8. Digital GYD

Founder/Owner – Swadhin Agarwal

Year Started – 2013

Digital GYD is an award-winning blog started by Swadhin Agarwal who shares how to make money online in this blog.

He covers topics such as SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, social media, and more. He also writes case studies of his own projects on the blog too.

If you want to change your mindset and become a successful blogger, Digital GYD is a blog you should regularly check out for content.

9. Ahfaz Ahmed

Founder/Owner – Ahfaz Ahmed

Year Started – 2016

A comparatively new blogger in the industry, Ahfaz Ahmed has gained influence with the extremely detailed content he publishes on his blog.

He started his personal blog back in 2016 and writes mostly about blogging, SEO, writing, and design. His content is focused on topics that are not discussed often in the blogging industry and that’s what sets him apart.

If you want to become a outstanding blogger and create killer content, Ahfaz’s blog is surely an inspiration for everyone.

10. Traffic Crow

Founder/Owner – Sathish Arumugam

Year Started – 2013

Traffic Crow is a blog by Sathish Arumugam who has been blogging since 2008. He started this blog to help people grow their blog traffic and make money from it.

Some of the topics he covers on his blog are SEO, digital marketing, blogging, WordPress, and more.

The content of his blog is excellent too covering great topics. He also publishes interviews and expert roundups on his blog. Traffic Crow is a blog you should check out to learn some great ways to grow your blog.

11. Blogging Joy

Founder/Owner – Santanu Debnath

Year Started – 2017

A fairly new blog, Blogging Joy is run by Santanu Debnath who has a full-time job but works on his blog as a hobby.

He generates passive income from his blog and is an inspiration to all those who have a job but want to work on their dreams.

Blogging Joy covers mostly related to blogging but also has articles about affiliate marketing, WordPress, and SEO.

12. BlogRags

Founder/Owner – Himanshu Gupta

Year Started – 2016

The man behind this blog, Himanshu Gupta, writes mostly about blogging on BlogRags. He shares the results of his own experiments in this blog.

BlogRags covers topics such as SEO, blogging, traffic generation, social media, and more.

Though the blog is not very old, the content published on it is top-notch quality.

13. Master Blogging

Founder/Owner – Ankit Singla

Year Started – 2018

Master Blogging was started just recently but the man who runs this blog, Ankit Singla, has been doing this for years.

He used to run BloggerTipsTricks which he has now rebranded to Master Blogging. The blog shares really awesome content about blogging, SEO, list building, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

The blog may be new but already has some great guides that will help you grow your blog.

14. 99Signals

Founder/Owner – Sandeep Mallya

Year Started – 2016

With over 200 articles, 99Signals is a great resource for bloggers who want to grow their website and make money.

Founded by Sandeep Mallya, the blog covers topics such as SEO, social media, blogging, and more.

He also shares income reports on his blog to prove that you can make money from your own blog too.

15. OnlyLoudest

Founder/Owner – Sanu Siddharth & Atinder Singh Gill

Year Started – 2013

The last one on this list of best Indian blogs is OnlyLoudest. The blog was started by Sanu Siddharth & Atinder Singh Gill and is about more than just blogging.

OnlyLoudest covers topics such as Blogging, making money online, SEO, social media, and technology.

The blog is rich in content and is definitely a blog you should check out to improve your blogging skills and make money.

16. BloggingX

Founder/Owner: Akshay Hallur

Year started: 2018

BloggingX is a latest blog by Akshay Hallur, who has been previously running GBT (GoBloggingTips) since 2013. He rebranded it lately to BloggingX to expand the horizons.

He shares very in-depth, practical, and actionable strategies on his blog to help you even crack the most saturated blogging niches. If you are looking for very well-written definitive guides, BloggingX covers you.

Don’t miss out reading his blog.

17. Udit Goenka

Founder/Owner – Udit Goenka

Year Started – 2017

Udit is a growth hacking specialist who is running multiple online ventures like GoPBN, PitchGround, Power Up Hosting and few other online businesses.

Although Udit has published only a few articles on his blog but they all are worth reading to take your blogging to the next level.

He loves talking about SEO and traffic generation tips on his blog.

Conclusion: Which Is Your Favorite Indian Blog?

So, that’s the list of the best Indian blogs you should follow to learn blogging in 2019. I know I missed many great blogs. But, these are the some of the best that deserved to be on this list.

Now, it’s your turn to answer this question in the comments below:

Which is your favorite Indian blog from this list?

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