10 Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO and PPC Beginners

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Keyword research is vital for all websites especially when it entails directing clients, customers, or readers to your content. While keyword search is the first step to creating a successful SEO campaign, it will never become a thing of the past.

I bet you’re wondering how’s this possible? Well, truth be told, you cannot create content website content based on industry related words that only you or other experts within the same niche are familiar with.


Trying to do so will force your website to become lost in search engine rankings. With that being said, in order to avoid this from happening to you should gain thorough knowledge on 10 free keyword research tools for SEO and PPC beginners which are listed below.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

With billions of users around the world, there is no doubt that Google is the “Top Dog” when it comes to a number of search engines. However, there is a free tool that is accessible to anyone looking to improve his or her keyword usage and that is Google Keyword Planner Tool.

This tool is most commonly used to research keywords for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns. On the contrary, most webmasters use this tool to get estimates on their webs global or local monthly search volume of keywords involving their popularity and their competition for organic search which allows webmasters to see how easy it is to rank for it.

This tool does require you to sign up in order to get free access!

WooRank Website Review

This tool is not only easy to use; it allows users to obtain free reviews of websites in question. Users also get to see the top ranked keywords a website ranks for on Google search and even a list of a website’s competitor sites.


One of many top free keyword research tools for SEO and PPC beginners is SEMRush. This tools provides information on related keywords ranging from most popular to least popular as well as key phrase queries to sites that rank and or purchased ads from the search term.

This tool doesn’t require you to sign up but is limited to 10 queries per day!


KeywordSpy is a great tool that allows webmasters to track his or her keyword competitors. This free keyword search tool can also be used to reveal keywords used by your competitors in their advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords, Bing Adcenter and Yahoo Search Marketing.

When using this tool you will get 20 niche relevant keywords along with their search volume.


Another handy very easy to use and free keyword research tool is Spyfu. When it comes to utilizing Spyfu, you will see there are two ways to get your keyword researched which involves entering your or your competitor’s website’s url or entering the keyword. When entering your website’s url you will have access to top keywords which the website ranks.

This result includes both paid advertisements and organic search. Upon entering the keyword you will only see sites that rank for the keyword.

Keyword Discovery

KeywordDiscovery allow you to analyze a list of 100+ relevant search terms to the keyword that has been chosen. After entering your keyword you will have access to information which reveals how many times each keywords or phrase has been search over a 12 month period globally.

These results are rounded up from 200+ search engines.


This free keywords search is fairly similar to Keyword Discovery and Word Pot however it still have a little uniqueness to it. Some of the uniqueness comes from two features that it possesses which includes Exact Daily and Total Daily. Exact Daily pertains to the number of searches made daily for a particular keyword or phrase.

For instance, if you enter the phrase work at home jobs, Exact Daily will include total amount of searches for work at home jobs.

On the other hand, Total Daily pertains to the number of daily search done for keywords contain the core word. For instance, if you enter the same phrase (work at home jobs), Total Daily will include the number of other keyword combinations that have the word jobs in them.

Google Trends

This amazing Google tools, enables user to have access to the most popular keywords that are relevant to your keyword. The list that will be provided to you, will be based off the latest search trends or most commonly searched keywords or phrase.

Google Suggest

Another great keyword research tool by Google that’s free, Google Suggest very easily accessible due to the fact that is located right on Google search. This instant keyword research tool enables users to type in any keyword while giving the use a drop down list of trending keywords across the web.


Known for its similarity to Google Suggest, UbberSuggest is known for taking things deeper by suggesting more keyword variations. This is done by taking your base term and adding a digit or letter right next to it and then suggesting probable combination of search terms.

John Gary

Johngary works as a SEO consultant. He has written extensively on the benefits of social media marketing for tech giants.

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    Wow wonderful list of free keyword research tools, and I just tried Google Keyword Planner Tool from the listed ones. These tools seems really cool and I’m gonna consider it trying.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another similar utility based on suggestions from search engines (Google, YouTube, Amazon etc) is KeywordSuggest (keywordsuggest.org). It’s useful depending on what kind of research you’re doing, but mostly for long tail and such.

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    I’m well known with some of these but there are a number that require cutting into into for the first time. Great list. Very cooperative. Thanks.

  4. Useful list to do keyword research at free of cost 🙂

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    Doing Keyword research would help to improve the organic traffic of a blog. Thanks for sharing this nice list of free tools 🙂

  5. magnificent list of free keyword research devices, and I generally use Google Keyword Planner tool from the recorded ones.
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    Great Keyword research tool which I have tried most among them expect keywordspy and woorank would like to try them out whats your thought about longtail pro recently I have tried this tool with free trial got some awesome result

  7. Hey john,Thanks for sharing this list. Most of this keyword searching tools are unknown to me, soon trying them.But from them Google keyword planner is the great one.

  8. woo, wonderful tools you have mentioned in your article. But can you tell me which of the tools is best for checking keyword??

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