5 Super Effective Ways to Make Fast Google Crawling For Your Blog

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If Google was some sort of building, then you could have easily hid a body in the second floor without anybody even noticing!

This popular joke truly signifies the importance of position in search engine results.

Search engines are very dynamic and extreme places. The number of page is inversely proportional to traffic flowing to your blog or website. And it is not even numerically proportional, traffic dips a lot as we move from page 1 to page 2 and so on.

For a specific keyword ranking on the page 1 might get more than 10k visits daily to that post; whereas another post competing for the same keyword but ranked in page 2 might mot even get 150 hits daily.

You might wondering that why not use some other source of traffic than SEO?

Because though there are several other ways to get traffic, no one would give a large amount of organic traffic over a long span of time.

Let me get to the basics— how does your webpages show up in search results?

Your webpage will only appear in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) if it is present in the index of that search engine. Though you can see your webpages by typing up the URL, but rather than your friends and colleagues, no one will do that. In fact, you would rarely see someone except you doing that.

Coming to the topic, to index various webpages of various blogs and websites; search engines use bots which crawl through your website, going over your content and indexing it. Crawling is just the root of SEO. Your results over the search engine depends upon the bots and how effective the crawled your website.

And in these days, when the competition to get at the top is so tough, you can't wait a long time to get your webpage indexed. Especially if you are a news website, you would want your webpage index as fast as possible to provide the news first and (moreover) to rank on the first page of Google.


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So here we are with some effective and helpful tips on how to increase the crawl rate and at the same time make it a faster process.

#1. Optimize your images

Perhaps one of the most said but lease applied formula.

Unlike content, the bots of search engines cannot crawl through images and index it. The best part was image indexing is that it will serve as another source of traffic. Like, if your images gets indexed on the image sector of the search engine, people can come to your website via your images.

Lots of people don't know that like there's an sitemap plugin for the whole website, there's a sitemap plugin for all the images on the blog too! Plugins like Google image sitemap will help you through.

For images to be showed up on the search results, you have to tweak it's alt tags to the main keyword you are targeting and using.

#2. Update your website with new content frequently

Perhaps, it is the most effective and important part to increase the crawl rate.

No one likes static website–everyone likes to see a website constantly publishing new and new piece of content. And so does search engines.

There's an heating debate between which is more important: SEO or the content. The truth is both are useless without the other. Without SEO, you can't bring it up to the search results; and without content, nothing to optimize.

Before everything, search engine looks for the content.  A website with a greater publishing rate (number of posts published per week) will eventually end up getting an effective and a faster crawling rate by the search engine bots.

Other than content, you can also showcase videos and audios as a sign of updating your website.

#3. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content will seriously wreck you, and by wrecking I mean wreck the whole blog in the search results.

Search engines have huge databases. And they can easily go through it in a matter of seconds. Whenever they crawl on a new piece of content, they check it over their database that if it is copied or not.

Firstly if they found copied content, your overall rankings of different posts of the website will drop and might even lead to a ban of your website. And before everything, it will decrease the crawling rate of your website. So try to provide original and fresh content.

#4. Pinging and Submitting to Directories

The whole purpose of pinging is to notify the bots of various search engines that your website has been updated. Websites like pingmylink will ping your link to various websites and the whole process of pinging is quite easy and you can do it in a matter of seconds.

The directories to which you are submitting your website much be of high authority and high popularity such as DMoz. Being one of the most active websites with regular posting of content, bots are present on such directories for most of the time.

Whenever your website is listed out there, bots will travel through that listing and crawl your website.

#5. Server with an excellent uptime and website with low loading time

As bots might visit your website anytime (and not at any fixed time), you don't want them to visit when your website is down, right?

Why to slow down loading time?

Let's get to the basics first. What slows down a website? Images, videos, files to name a few.

If bots come to your website and start crawling, they will start crawling these huge sized images and other stuffs and not the main pages you want to show up in the results.

Final Words

These were some of the crucial points which you can keep in your mind if you want to see your content quickly in the search results.

By following these small practices you can quickly index your content in various search engines and enjoy the good ranking for your upcoming articles.

Do share your own tips and tricks if you are using any other techniques for fast Google indexing.

That will widen my knowledge and help other people as well.

Sayantan Mahato

Sayantan Mahato is a fun-loving freelance writer, who blindly believes that Pens are more powerful than Nukes. He has been working with many top-notch blogs which includes EliteDaily, LifeHack & ShoutMeLoud and is currently working on TechBii.

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    Doing keyword research and finding rankable keywords is an art. SEO should be properly done to please the search engines. Parallelly, we should take care of the needs of our loyal readers tool.
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