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You can use Grammarly with some of the best apps in the world, like

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This is an awesome Grammar and plagiarism checker that not only makes you a better writer but you can give it your content writer for the best quality content as well.

Right now I am working with 15 different writers for my niche blogs.

Managing all of them and checking the content quality, grammar, plagiarism was really a tough task for me.

So I hired another guy to take care of everything, whose duty was just to check the quality of all the articles and report me if anyone is doing wrong.

But then Grammarly entered into my business.

I am enjoying my work after using this tool because this has saved a lot of my time to check every article and helping my writers to write top-notch content by avoiding plagiarism.

A few days back, I have done Grammarly review where I talked about each and everything about this tool in detail.

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How to Download Grammarly App?

We recommend installing this as a browser extension. It is available for all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Go to the homepage of Grammarly.

Click on Add to Chrome button and it will take you to the Chrome extension page.

Grammarly Extension

Click on Add extension and start using this awesome Grammar Checker within your favorite browser.

How to Activate Grammarly Premium?

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Click at Go Premium and it will take you to the next page where you can put your email address to create a new account.

At the next page, it will ask you to personalize your account so that the artificial intelligence of this tool can better understand your needs.

Personalize Grammarly

At the next page, it will do more optimization for you and proceed to the next setting page.


Now, this is the final stage where you can opt for the premium plan at the discounted price and proceed.

Grammarly Annual

Choose Annual plan and make the payment.

Grammarly cost is nothing when we talk about using the real value in the content and making it easily readable.

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