How To Make Top Backlinks With Google Reverse Image Search

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Owning a websiteis owning a full-fledged business regardless of whether you run an e-commercesite or a blog page. Websites help you build your brand, meet new people, andalso enable you to make money in the process.

Having agood-looking site that loads quickly is only the first step towards drivingmore traffic to your site. For your website to have more reach, search enginesmust ‘like’ your content.

This is wherebacklinks come in. They help increase your ranking on search engines, whichsignificantly increases your website’s visibility.

However, creatingquality backlinks that provide valuable returns can be a lengthy process thatrequires a lot of experimenting, depending on your niche and sub-niche.

According to the Stateof Inbound report, generating leads and traffic for their websiteare the biggest challenges marketing companies face.

To help you boost your site’s rankings with ease, this article outlines the concept of backlinks and guides you through the process of creating backlinks using reverse image search.

Let’s begin.

When another sitelinks to your website, you have a ‘backlink' from that site.

In the same way,when you link to another site on your page, they have a backlink from yourwebsite.

Here’s Why Having a Healthy Amount of Backlinks is Important

Search enginesdesign their indexing algorithm in ways that the searcher gets the mostrelevant and the highest quality content.

There aremultiple factors at play that decide the ranking of a website.

Let us look atwhat Google considers when ranking a page since it is the mostused search engine globally (80% search ad market share!).

The top three search ranking factors that Google considers are:

  • The quality of the content.
  • The number (and more importantly quality) ofbacklinks.
  • RankBrain algorithm results.

Over time, Googletweaks its algorithm to supply better results to its users. However, thesethree remain the most important factors considered when ranking a site.

Tools like SEMRush and SECockpit help you see how many backlinks any given page has when you type in relevant keywords.

how to get backlinks

As you can see, most of the top-ranking websites have copious amounts of backlinks.

Think of backlinks as the currency of SEO.

Having more of them will certainly boost your website’s ranking on search engines. However, just randomly creating links without paying importance to their authority and dominance will have adverse effects.

Let’s see how.

One would thinkthat there are only two ways to approach building backlinks for their website:

  • Pursuing high-quality links from well-receivedwebsites.
  • Collecting as many backlinks as possibleregardless of the source.

There are issueswith both approaches that can hinder the website's growth capacity.

Pursuing only high-quality links limits the amount of exposure that your website gets.

This is becausethe pursuit of these quality links takes a lot of time and effort. The chancesof actually getting a backlink from a high-authority website are still veryless even if you send out tons of emails and put up original content.

Sure, you do get committed traffic if you do get a backlink. However, the low efficiency of this method makes it too impractical.

On the otherhand, going for the no-holds-barred approach and getting all the backlinks, youcan also hinder your website's growth.

In fact, spamming links in that way can get you penalized or even banned by search engines!

This is why beingopportunistic when it comes to generating backlinks is super crucial for yoursites’ growth.

Go with the flowand have a tight grip on how you backlink.

There needs to be a balance between quality and quantity if you wish to make your website a top search result.

Here are the fivemost effective types of backlinks you can use to improve the rating of yoursite.

These are thebacklinks that are added by a creator in their content. Editorial backlinkscome in many different forms.

The creator may:

  • Link to your site to share a researched andreliable fact/stat.
  • Cite your website for the infographic you made.
  • Refer to your website as a reliable source ofinformation.

For instance, ifyou find a piece of content that misses out on great, relevant statisticsthat’s available on your website, a polite email can fetch you an easybacklink.

Testimonials area powerful tool that helps establish your brand’s credibility and authority.

Gettingtestimonial backlinks can be easy since most e-commerce sites welcome goodreviews. Reaching out to websites that you recently purchased products from isa great way to generate a high-quality backlink.

Leaving a politemessage with your website’s details will do the trick.

Posting contenton another website as a guest allows you to include a backlink to your site.

This is another form of editorial backlinks. However, when guest blogging, you have full control over the content and can creatively give your site a shout out however you see fit.

Guest blogging is one of the authentic ways to make quality backlinks for your blog. Keeping this mind, we have compiled a list of 300+ guest blogging sites where you can submit your guest posts easily.

Backlinks can becreated by commenting on other blogs. However, abusing this will get youbanned.

Make sure thatthe link and comment that you put up add value to the conversation and that itis relevant to the topic being discussed.

Webinars cangenerate a lot of traction for your page. It is because webinars can cover alot of material quickly and add significant value to the viewer’s experience.

Make sure thatyou record your webinar and put it up on your website. This way, other blogs,and creators can link back to your website and cite the same as a great sourceof detailed information.

Using Google’sreverse image search is an underrated method of generating backlinks.

It's not a verymainstream technique either. However, it can supply astonishing results.

The best part isthat it is considered to be a completely legitimate way of generatingbacklinks, and you will not be penalized or banned from any search engines.

To use thismethod, you must first learn about Google’s reverse image search.

You must befamiliar with Google's regular image search. Whenever you search for anything,merely clicking on the “Images” tab will bring up all the relevantimages.

Reverseimage search flips this process backward!

Rather thansearching using words, you search using images. It is super simple to do.

Here’s how you do it:

how to create backlink

Next, look forthe camera on the search bar. It should say “Search by image” when you hoverover it.

how to build backlinks

Click on thecamera. This will open up a new window. The window will enable you to searchfor images by using a URL. Also, you can upload an image to reverse the searchand then check it.

how to create backlinks for my website

If you wish tosearch using a URL, just hover over the image on the website, right-click andclick on “Copy Image Address” if you’re on a Mac.

If you use aWindows-based machine, you will find a “Copy Image Location” option instead.

If you alreadyhave the image downloaded, you can go ahead and browse for it.

Regardless of howyou perform your search, you will be redirected to the same page. This pagewill reveal loads of details about the image:

  • The file type.
  • The size of the image.
  • An option to find other dimensions of the image.
  • A list of pages that the image appears on.
  • Possibly related images.

We searched Brian Dean's image and found tremendous results:

how to get more backlinks

By using this technique, I can see all the sites where he has done guest blogging and used the same image in his author bio. To get the better results, I can find a few of his more images and repeat the same process again.

To get the best results out of this page, make sure you click on the “All sizes” option. It fetches all possible outcomes for the image you’ve provided, regardless of the size or quality.

Hereare some tips that can make this process faster:

You can go to to directly goto the image search page.

You can also dragthe image from your desktop right into the search bar to perform reverse imagesearch quickly.

If you're on aMac, you can skip a few steps if you wish to search using a URL. Right-Click onthe image and click on the “Search Google for Image” option. It does the samething.

Nowthat you’ve learned to use the reverse image search function let us see how youcan use it to get more backlinks for your site.

The reverse imagesearch strategy is super useful if you’ve ever created any kind of image.

There is a highchance that someone on the internet has used your image and hasn’t credited you.

Here’s where reverse image search comes in. You can use it to find all the pages where your image has been used. After that, all those places where a link is due, ask for it and generate quality backlinks that are of real value to surfers.

As you sift through the results, you're bound to find instances where the image has been used but does not have proper credit.

It is recommendedthat you look at the most visited pages first. They will provide the highestquality links.

Also, if you’vecreated a ton of original content, make sure you use the reverse image searchstrategy according to your image’s likeliness to be shared.

First,search for infographics. Then graphs and charts, and then any fact-basedoriginal content. These are much more likely to be shared.

Only when you’refinished with these, move on to searching for other pictures.

Credit istypically given under the image itself or in a block of text below or above theimage.

If you stilldon’t see your page linked, try hovering over the image (this works on Chrome).You should see a link pop up on the bottom left corner of the window.

how to get high quality backlinks

Before you askfor credit for the image, you must learn if the site is ranked well enough tobe worth backlinking to. This is because having backlinks from sites with pooror no authority on the internet can negatively affect your sites’ search enginerankings.

However, thereare loads of easy ways to find out if asking for credit is the right move forany given website.

You can use some online tools for Domain Authority Checker.

Anything above 60is excellent, and everything with a rating above 40 is usable. It is notrecommended to link to sites that have a score below 40.

Finally, allthat’s left to do is to ask for credit. A polite email thanking them for usingyour content and asking them to add your link to the image should do the trick.

Make sure you don’t forget to mention the link you want them to add! Also, you can specify a few points about how linking would create a valuable cycle of SEO for both parties.

In the 2019State of Digital Marketing report, digitalmarketers say that establishing brand awareness is their top goal and thatscaling innovation is their biggest challenge.

For your site toreach its maximum potential, it must be well-liked by both your visitors andsearch engines alike.

The more searchengines like your pages, the higher your pages are placed on the searchresults. Having better ranking is super helpful when people look for websitesthat offer the same services as you do. Higher search engine rankings translateto more clicks!

Optimizing yourcontent for search engines is one of the most powerful ways of driving moretraffic. Search Engine Optimization is almostsix times more effective than paid ads!

Backlinksare one of the core pillars of this SEO. They always have been and always willbe. They represent the flow of valuebetween websites on the internet. Therefore, new and innovative methods ofcreating backlinks keep popping up.

Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you can effectively increase your website’s ranking with ease and create quality backlinks through reverse image search.

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