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Lesson 1

Understanding the Basics of Blogging

Most of the blogger are still not aware about the true power of blogging. They still don't know the terms used in blogging, and still looking to hit big numbers.

It's not possible when you don't know the basics.

It's like trying to write a book when you don't even know how to write paragraphs.

This lesson will open your mind about blogging and give you a crystal clear goal to become a blogger.

Lesson 3

How to Make Money With Blogging

It's is such a business where you need to measure every parameter of your blog to understand which monetizing model will work on your blog.

Using AdSense on a blog which has the potential to make millions with affiliate marketing would be a wrong move.

This lesson is going to teach you some of the awesome methods which you can use to monetize any blog.

Lesson 2

Setting up a Foundation

For how long a building can stand if it has a poor foundation?

Hope you got what I want to say here.

This lesson will give you instructions about setting up a great foundation for your blog which is going to strengthen up for years. This foundation will support your blog to become one of the top blogs in the world in upcoming years.

Lesson 4

How to setup email automation

This lesson will teach you the importance of email marketing and lessons to setup a perfect email marketing automation for your blog.

How to grow your email list, nurture it and how can you make money with email marketing.

The training with Kulwant was just perfect because he taught the real stuff which you can implement it directly at your workplace or business, there is no beating around the bush, you dive deep into the details of the subject to explain how it works. I have more than 3 years of Affiliate experience and his training added the icing on the cake!

Subhajit Biswas Founder Unmute Media

Spread Your Words in the World.

People all across the world are going to read your blog, which is an awesome feeling itself. Your words are going to change the world and help them to become a better person, achieve their goals, do things in a professional way or help them learn something new in an easy way.

Become Your Own BOSS

No BOSS is going to call you for the assignments, for the project completions or stop you for going to vacations.

Once you are a blogger, you are your own boss, you set your limits, you define your goals, and ultimately you live the life you always wanted to live.

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