Excellent Productivity Tips Which Can Make You A Better Blogger

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As a blogger, the combination of Frequency and Quality does matter a lot. And in order to become more productive on your actions, you have to go through many hurdles of challenges.

I'm happy to be back on Blogging Cage after a long time and this time, I'm rolling some methods you can use to increase your productivity as a blogger. I hope this one will be worth your time.

So, let's roll up your sleeves and get ready to be more productive.

Try to Focus.

You can't hit the right button if you're drunk and your hands are not on the right mood. You need to be focused and determined to hit the right spot of your goal. When you improve your focus, it helps you to become better on what you do. You need to avoid distractions and be prepared before you take a leap to achieve a goal.

Try writing down all the things that were and weren't working during your last session of try on a goal before you again go for it. You'll need to anticipate your needs before setting off for your goal or your mind will diverge away if your body wants to do something other than work.

Avoid Multitasking – You're not a Robot!

You can't do multiple things at time by delivering your maximum quality at both ends. Every time you do something, you have to come up with your maximum results. Make each of your actions COUNT. Multitasking has a negative impact on memory and IQ, thus making it harder for you to observe and learn new things.

This will result in producing junk outputs and sometimes it even causes accidents. So, try to keep your eyes on ONE thing at a time. Don't be a one who opens 3 to 5 tabs at a time and frequently clicks em' a

Kick away your Social Networking Addiction.

You got enough of Social circles around you no matter what you're gonna say to me.  You can't argue me on that. Well, Social Networks are not a bad thing. But they can be – most of the time.

It must be used in a right and beneficial way and you have to learn how to tame it. Don't let the Social networks tame you. I know it'll be a little tough for you at first. But you gotta try kicking away your habit of sitting all day streaming across Facebook and tweeting like a mad bird.

That's simply more time, more concentration and more productivity for you.

Write more Often.

Writing is something you are bound to do all the time as a blogger. And if that's a serious thing to you, you'll be already having a habit of writing more often. And if you're not having the habit of writing more when you DOES take it as a serious one, you are probably being hit by the writer's block.

That's one damn curse we bloggers get at least once or probably most of the time. So, trying to break the block? Read my guest post on Hell Bound Bloggers on the Best Ways to overcome Writers Block. If you try to write more often, that'll help you to improve you writing speed – making you cut time into half, you'll gradually improve a skill in writing, you'll not get hit by Writers block again and you'll get more fascinating results in the end. So, write more often.

Read more often.

How are you gonna stay updated to your niche flashes if you are not having a solid source? Reading is the best and most effective way to keep in touch with your industry and gets you self-educated all the way. I'm having a list of 20 blogs from which I try to read one post a day.

Try making yours too.

Bookmark blogs you feel that might help you with your problems and which are having interesting articles. Then build a habit of reading from them all the time.

Over to you!

Hi there! I hope you ain't asleep after reading this boring article and I hope you made it worth a while. Good luck. Now start working. Don't forget to ask me if you got any questions.

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Amal Rafeeq

Amal Rafeeq is a digital marketer and blogger who is specialized on SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization.

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28 thoughts on “Excellent Productivity Tips Which Can Make You A Better Blogger”

  1. There are the awesome tips which are going to help me. Facebook addiction and multitasking are the thing which can harm my blogging career, But after reading this article, I’ll sure maintain both thing. Thanks for sharing the awesome article.

    • Hi Yaqoob,
      Try hitting the close button next time when you feel you are on Facebook for a long time.
      Good luck. Glad I helped 🙂

  2. Very well said Amal. What you describe over here are belongs to every blogger who not use the things as a productivity and sometime I also got engage with other things on social media while doing some productivity.

    @Kulwant, I must say you manage this blog very well. Glad to know that you are from India who doing such great thing. Keep up the good work.

  3. I love to read and I do it alot, however I’m addictive to facebook and I dnt write that often 🙁

  4. First of all this is not a boring article brother.
    This is really an awesome article, we have to read more rather than writing.
    Most of people are addicted to Facebook so we should complete out task first then go for these social media sites.
    Thanks brother

  5. Thanks Amaal rafeeq I believe that it really need Time and effort to be a good Blogger.. In free time we need to read and read more to get an idea on what to write to and to inspired us by other readers.

  6. Hey Amal, as your title says excellent productivity tips, this post is really excellent and very helpful. Thanks dude for sharing this helpful article.

  7. Nice Post.. Now, I am reading more and more posts and trying the learn all the things which can destroy my upcoming Blogging Career. Thanks for the post.


    Sameer Sumdarshi

  8. Nice Article. Article was really informative. Awesome tips which are going to help me a lot in my Blogging. And yes Facebook addiction is harm for my blogging career,

    Thanks sharing this helpful article.

  9. When you will have ideas like this in your every blog post then you will feel how your blogging effort is giving more benefits than earlier.

  10. Hey Amal,

    Great tips, I agree.

    The reading part comes naturally for me because I definitely read a lot of blog posts and boy do I learn a lot. Of course I do a lot of commenting on top of that as well so I classify that as my writing. lol…

    I am not on social media all day long. As a matter of fact I only pop in a few times a day and other then that I’m getting things done. People will oftentimes ask me how I can get so much accomplished but I’m not on Facebook all day or Twitter for that matter. I love those sites don’t get me wrong and it would be fun to be able to just play all day but then you’d never get anything accomplished would you.

    I use to multi-task a lot when I was in corporate America but I think once I came online it’s best I concentrate on the task at hand.

    Thanks for these tips and they do work.


    • Hi there Adrienne,
      I’m glad to see you over here. You sure have came a long way in Blogging.
      Thanks for sharing your experience. And I’m happy that I could help you.


  11. Great tips.. surely brings good results by implementing these. I spend quality time on social networking to promote by business and I love reading and writing blogs !!

    • Hi there Stephey,
      Good luck making use of them. I’m glad I could help you.


  12. So Amal is here again with an awesome article !!!
    Multitasking and the Social Addictions are the main reason to make your work less productive. But Some time you require to be more active in social media than the blog.

    I agree with all your points you have mentioned in this article.

    cheers !!!

    • Hi Revi,
      Thanks for that.
      Yeah, you’re right. SOMETIME Social Media is an advantage and we’re talking about the other time when we gotta produce more sparkling ideas. And for that, you should get rid of those things for sure.

      Hope you got me. Thanks.

  13. Excellent tips. I’m struggling to start my new blog and these pieces of advice are very helpful. I’m trying to be more productive in my blogging career but there are always some things that seem to undermine my efforts.

    I need to be more disciplined and focused in my blogging efforts. Things such as minimizing Facebook visits or surfing the online forums.

    • Hi Luis,
      It’ll be little hard for everyone to get rid of all those negative forces that shields you from producing more. But you’ll get over with it in time.
      Good luck. I’m glad to hear that I’ve helped you!

  14. Really great tips Amal
    Thanks a lot for this productivity tips
    I am a newbie in blogging and want be a professional
    This tips really help me a lot

    • Hi Sourya,
      You’re welcome. Just kick away the feeling that you’re a Newbie and try things way beyond what you do NOW.
      Good luck!

  15. I am agree, Hey, as your title says excellent productivity tips, this post is really excellent and very helpful. Thanks dude for sharing this helpful article.Kick away your Social Networking Addiction. keep Sharing.

  16. Hi Amal,
    If we need to get more out of less input, we need to increase our productivity. Every one wants to increase his productivity and you have provided really nice tips to do so. Thank you for sharing this post.

  17. Don’t let the Social networks tame you… i like this line.
    Hey amal, this is a very good and informative post and i think a lot of bloggers will learn from it.

  18. Hi,

    Addiction to Social Media is the right point to talk here for not being productive. Yes many bloggers spend time online than others. And also social media has been one of the major marketing platform for them. But instead of promoting, we do keep ckecking others post and commenting on status and photos. If we come out of our addictiveness in Social Media, we will have lots of time to spend for blogging and building it up into a business brand.

  19. Awesome tips Amal as Always and really these are the most genuine ways which each and every blogger must follow once again Thanks bro and Keep Blogging 🙂

  20. nice article I learn many new things and much like your kick away social networking point. Its very helpful with me thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks, the multitasking part socked me! I use to do it a lot.
    I’ll try to avoid it from now.
    Thank you!

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