3 FREE E-Mail Marketing Softwares to Build Massive List

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E-Mail marketing is such an awesome concept which will help you to get more loyal readers for your blog.

You might have heard that “Money is in the List.”

I myself started building email list in January, 2013 and have got 1000+ awesome subscribers till now and the numbers are increasing day by day.

As a newbie I was not able to afford Aweber, so I looked here and there for some free e-mail marketing softwares.

Here I am going to share the list of those, so that you can start building email list on your blog from today itself.

1. Mail Chimp


This is the very first free e-mail marketing software which I used for building my mail list.

They provide you 2,000 subscribers, and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free.

Mail chimp is very easy to set up software and you can easily create your campaign and web forms. After setting all the thing, you can use MailChimp List Subscribe Form which is a free plugin from mail chimp to integrate forms on your blog very easily.

Here are some awesome features

  • You can create awesome looking Custom Forms
  • Easy Facebook Integration to allow users to subscribe you via Facebook.
  • API Support
  • Easily track your subscribers and results

This is my first choice to build email list, so you can try this and start building a good list for your blog from today itself (don't delay it).

2. Mad Mimi


Mad Mimi is a new player is e-mail marketing and they are providing 2,500 subscribers and you can send 12,500 emails per month.

They are having very good-looking forms and you can modify them very easily.

Here are some features

  • Very easy to create forms and connect with your subscribers
  • Smart list management
  • Easy integration
  • Easy to add extra stuff

They also have Mad Mimi for WordPress plugin which will help you to install web form at much ease.

3. Mail Relay


They have two types of plans

  1. Standard
  2. and Enterprise

In Enterprise edition you will get free 5,000 subscribers and 25,000 mails per month.

They have mentioned that – “In order to get the 25.000 emails, and 5.000 subscribers, for free, you will need to create a Mailrelay account ( 15.000 emails and 3.000 subscribers for free ) and follow us in Facebook and Twitter.”

Here are the features

  • Visual statistics with visitor tracking, clicks, and bounces.
  • Custom newsletters with dynamic fields
  • Easy web integration and signup forms.
  • You can add Custom domain.
  • Tracking tokens in links.
  • Iphone application.
  • Contacts sync with Microsoft Windows.
  • Development and integration API.

Mailrelay Plugin will help you to sync your subscribers with Mailrelay.com

Final words.

If you were still thinking to start building email list for your blog then I have provided you 3 awesome free e-mail marketing softwares and you can select one of them according to your need.

Take the action and put optin form on your blog to grab more people on your blog.

If you have any question then don't forget to ask in comment sections.

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33 thoughts on “3 FREE E-Mail Marketing Softwares to Build Massive List”

  1. thanks for such a beautiful post,
    i think the third one is the best where we can create 5000 subscribers and can sent 25000 emails per month.

  2. Thanks kulwant for this post.I was looking for these things yesterday and today i got it from your blog.I recommend to use madmini as a free plan for newbie bloggers.I am using it on one of the my blog and fully satisfied with it.

  3. Thanks kulwant for the post I my self have started, using mailchimp, would be looking forward to learn more,

    I wish when I started medical entry test blog at that time , I wish had come across a blog like this, By Now , I would have developed that a lot more, now I left it in gloom out there, though still earns me 10$ a month through chitika, Now I am building a list and after that I would be continuing it , If I get time

  4. Hi Kulwant,
    Hope you are able to help some newbies to start building lists and make use of them. Those 3 tools are super duper! But I’d recommend MadMimi. It’s just so awesome and Powerful.

    Thanks a lot for introducing “MailRelay”. Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks for your review Amal. Yeah, that’s new for me also. I found it in one forum where one guy was telling about this.

  5. Thanks @Kulwant for this post ,the thing which i was searching that i got let me try these email software also 🙂

  6. Thanks for these 3 useful tools. I am looking at mailrelay, seems like a good tool. I might sign up for that one.

    • Yes Shalu. This is looking best in all, so go for it and start building your list. All the best.

  7. I know MailChimp and Madmimi among the list but Mail Relay is new to me. But from my view MailChimp has so many features that others don’t have.
    Thanks for the list!

  8. Hello Kulwant Bro! Thanks for sharing the list. Actually i am planning to build list. I know about Mailchimp already. Rest of two are new for me. Well, you listed out benefits of each software but please, tell us at least one drawback of using free services.

    • Great Question Madan.

      The drawback of these free softwares is, you cannot promote any affiliate link to your email list while using them.

      If you will promote any affiliate link, then they will suspend your account. You can simple use them to build the trust and send simple articles to your list.

      • Thanks for reply. Nice explanation. You made it clear. Now it is easy for me to choose between free v/s paid services. I think Aweber is best.

  9. Thanks Dear for publishing this article. I really like ur effort. You have already done a great for the new comers in this field.
    Plz tell me can this free service will be charged in future? Plz reply must.

  10. I was using GetResponse not Aweber. Though there are no differences between those two. It is just slightly cheaper.

    But for a long run, it is better than MailChimp and Aweber as both gets costlier as your no.of subscribers increase.

  11. Kulwant bhai, thanks for sharing these great tools .. I saw mailchimp on many WordPress blog .. And didn’t know its power packed feature until I read this post..thanks


    • Pramod, most of the people are choosing MailChimp. I think they are unaware about other options, so I complied these three options so that people can select very easily now.

  12. Thanks so much for the mention, Kulwant! If anyone has any questions about Mad Mimi, or wants to learn a bit about healthy list maintenance, they can feel free to email me at becca (at) madmimi (dot) com 🙂

    • Glad to see you here, Becca. Thanks for launching this awesome free service and making life of newbie much easy. 🙂

      Best wishes for your company.

    • That is very awsome, a CEO coming and commenting here :), I would like to use your services getting stuck with mail chimp

  13. Fantastic my friend. I guess many newbies don’t like spending at initial stage for their Blogging. Till that time these services can help them.

  14. Hi Kulwant,

    Thanks for sharing this list. I recommend madmimi for email marketing. It’s better to me, while comparing rest of two.

  15. I have used the MailChimp that provides a better solution for email Marketing.Anyway Which one do you recommended?

    • Prem, you can choose any of them according to your need. From my point of view all are good.

  16. Kulwant, Thanks for this article .
    I have just started the list building, I am using MadMimi.

  17. Nice article, Kulwant,
    I have used MailChimp in the past, it is as good as a free service can get, however it is no match for aweber.

    Most of these free list building services have the same problem, the emails have a poor ratio of getting read. If I have to choose a free service, would definitely go with mailchimp,

    thanks for the list,

  18. Thanks Kulwant for sharing this. But now I am bit confused with mail chimp and mad mini. Now I’ll have to figure out which one to use. But again, thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi Kulwant,

    thanks a lot for including us in the list 😉 if we can be of help on anything just ask!

    • Thanks for being here Jose. Feeling great to see you here. 🙂

      For sure I will ask in future.

  20. Thanks so much for the list Kulwant.
    I have started using Affiliate marketing and Email marketing will help a lot to promote affiliate products..
    MailChimp Looks Great,
    I will give a Try on it..!!!

  21. Thanks for this awesome list Kulwant. I was only aware of MailChimp but now I am considering the other options as well. Is there any other player in 2016?

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