Guest Blogging Contest Winners Announced

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Finally the day is here when 3 faces are going to smile and other are going to be little disappointed, but this is not about wining or losing, because this platform gave you huge exposure, and boosted confidence in you.

Participating in any contest need courage and you know very well that all people don't have that much courage.

So first of all many congrats to all the participants to make this contest a great contest.

You all deserve huge round of applause. 🙂

Idea to organize this contest was running in my mind from last 6-7 months and I was very much excited to host it on my blog.

I started this guest blogging contest with total prize $650 but soon more cash was added and this became contest having $775 as prizes.

Many many thanks to all the sponsors who believed in me and contributed in this contest to make it more successful.

How this went?

This contest was running like crazy and every forum, groups I was checking, I was finding people promoting their articles.

I got huge exposure and great traffic on my blog those days and added many awesome readers.


I got around 40+ awesome articles.

1500+ superb comments.

I added 500+ subscribers in my list during this contest.

I got 300+ Facebook likes on my Page.

200+ twitter followers

and huge exposure which I cannot express in figures. 🙂

What went wrong?

This was first big guest blogging contest on my blog, so I was not aware what to do and what not.

Even some good blogger friends didn't suggested anything to make to more authentic. 🙁

The points to win this contest were as following.

  1. 1 Like – 2 points.
  2. 1 Tweet – 5 points.
  3. 1 Stumbleupon – 5 points.
  4. 1 Google Plus – 10 Points.
  5. 1 Comment – 20 Points.

I gave these points to make it easy for participants to get such social shares and they will get their article more open for readers.

Contest was running awesome in first 20 days and all people were using only genuine methods to get likes, comments, shares on their posts.

But as I caught with Cervical Pain, so I was on bed rest for 3-4 days and doctors suggested to not do any sitting work. Even I was not able to sit otherwise I might have tracked each and every thing in this contest.

I failed to note down all the latest stats and see what is going on.

People used wrong methods to get more like, shares on their articles (which I could see very clearly).

I was very much sad and disappointed after seeing such movement from these bloggers.

I consulted with good blogger to cope up with this situation and many people suggested many things.

So I decided to put capping on all social shares.

In this contest I have given points for 1000 likes, tweets, shares, StumbleUpon only.

Because this was the only solution I found.

Bad for me as well as for you too. 🙁

Here are the winners

Good news is, final three winners are the participants who really deserved this place and efforts made by them were clearly seen to me.

Even they took some wrong steps, and they are very well aware about the thing what I am talking about.

Congrats to these 3 great bloggers.

First Prize – Zion Amal (Bullet-Proof Methods to WIN Any Guest Blogging Contest)

Second Prize – Thejas (7 Out-of-the-Box Ways To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers)

Third Prize – Avi Jit (Here’s Why a Blogger Shouldn’t Help Everyone)

They scored 19,592, 16,854, and 16,286 points respectively.

It's time to celebrate now. 🙂

Special Note:

Don't get disappointed if you are not in the list of winners.

I am going to organize another contest in July-August and this time the points will be based on genuine comments only.

You can subscribe us to get notification about the contest because this time it's going to become $2000 guest blogging contest.

After subscribing us you will get my FREE Blogging Domination Guide which will help you to start you blogging career and take right steps to make money online.

See you soon. 🙂

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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32 thoughts on “Guest Blogging Contest Winners Announced”

  1. Wow! Amal Zion won 😀 That guy deserved it bro. He bunked classes and took this seriously 😀

  2. The birthday boy gets his treat 🙂 Congrats Amal and Happy Birthday too. Your post was awesome and you are the deserved winner.

  3. First of all congratulations to all winners.
    Being first guest blogging contest on BloggingCage, it ran pretty smooth and brought you massive exposure Kulwant bro. So, the word of congratulations also goes for you for hosting this awesome contest! Cheers!
    I’m really excited to participate in the next guest blogging contest on BloggingCage.

  4. Congrats to the winners and obviously i’ll try to participate in the next contest if i get some time.

  5. Well, these type of contest are hard to host and track. techbu hosted a contest where lots of guest post were submitted and one of the post has some problem [went against google adsense use policy] and thus he lost his adsense account.

  6. Glad to see Avi Jit in the winners. He deserves to be in the winners. Congrats to all winners.

  7. Congratulation to all winners. Everybody did well. Get prepared for next contest.
    Just one suggestion to all. A standard article takes 7-8 hours to write. So take your own time while writing articles.

  8. WOW thanks for sharing. Please provide info how can i participate on this type of contest. !!!
    thanks 🙂 Congrats guys!!

  9. Congo to those who won… and best of luck for those who didn’t win, Don’t lose hope as Kulwant said that he is going to arrange another $2000 contest so you can try again in that one…

  10. Congrats Thejas , Amal and Avi 😉

    You Guys wrote the best article among us and won this giveaway. Although almost everyone tried their level best by their level best tactics and even I tried social exchange like addmefast, but guess what? Content wins over other things 😀

    Cheers, and a veryy happy birthday to Amal !

  11. Nice to see my younger brothers are the winners of this blogging contest 😉

    Hope it is a big birthday gift to my sweet younger brother Amal 🙂 Happy b’day, Bro, Enjoy your day 😛

    I too participated here, not feeling sad as I got good brothers with this contest and they keep on inspiring me to do an enhanced blogging.

    Good luck brothers 🙂 Wishing you all to reach remarkable achievements in the blogosphere soon.

    Thanks Nagi for conducting the blogging contests and hats off to your efforts, keep doing it 🙂

  12. very well done guys, congrats to you all and i hope in upcoming contest i will also there to compete you.

  13. Congrats Amal, Thejas and Avi. And happy birthday amal! Cheers! 😀 Expecting more awesome articles from all of you!

  14. Congos to the winner…
    And special congos to Zion and Avi.They have come up with something Extra Beautiful..
    Well i think i should seriously get into the next guest blogging contest.I do believe i stand a chance. ALl that i need to do is to make it more than a chance..
    Good luck and awaiting for the contest

  15. Being one of the sponsors of this contest, I Congratulate all the three winners and wish you many more in future…

  16. Congrats Amal..and cheers to all winners :). Amal you hit the bull eye and definitely you feel proud to win this contest on your B’day.

  17. hi AMAL congrats. you got a better birthday gift. and congrats to THEJUS and AVI JITH. Keep it up guys

  18. Congratulations to all the winners, and guys who didn’t win, like Kulwant said don’t be upset, as like on BloggingCage, I am also organizing a contest like this on my site , which is currently worth over $2100, and will start soon. So, don’t worry, you will have another chance to prove yourselves. 🙂

  19. I’m very happy to be in the winners list.
    I’m thankful to everyone who helped me to win the contest by leaving comments and shares.
    Congrats Zion Amal Rafeeq and Avi Jit!!
    Thanks Kulwant bro for hosting an exciting contest. 🙂

  20. This is not the first time I’ve seen blogging contests based on social share/like. I must agreed with what you said. I was once entered a blogging contest, and feel very dissappointed. He even have no idea how to track down whether any contestant using dirty trick to win the contest. Can you believe that someone can get almost 1 thousand like only after publishing an article about 1 hour? That must be a joke. Then, whenever I see organizer uses social media as a measure, I won’t enter it. Not because I’ve no confidence to win, but because I don’t want to waste my time.

    • Yeah, Rudd. It was very disappointing for me. Some shit tools have made things easy but difficult in other side also.

      In next contest I will consider quality comments only. 🙂

  21. Congrats to three of you Zion Amal, Thejas and Avi Jit. All the very best for other contestants as you are having one more chance.

    Thanks Kulwant for such a nice competition, and see that next competition would not have any flaws.

  22. Congrats to all the winner of this awesome contest. Amal deserves this. Congrats Amal. But I found almost all post were awesome.I read almost of them.Nice contest kulwant.

  23. Congrats on setting up such a huge contest and congrats to the 3 winners bro.
    Didn’t know you got health issues along the line. However, good to hear you are better

    The next contest will be a boom 😉

    Good luck!

  24. congratulations to all the winners. You have really got a source to get motivated. I wish I shall also find my name in the winner’s list the next time!

  25. Congratulations to all the winners. Hey Amal, happy belated birthday.
    I obviously do hope this actually made your day!

  26. Hey Amal, nice to see you on the top ( as expected ) , Congratulations to all the winners. 🙂

  27. Congratulation Winner, I would like to participate next time, willing to write for blogging cage. and next time I will do my best to participate. 🙂

  28. Oh Man That was awsome , I wish I participated in your Contest , when next one starts , Please send me a mail 🙂 .

  29. Hi Bro…!! I’m also interested to participate in the next guest posting contest… Don’t forget to inform me at right time.
    My Email :

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