Top 15 High Traffic BLOGS Who Changed Indian Blogging

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In the Blogosphere we all need the Inspiration to get success in blogging, because everything in life need patience and dedication. Indian blogging it at its best level now because a lots of bloggers from different part of the India are emerging. Blogging gives you Fame and Money both.

In my previous article I researched on the Best Designed Indian Blogs. This shows how creative Indians are in designing and maintaining the blogs. In this post I have collected data a merged them to represent here for you so that you can take the inspiration from these Bloggers and can get success in Blogging very fast.

Here is the List of the Top Indian Blogs

1. Digital Inspiration

Amit Agarwal

Alexa India Rank – 231

This is the Blog of Most Famous Indian Blogger Amit Agarwal. Amit is a personal technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal India. He also authors the hugely popular and award-winning Digital Inspiration blog where he writes about computer software, consumer gadgets, and web applications. Digital Inspiration, launched in 2004, is among the Top 100 technology blogs on the Internet out of an estimated total of 130+ million blogs. Digital Inspiration averages more than 3+ million page views per month and has been quoted in most publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Wired, CNN Money, Guardian, Financial Times, PBS, The New York Times and more ».


2. ShoutMeLoud

Harsh Agarwal

Alexa India Rank– 604

This Blog is run by Harsh Agarwal from Delhi. This blog provides Blogging, Social media, WordPress, SEO, Technology and Make money online Techniques. After doing JOB in converges Harsh decide to Come in Blogging Full time. On this blog Harsh is having various bloggers from all across the world as Guest Authors. Along providing unique contents he is giving Revenue Sharing on his blog, so that you can not only write for this blog but you can generate money from your Article also.




Arun Prabhudesai

Alexa India Rank – 989

The Man behind this blog is Arun Prabhudesai. He is a IT Professional and from his blog you can enjoy all tastes. In this blog you can read latest Indian Business and Startup Buzz of Technology in India. His Blog has achieved the following Awards.

Times Online picks as one of the Top 10 Indian Business Blogs.
is part of India Blogs1.0 directory of Popular and Upcoming Indian Blogs.

Trakin was featured in Times of India special report on Blogging completing 10 years


4. AmitBhawani

Alexa India Rank– 1020

Amit Bhawani

This is the personal blog of Amit Bhawani giving the Latest Updates and very useful tech tips to all bloggers across the world. This blog is filled with rich content and after completing its 4 years journey in blogging still doing it best to have the better ranking in Indian blogging. Along Blogging this blog gives you the following services.

  1. Website Designing Services
  2. Web Hosting Services
  3. Content Writing Services
  4. Blog Building and Management Services
  5. Search Engine Optimization Services
  6. Relationship Advice
  7. Blog Consulting Services

So you can contact him if you want any of the above service.

5. HellBound Bloggers

S.Pradeep Kumar

Alexa India Rank– 1051

This is the another most Famous blog from india run by S.Pradeep Kumar. This blog is having 7k-8k daily visits and having more than 500 Guest Authors. Pradeep is currently pursuing B.E. in Computer Science at SMK Fomra. This blog gives you the information about Social Media, Blogging, Digital Tips and Technology. Hundreds of posts contributed by eminent bloggers and techies from all over the world.



6. Techie-Buzz

Keith Dsouza

Alexa India Rank – 1126

This Blog is maintained by 28 Bloggers from Different parts of the India. Keith Dsouza is the owner of this Blog.This blog was started as a hobby by Keith, who was amazed at what the power of writing could do, though he liked writing from childhood he took up blogging in April 2006 and started Techie Buzz on June 3rd 2006.




Raju PP

8. Techpp

Alexa India Rank – 1594

This blog is Maintained by Raju PP. He is an Electronics Engineer and started his blogging career in 2009. He was featured amongst 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine in May 2011. The Economic Times listed him amongst the top web entrepreneurs in India. In this blog you can find personal and consumer technology including web tools and gadgets.



9. TechieMania

Sathishkumar Varatharajan

Alexa India Rank – 1613

Sathishkumar Varatharajan is the owner of this blog. This blogs tell you about Blogging, Make Money online, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Internet tools and SEO. The blog aims to provide the news and updates on what’s happening in the internet marketing world, along with the solutions to web user queries which will help them to educate on creating successful online businesses and the ways to promote it to the World Wide Web to achieve the ultimate success of Making Money.



10. BloggingJunction

Saksham Talwar

Alexa India Rank –  1793

Saksham Talwar a 16 years old boy is the owner of this wonderful blog. He is still studying in 12th class and doing blogging as part time. But you can imagine about him if he can do such a tremendous work by just doing in part-time then what he will do by coming in Full time Blogging. He is having another 6 blogs also and maintaining them very well. In BloggingJunction you can find blogging tips, SEO tips, social media tips, advertising tips, make money online tips and lots more.



11. SaveDelete

Jaspal Singh

Alexa India Rank – 1857

 Jaspal Singh is theFounder of this blog. He is a Mechanical Engineer with some skills of designing & Coding. His interest in computers & internet has made him a self-proclaimed geek.SaveDelete is a Blog with topics ranging from Tech News, Internet Tips, Social Media, Design, Branding founded in October 2009. Two blog have two other partners Yogesh Mankani (Editor in Chief & Social Enthusiast) who is an Advertising Professional and running his own Advertising agency in Jaipur and Vikas Panwar (Senior Editor & Creative Head) who is Software Engineer and hard code developer cum designer.


12. NetChunks

“Shiva Chettri

Alexa India Rank – 2069

Shiva Chettri is the owner and the Editor of the Web Magazine you know as “Netchunks”. He is 22 year ordinary simple guy from Darjeeling who is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Applications. At his blog you can learn Blogging tips, make money Online, SEO & SEM and WordPress Tips and Tricks. While the blog is completely maintained and edited by him, the blog is a guest blogging hot spot and monthly receives a lot of guest posts.


13. SmartBloggerz

Sushant Risodkar

Alexa India Rank – 5044

Sushant Risodkar, a young blogger from Indore, INDIA. I'm earning thousands of dollars online every month & at SmartBloggerz with Affiliate Marketing. SmartBloggerz is a Multi-Author blog and gaining its popularity day by day. The aim of this blog is to help out bloggers to become successful online. This blog provides best of blogging tips, search engine optimization tips, make money online tips and internet marketing tips for your online success.



14. NewBloggingTipz


Alexa India Rank – 7516

Mukund is the owner of this Blog who currently holds an Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University. He started blogging just as a hobby in the year 2008 which later grew roots and led to the establishment of “Everything About Blogging” where he writes about his experiences in blogging, shares tutorials and tips related to blogging, making money online and provides freebies in the form of premium blogger templates.



15. TechnShare


Alexa India Rank – 8120

This blog is maintained by 11 Bloggers across the world but the owner Devesh  a 17 years old guy from India. Technshare is a multi-author Blog about blog­ging that pro­vides out­stand­ing tips for excelling your blog in a vari­ety of top­ics including Make Money online, WordPress, Blogging Tips, Marketing Tips, Link building, SEO and much more…!!




  Get the Inspiration from Indians and Boost your Blogging !! All the Best


Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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  1. Hi Kulwant, thanks for mention man. I never expected to feature in a list like this, but now I am feeling happy and proud. Thanks again and all the best for your blogging journey.

  2. is missing here, That blog gets more than 2M pageviews (Acc to AdPlanner)

  3. Great work Kulwant….
    You done a great research on all the bloggers.
    Keep it up…

    I always inspired by reading others success stories…. If they can do that then definitely I can also do that……
    Thanks for sharing such motivating article.

  4. some other are missing.. i guess if its according to indian alexa rank many other indian blogs like techbu and dreambloggers are deserved a place in top 15 🙂

    • Akshay I did my best to search the good indian blogs.. might be some has been missed… but this list is having good popular blogs…

  5. @ Price !! I agree that some blogs are missed !! but next time i will do more thorough research…

  6. Alexa is not a perfect way to compare traffic of blogs, if you check few of the above blog they have only traffic near about 15k-30k monthly. There are many Indian blogs having much more traffic, even my blog get 300k PV each month.

    • @Suraj.. Glad to hear that your blog is having 300K PV per month.. I m going to add this in my list… thnx a lot…

  7. WOw! You got a good list here my friend. I also knew some people in your list like Sushant, Dev and other that they don’t know me. hehehe…

    Indian Bloggers are really doing great in blogging. I hope that the same things happens in my country too. lol!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I hope we can be good friends.

    – Felix

  8. Amazing post Kulwant
    I want to be listed in this list next time….

    Its really help me to inspire me keep up

  9. I agree to first 12 bloggers, but I doubt the others 😀 My blogs ranks 5,500 in India and I guess there are too many blogs in this range, which is quite difficult to rank. 

  10. WOW awesome list, I visited few of the blogs above before, and they are really BIG BLOGS.

    Thanks for the list and I hope that one day we can see you within this list 😀 why not 😉

    • Thnx Faissal for these wonderful words.. Hope the come soon.. 🙂

      I m regular visitor of your blog and its like Fantabulous Blog….

  11. Great Work…… Amazing list about Indian Bloggers. Thanks for sharing Keep Posting.

  12. Dear Kulwant Nagi @ your research is fine but one thing you have missed what is your own blog position as you too a pro blogger ?

    • Thanks Main Uddin for such nice words for me !! I am working hard to come in this list soon !!

  13. Nice list kulwant but you forgot to mention by Soumya Pratihari He is having Alexa India rank in 2000 🙂

  14. Hi There! Great List… But you have listed names like- Netchunks, Technshare, SmartBloggerz, NewBloggingTipz. Are you kidding me.. Big Daddy’s like,,,… and you have listed NewBloggingTipz which is no more longer… so update this after researching

  15. Nagi sir, I know one day you will be in this list of 15 bloggers. But I think rank of all blogs in this list are different. So please make an update.

    • Thanks for your wishes, Shubh.

      This article is around one year old and it is impossible for me to always keep updating.

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

  16. I am regular visitor of some of the blogs,however you are not far away from them you too have alexa rank under 15000.

  17. Hi kulwant…

    I want to request you to keep in mind my blog also at the time of updating this post next time. my blog –

    Which has Alexa rank India – near by 2700

    it is better than as compare to some of the above blogs.. and continously increasing…

  18. Thanks for this list dude. These people are inspiration for us that we can too earn money and fame through blogging.

  19. Hello Kulwant, how have you been? It is a long time since I came across and did some reading on BloggingCage. I was looking for top blogs around the country for networking purposes and came across this post.
    I appreciate the way you have collected information about each of the blogs. Though some of them don’t have links attached to them which made me do a bit more effort to go to the respective blogger’s blog. But still, the list was of great help. Thanks.
    However, I was wondering that all of these blog are either tech blogs or blogging blogs. I would love it if you compile a list of top bloggers who blog in some other niche. I feel that is a part many of us miss. What do you think?

    • Hi Manpreet, I am fine. Spent 10 days in Mumbai, Banglore and explored too many things. Now I am back at work and trying my best to reply everyone.

      This article I wrote in starting days of my blogging, so many bloggers might have discontinued or their blogs might have deleted.

      These are blogs from the mix niches. I am adding your suggestion in my to-do list so that I can work on it ASAP.

      Thanks for the valuable suggestion.

  20. This list of bloggers contains names of those who have already established themselves in the world of blogging and are doing good even now. However, as you have mentioned in your immediately preceding reply that this was posted in the initial stage of blogging career, an updation of sorts is long overdue. Those who are not around anymore may please be replaced by the likes of Anil Agarwal, Ankit Singla for that will serve as a token of acknowledgement of all the efforts they have put in over the last few years and that too from an established blogger of bloggingcage fame.

    • Many people have recommended me to update this article. I’ll consider your suggestion and going to make changes in this article very soon.


  21. so one thing is clear that to be successful, either you have to write about blogging tips, seo etc or about technology.

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