7 Things You Must Learn To Drive Steady Traffic On New Blog

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Most people will agree that driving traffic to their blog is the most difficult and the most time-consuming thing to do in their blogging business.

But, it's necessary to have traffic, because without it, you won't be able to make money.

So, it's a tough challenge for many bloggers to drive traffic to their blog, especially if their blog is still new. If you think about building a high traffic blog from scratch, you need to know how to keep your traffic coming.

Here are 7 things your new blog needs to have to keep the traffic coming:

1. Steady Amount of Content Published On Your Blog

The main blunder that most new bloggers make is that they don't update their blog often, while in reality, they need to do it as often as possible since their blog is still new.

The only thing that your new blog needs at the first stage of growth is fresh content update.

And remember, it has to be steady.

If you don't want to lose your readers at the start, you have to establish strong content resource within your blog. You have to work more to produce lots of content for your blog in the first six months of your blogging career.

2. Steady Amount of Guest Post Published On Other Blogs

You also need to spread around your content to various other blogs as well, aside from publishing it on your own blog.

Yes, you need to regularly and continuously write guest post for other relevant blogs on your niche, and of course, you have to do it often as well.

The most important thing that you have to remember is that you need to avoid writing guest post for the same blog each and every day. You have to find different blogs to write your guest post because it will help you much in attaining higher search engine ranking.

3. The Pillar Content

The pillar content is the main content that you need to write for your blog.

It's the main ideas that people need to read if they want to keep visiting your blog. It's the most important content on your blog.

That's why it's called the pillar content.

Your blog needs this type of content because it will establish your main idea before you expand it into various blog posts, and it will also help you to establish your blog's brand and credibility.

And you should promote this pillar content often and encourage your first time visitors to read this content first before they decide to follow your blog.

4. Solid and Continuous Promotion Plan

Your new blog needs solid and continuous promotion plan in order to keep the traffic coming. Solid plan alone is not good enough. With solid plan, you can drive traffic for once, but you won't be able to keep it without executing the plan continuously.

So, it's important for you to create a simple plan for creating a solid and continuous promotion strategy for your blog, in which you will follow faithfully. List what you need to do each and every day to spread the word about your blog and make people come to it again and again.


5. A Mailing List System

Without a mailing list system, your blog is not perfect enough.

If you want to achieve success with your blog, a mailing list system is required.

It's the place where you let people to subscribe to your blog's mailing list and get further information about your blog via their email inbox. Email marketing is an important blog promotion method because it will help you to talk directly with your audience.

You can encourage them to come again to your blog as well as promote your product to them.

6. Social Media Pages

Your blog also needs to have its own worthy existence in social media. The social media platform that you are going to use is up to you, but you have to make sure that you can reach your audience effectively with that social media platform.

You need to at least have an account in some main social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It will help you to reach wider audience and communicate with them more effectively.

Your social media accounts will also be used to spread the buzz about your blog and initiate viral marketing campaign to drive more traffic to your blog.

7. Uniqueness

The last thing that your new blog needs in order to be able to keep the traffic coming is uniqueness.

Don't try to copy other people's blog.

Your unique selling point is important here, considering that there are millions of blogs floating around the internet nowadays. You want to establish your own personality in your blog, and you want to stand out from the crowd.

You want your audience to recognize your blog, its different and unique style, and be happy with it. By creating uniqueness and retaining it, you will be able to drive more traffic to your blog. People will genuinely like your blog because they know that you are offering something different to them.

So, if you have a new blog, those are the things that your blog needs to have if you want to keep the traffic coming.

Anil Valvi

Anil Valvi is a Digital Marketing Consultant. He is help customer to improve their online business, traffic, sales and ranking position. Reach @anilbvalvi to discuss more about all my marketing stuffs.

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25 thoughts on “7 Things You Must Learn To Drive Steady Traffic On New Blog”

  1. Hi Anil,

    You’ve contributed a nice gift for the bloggers. Yeah, am agreeing all your points to drive steady traffic to a blog. Out of all, consistency and pillar content are most important to be followed by bloggers. Due to my time constraints, I’m not taking care of email marketing and subscribers. I know it is a great mistake, will correct it soon.

    All points are explained well and written neatly. Thanks for the nice share 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback. It would be great for me at that time once you’ll start work on correct your mistake.

  2. Hey Anil,
    Traffic is the most important thing we need to succeed, after content of course. You rightly said it – it’s hard to get traffic that converts

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful tips

  3. Hey Anil,

    Nice to see you here! I must say, it’s (indeed) an awesome post!

    Every blogger wants traffic no-matter which-ever way. Though top-notch authority have been getting quality and top-notch traffic in a more consistent way, new blogs have a traffic graph which is rather not consistent.

    A professional’s graph would look plain-and-simple flat but at the top. Where as, a newbie’s graph would be much like a mountain range, with hills and valleys i.e. less consistency over the former.

    No blogger would ever want in-consistent traffic, all of them would always want a safe and consistent traffic. Thanks for these valuable tips, I hope to execute these in my blogging strategy.


    • Hello Sid, you’re very right that a newbie’s graph would like a mountain range. And here the most important thing is that a newbie has to make sure he doesn’t get demotivated because of this and continues his efforts.
      Good content is must. In fact, a newbie should consider writing 10-15 posts without starting promotion or even expecting traffic for if you manage to bring traffic to your blog and then you don’t have much content for them to spend their time on your blog.. you would just lose the reader forever. You need to make sure that anyone who comes to your blog has plenty of option for reading.

    • Sid, Thanks for the great words. I am more than happy and inspire me once you will start to execute the strategy.

  4. Hi Anil,
    These are very useful tips. You are totally correct about using Guest posting to bring in more traffic, but also to get your name out there and build credibility in your niche.

  5. Great article Anil, these are really useful tips. Guest blogging might not actually work if you are working on a micro niche sites as you don’t want to grow a brand out of those

  6. I totally agree with you bro. Posting quality contents frequently is one of the key ways to drive rappid traffic to a new blog. Guest posting is another way of gaining exposure to new readers. Thanks for sharing these with us! 😀

  7. Hi Anil,
    Nice Article, newbies are always confused with the methods and ways which they should use for their blog to generate the traffic.
    You have very well pointed all the points in simple and a short article which can help the bloggers who just started.


  8. Hi Anvil,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I had just started my new blog and have been getting some decent traffic, but the problem was that it was inconsistent. Once there was 600 visits then suddenly the next day it dropped to 100 then next day 200. I was extremely confused what to do.

    I knew getting constant at one’s blog is essential, but didn’t knew one has to consistently guest post on other’s websites too.


  9. Nice points to be noted to get steady amount of traffic to the website, but more importantly make sure to have a good and reliable server, when the is a traffic spike most of the servers cannot with stand the load and I am sure you have also faced this issue before.

    • Yeah Mohammed, I faced the issue when I was on HostGator. My server went down when I started getting 15k+ traffic on my blog, so I shifted it on KnownHost VPS.

  10. Hello Anil,

    First of all thanks for bringing the light on wonderful and yet popular strategies for traffic increase.

    Uniqueness is always preferred first to get more traffic and loyal readers.

  11. Sure fire tips I must say. Social media is indeed a perfect practice or strategy for driving steady traffic and I believe all the tips are of course best way to drive more traffic.


  12. yes of course social media is growing day by day and bloggers are very keen to benefit them..also uniqueness is one of the most important step that will promote your content…by the way marvelous post

  13. Yes all these tips are really necessary to get traffic to blog but in addition to it there should also be some good high quality link building strategy and social flare shares.

  14. Thanks for sharing nice information. Is the content length also important while posting topic?

    I see lot of blogs comes up with a particular topic and ends in 2 to 3 paragraphs. How does google search finds a worthy content?

  15. These days new blogger gets hard to drive traffic. All you need to quality posts on your blog. Visitors will come regularly on your if they find helpful posts. Thanks

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