7 Amazing Tips To Enhance the Reach of Your Facebook Page

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Anyone who creates a Facebook page wants a good involvement on it.

Lots of likes, comments and shares on it.

It would be no fun to have a page with a handful of followers. Or a page where a new post gets very little involvement. Which is why many Facebook page owners often decide to buy Facebook likes. Buying and selling Facebook Likes is a flourishing online business.

There is no dearth of sellers and sites which promise to sell “genuine” or “true” Facebook likes but that is one bait or trap any business or brand should know to avoid. Not only do fake likes get no involvement at all, they are likely to pull down the organic reach of the page besides, of course, running the risk of getting penalized.

Here is a detailed post on “Why buying Facebook Likes is a bad business move?” This should act as an eye opener to all those who have been thinking of buying likes to promote their page or enhance their online visibility.

If BUYING likes is a bad idea, what can businesses and page owners do to enhance the reach of their pages?

The only alternative that works in the long run is to get more real likes.

Though that is easier said than done, it is not impossible to get REAL people with real profiles to get to click the LIKE button.

The sooner you can master the art of winning them over and persuading them to do so, the better it is for you. Assuming, of course, that you do not want your Fan page to be flagged or served a penalty. Worse still, banned altogether.


Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you step up your efforts to get more free Facebook likes:

#1. Have a Facebook Like Page

This seems to be the most common-sensical thing to do, to begin with.

You obviously cannot expect people to connect with you on Facebook unless you have a Like box widget on your website or blog. Try to place it somewhere it is sure to get the visitors’ attention.

You can even try having a slide-in Facebook Like Box.

Experiment by placing it different positions and try out different colors, sizes and height till you begin to get the results you want to.

#2. Invite People

Begin building up on numbers by inviting friends and relatives on your list to do you a favour.

Take care to invite only those who will not just ‘oblige’ you with a like and never bother to interact with you on your page. Resist the temptation to do so and invite instead only those people from your list whom you expect to be active members on the page later.

That can fetch you only a few hundred likes, at the most.

What after you are done with that list?

Well, after that start sending out invites to relevant people i.e. people who, according to you, have some interest in your products and /or services.

You can send them direct invites over Facebook or send them emails asking them to connect to you.

#3. Online Promotion of The Page

First of all, make sure that each of the pages on your website/blog has a Facebook Like button. Don’t expect your fans to go all the way and log in to Facebook, locate you over there and then Like your page.

Make the process easier for them.

If you reach out to lots of people through emails, put the link to your fan page there too!

If you have a sizeable following on other networking sites like Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon, etc, ask them to like your page.

#4. Offline Promotion of The Page

Ask the visitors on your store to follow you on Facebook.

Don’t just ask them.

Provide them something so useful on your Facebook page that they feel energetic to check your page.

Tell them about the wonderful deals, packages and news they would be able to get from time to time if they do so.

Make sure your visiting cards, receipts and handbags for packing all bear the easily recognizable, so that people know they can stay connected to you through this networking site.

#5. Provide Value

Remember that visitors to your store and your prospective clients are all human. And all of us love to interact with other people around.

Whether you are selling body building supplements or own a brand of luxury watches. Whether you sell security equipment or software- your end customers are PEOPLE.

And people love to get involved in a conversation. Most of us love to be involved in an intelligent conversation, unless your targeted audience is a bunch of thickheads!

Put some health related stuff from time to time – something that would interest everyone. Even if you are running a health related site.

If your audience is, by and large, local, you could invite a discussion on local issues.

Try humour as well – everyone likes to be tickled once in a while!

See what interests them and share 2-3 updates with them daily, on an average. Try to get them involved in a conversation or discussion.

That is because every time someone likes your post or comments on it, it moves to the top of the News feed and becomes visible once again to all those who have liked you.

#6. Run Contests

Running contests and asking all contestants to like your fan page first is another easy way of building up a commendable Facebook presence.

Encourage them to share the story of your giveaway or contest with their friends and give them more points or rewards for doing so.

But again keep in mind that a person who likes your Facebook fan page just because he wants to win the two free t-shirts you are offering as the prize or for winning a free cell phone, they are NOT interested in you as a brand.

They are interested in ONLY the prize. In most probability, they will NEVER visit your page again. And so they simply lower the EdgeRank score of your page by just being there!

Check these 2 FREE Tools to Run a Facebook Contest & Pick a Winner.

So, make sure that the contests you run are highly targeted. People should like you because they ACTUALLY like you or your product.

And not because they stand to win a free gift for doing so!!

#7. Running Facebook ads

Now, another way of getting likes to your page is by running Facebook ads.

Facebook ads is one of the most effective ways to boost your brand awareness as most of the people are on Facebook now a days.

On Facebook you can target audience from any specific country with targeted age group and interests.

Few days back Kulwant talked about getting cheap Facebook likes for your business page. Go through that article and read more advanced ways to get penny likes.

They should also be used to get more likes only if you are convinced that doing so will win you loyal people and buyers. People who love you for the personality you portray online.

Check this video of Derek Halpern where he talked about Targeted Advertising on Facebook and AdWords.


You can have fans running into hundreds or thousands. Or even hundreds of thousands.

You can buy all the fake likes you want if you need to swell up the numbers on your Facebook fan box.

But keep in mind that paid likes are NOT going to buy you any engagement.

Don’t go out of your way t o create an impression and woo people who might not be interested in you or your brand later. Choose quality over quantity.

Focus on keeping the natural fans happy, so that you don’t lose them.

This can be done if you:

  • Share brand related contests from time to time
  • Share unique and interesting information
  • Ask questions
  • Invite polls
  • Encourage readers to press the “Share” button
  • Synchronize your offline and online efforts

If you think it is too much to ask for, try hiring a social media management expert. Such experts can make all the difference to your online marketing campaign and help you win loyal visitors who will add to your net worth instead of adding on numbers which will bring down your EdgeRank and pull you down the News Feed.

Now that you know how to get more free Facebook Likes, try the genuine methods instead of the illegal ones and see your Fan following swelling up in no time at all.

Please share your views and opinions on the topic by leaving behind your valuable comments!

Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

This article is written by Ambika Choudhary Mahajan. She is the founder of My Magic Mix, a blog where you will find a refreshingly delicious chutzpah of information on a variety of topics. From Tattoos to Technology. Health & Beauty to Social Media and much more.

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  1. Hi Ambika,
    Thanks for putting all the ways to increase the page reach, today everyone is struggling for it from big brands to individual. And when it comes to Fake likes, recently Facebook announced to block the fake likes, so if anyone purchased likes from someone then you might see a reduction in your page likes. And Facebook also won $2 Billion from suing spammers who provides thousands of likes for a fee.

    Source: FacebookFever.Com

  2. Hi Ambika,
    The post is informative indeed. All the 7 points are quite enough for anyone to work on. There are might few points from which I was completely unaware, thanks for updating me. The post is very helpful for the newbies.

  3. Hi,
    Nice post Ambika. I think building relationships is the main key to get more likes both in fb and also in real life. Relationship blogging became the hot topic these days. Some of my fb friends get atleast 500 likes for every pic they post, that too in hours. That is because of the online and off-line relationship they maintain. Reciprocity works very much today. If we like other’s page, they will like back ours usually.
    Awesome post indeed.
    Kulwant sir, this is a visit after a long time. Thank you so much for accepting this unique post.

  4. I have been struggling to get visitors from the facebook. As of now things seems to be changing, all owing to your information. Thank you very much 🙂 😀

  5. Hi Ambika, nice information.

    Probably many infact most of the people using Facebook have pages and so they want to know the secret of increasing page reach as its the soul of a Facebook page. Your tips were amazing and I am going to test on pages as well.

    Thanks for this effort, keep writing 🙂

  6. Hi Ambika,

    Now a day Facebook has become one of the main factor when planning your web marketing and branding. Without Facebook, this process is incomplete. Its really important how we plan our social marketing strategy.

  7. You really save me from buying Fake Facebook likes. But there is a chance to get more likes for page with higher number of Facebook followers than Facebook page with ‘Zero followers’

  8. Awesome and attractive compelling content talking directly to your customers or fans is one of the best tips. Also create interest lists like user curated topics. Post your content directly on your page and also share posts from other relevant pages.

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