5 Biggest Disadvantages of Working From Home

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Working from home: a dream of everyone.

We all want a simple and easy life where there is no boss, no headache, no project deadlines, no late night duties and no time constraint.

We are moving towards a new trend where people are adopting blogging or work from home as the first priority to make their life simpler and be their own boss. A life where we can do our business by sitting in any part of the world…. a business which is not any country-specific… a business where we are our own boss…

I started this blogging business 2 years back, and things were looking very easy when I started. As I  started moving ahead and tried various methods to make money online, things started revealing.

Things which were looking theoretically too much easy took too much time to execute practically.

Here I am going to make you aware of few of the disadvantages which we as a work-from-home guy/girl face.

Note: My intention here is not to demotivate you or make you feel lower if you are doing any home-based business. My 100% intention here is to make you realize a few of the things which we as a blogger are facing.

1. We Become Health Unconscious

This is the very first disadvantage of working from home. We become so much busy in making money online or in other words, we can say dedication for work, and we forget about our health.

We start spending more time in front of the computer, and after a few months we become accustomed to adopting this daily routine.

We become so busy that most of the times we forget about our health priorities.

Same happened to me when I started my business 2 years back. I was too much busy with my projects, so I stopped taking care of my health. I was so busy in making my blog successful that I was not even aware of my health.

I checked my weight around 6 months back, and my mouth was wide open when I saw that reading meter.

52 KG.


Only 52 KG?

That day I realized that I am losing something big in my life.

Something very big.

In the race of making more money online, I am losing myself.

This happens with all of us.

Either we start getting more weight or start losing it… Having cervical pain issue is also becoming very popular these days, and I am seeing many bloggers on social media sites talking about such issues.

2. We Become Addicted to Social Sites

We all are addicted to use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and few other social sites to get in touch with our family members and friends.

Where one side these platforms are connecting people across the boundaries, on the other side they are disconnecting us from real friends. I have seen people who are more worried about their Facebook friends as compared to their real friends.

So we are just making us more occupied on social media sites.

3. Distraction

All work from home people has something in common.

Common habit to work in the same room where our family is staying. We avoid making office because it needs time and too much extra care.

So when you are working from home then we see lots of distractions.. it might be your parents assigning any duty to you, guest coming at your home, friends calling you to have fun or it might be your children who keep asking for your help.

4. Too Much Workload

We are our own boss….

So we are responsible for taking care of everything.

When I was in a job, I found that despite working regular 9 to 5 job I was spending 10-12 hours in my company and still our project manager was not satisfied with our dedication.

I decided to quit my job and started working on my blogs.

But what?

Now I was spending 15-16 hours in a day to build my blogs. I was so much occupied in my blog's maintenance that I found myself buried under the pile of work.

So we as a blogger are facing this problem as we are doing too many activities online and managing all together at yourself.

5. Isolation From Society

I hate this.

In 90% of the cases, bloggers isolate themselves from society and start spending most of their time in front of an idiot box called computer/laptop.

We might be spending this time in reading other blogs and to learn more about blogging or building our own blogs, but at the end, we are making yourself more busy to learn new things and grow our websites.

Final Words

These are few of the personal feeling that forced me thought about the disadvantages of working from home. After analyzing my life very carefully, I was able to figure out them and started taking care of these small activities and now working on them to make my life much better.

If you can help me to find another disadvantage then I would like to have a look on them and then work on them to convert into advantages.

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Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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56 thoughts on “5 Biggest Disadvantages of Working From Home”

  1. 100% agree with all those points. I feel that I am lacking something, not going out is reducing my ability to talk to people. and I hesitate to talk to new people directly. On PC it doesn’t matter who is.

    • Aatif, exactly same was happening with me when I was spending more time on internet. Even I found that I was getting very nervous when I was talking with people offline, where there was no problem talking with people online.

      To get rid of this nervousness I joined one institute nearby at home and started taking classes.. Soon after few days I saw huge improvement in myself.

      So if you are feeling like this then start going to public places and spend more time there.

  2. Nice article, It’s easy to overcome these disadvantages without quiting “work from home” and one should adopt.
    Just like you go to office at the morning and have 8 hours, same schedule it for working from home, “I usually give 8 hours”, thinking to give no more than 6 hours.
    Health: It won’t if above is applied.

  3. Hiii Kulwant,
    At first thanks a lot for sharing this reality of “working from home”.

    I felt that when we work from home first thing which we break that is general human routine of work, sometimes we work till 3 AM and sometimes we sleep in day when other people like to play, talk or walk etc.

    Simply we can say – Work from home is not so much fruitful if we can’t feel enjoying, healthy and connected with real life people (offline) in our daily routine.
    thanks Bro for this amazing share 🙂

  4. Very nice article. I also work from home from last 6 month. I am making enough money. But what I realize that I spend my all time in-front of my PC. There is no social life. Sometimes it seems that we are destroying our social life. We must have an offline(permanent job). In last six month I am making money but did not meet meeting new person even not able to give my time to my old person as well.

  5. 100% right i agree with you. I like this awesome. Each and every point of this article is depicting my condition. There are a lot of problems of working at home.

    Thanks for sharing such nice and fabulous post.

  6. I agree with number 1 about the health, mostly bloggers could not sleep because they want their blog to be more popular,And as a blogger I observe my self to do the hard work for my blog so that it should be generate a money, because as a blogger our mind is on the top of money,and we forgot to eat lunch and dinner due to this reason mentioned above. Anyways thanks bro for sharing this experience I though that I only experience this kind of situation..Cheers.. 🙂

  7. Hello@Kulwant, It is a good move that you have joined clickbazar.com(new delhi), to share your experience and knowledge to others. It will helps you a lot in your near future specially in your wedding. It makes you not an introvert person but a person who can share his view offline also.Good move Bro. Best of luck from my self.

    • Thanks a lot, Vikas. I am laughing after reading my marriage point.. 🙂

      Yeah, for sure this move will help me to widen my horizon and I will do much greater things in near future.

  8. Yes, Kulwant bro the point here isolation from society is much practical than others I am the person who was like a political and socialized nature after choosing Internet marketing specially blogging , it is very hard to find time for society..

  9. Well I can’t say that working from home isn’t a good thing as many have generated millions just from their mom basement yeah but socially they are like …

    Thats why even I am planning to get a office space in cannought palace & even joining Gold gym 🙂 but in my case I want to reduce weight and gain muscles. I was 78 when I started working and could run 30 mins continuously and now weight is a bit high and 10 mins is the max.

    So you are absolutely correct that being social is IMP and office, gyms, pubs are very important and you can even get some clients from these meetups.

    • Jatin, glad to hear that you shared your personal story with us. Again glad you are aware about your issues and looking forward to resolve them.

      Best wishes. 🙂

  10. I fully agreed to you. Actually during blogging we don’t take care about anything what is happening outside society and even our body. I’m feeling such an Idiot as I used to work on my blog for atleast 8 hours a day facing towards the computer. Now I realizes that along-with money our health is also very important.
    Thanks for such a nice information.

    • Nitin, it’s very true that we got so busy in building our blog that most of the times we forget our daily routine. Getting disconnected from the society is one of the biggest problem we all bloggers are facing.

      Hope this article will help people to reflect on their life. 🙂

  11. When someone is working from home, there is no regular working for him. Sometimes he goes for some household works and work gets interrupted, resulting in poor work performance.

  12. All I can say is Kulwant Bro is to take care of your health and don’t get too much deep into the computers.
    a 1 hour morning walk can cure many of your problems 😉

  13. Hi Kulwant,

    Great Post. Your list of disadvantages is great. We get sticky in this modernize lifestyle of blogging with our computer and forgot the whole world. The most important thing that is our health an we neglect it to earn few more bux. That is not a good sign.
    Thank you for your most important pain pints for the bloggers to work from home……. 🙂

  14. There might be many disadvantages of working from home but one and most important is your health. You will become lazy, obese, high cholesterol, damage to eyes and more.

  15. problem is not in blogging or work at home, problem in our planning, if we start blogging with a plan then i am sure we as a bloggers will not face any of these mentioned problems. Am i right Kulwant ?

    • Very true Rakesh. It’s all about management.. If you can manage blogging + job/study smartly then there is no issue.

  16. This is exactly happened with All the Bloggers who are working from their Home. Every coin has two sides. Every thing has advantages and disadvantages.
    But with Proper planning we can get rid of it.

  17. Thanks for another great article about the disadvantages of works from home. Well,I love your article writing style, there you are using a lot of different words that always running out of my mind. so that, I always open Google translate in other tab, to check meaning of some of words which i never used while writing articles on my blogs… 😀 😛

  18. That’s true, just noticed these facts after reading this article, I will take care of this in future. Thanks for sharing this article.

  19. Hello, Yes, I absolutely agree all your points, interruption from kids, guest and house work are the biggest problems for women’s working from home, but nothing can be done as these are our first priorities.. anywys, nice share!

  20. Well, its a nice article and I can relate to almost every points 🙂

    You lost the weight and i gained, I gained around 20 kilos and lost the flat body, then I realize the I need to get my ass up from the chair 😀

    And I can’t start on addiction, I keep checking for new stories on FB 😀

  21. Really touching article bro. It feels good that someone else feels the same way as me! I too try not to spend too much time in front of my computer! Thanks for this article!

  22. Nice Article Sir, My Family doesn’t Support me for Blogging, Any Solutions to Convince them. I want to Do Blogging but My Family do not Allow me to do Blogging.

    • Nitin, this article will help you https://www.bloggingcage.com/how-to-convince-your-parents-to-allow-you-for-blogging/

  23. Excellent article kulwant bro… almost all blogger’s working from home experience these things especially health unconscious and getting addicted to social sites… when I started blogging from home I was 60 Kg and 2 months back me and a friend of mine started blogging from a place away from home… and I gained 18 Kg weight while blogging from home.. And that time i use to write 1-2 posts daily and spend a lots of time of FB but now I write around 10-12 daily for my few blogs as well as for clients and me and my partner also workout together and I am 73 kg now from 78 in just 2 months of shifting from home to office..

    • Rahul, there are always 2 aspects of everything. One side you get benefits where other side you lose few things. You must be happy as you are doing something which is giving you happiness and you are enjoying it from your heart.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us and being interactive here.

  24. I just can’t agree with you more on this. Spending more time social media is really a big headache for some of us so to prevent this; I have moved from having a smart phone to an ‘unsmart’ phone where I wouldn’t be having access to Facebook or Twitter when I am not infront of my laptop.

    • Emmanuel, you might be getting damn good productivity now… is it?

      Please share your views or write an article about how you increased your productivity after quitting social media.

  25. Hi Kulwant,

    You are 100% correct. This was the same issues I was facing while I was doing full time blogging.

    Just for a change I left the full time Internet marketing and doing it part time now! !

  26. What would you say about me Kulwant Bro.. I gained 22kg more while working on home 😀 hahaha I gained weight. Before I started working I was like 69 to 72. and now hehehe 🙂
    Good article. I am planning to make my own office too. Good job. Nice article.

  27. H! Kulwant,
    Very interesting article, I’m addicted of your second point :d
    I always try to ignore social media like Facebook and Twitter but believe me it’s not possible leave specially Facebook.

    Anyways very interesting article, Thanks for sharing.


    • Ditch the social media for just 2 days and see your productivity. I would love to read your reply after quitting them for just 2 days. 🙂

  28. Hi Kulwant Nagi I Fully agree but funny thing is u have lose weight but may self I gained weight from 75 kg to 95 Kg. Thats was a Nice article..

  29. Very True… Social Exposure is needed where you meet people, that is the essential part of life we are missing. And Health is yet another Huge factor, immunity decreases as we just keep seating in he same spot for hours and hours

    • Kaxil, blogging is both good and bad. If you want to make your life much better while doing blogging, you will have to balance too many things.

  30. Yes, I understand your feelings as a blogger we sacrifice many things. We avoid few many things since we have few articles to write or we will be having some maintenance.

    Multitasking is really tough for us. We should be able to manage our life and also our blogs then only things can be done. I completely agree with you Kulwant.

    • Sampath, blogging was always a fun when I started 3 years back. I was putting maximum of my time to build my sites and got huge success as well. But to taste the success I had to compromise too many things, which ultimately came forward after spending 2 years.

      I hope you are going to work on the things which I mentioned in the article.

  31. Working from home is certainly not what I would want and that’s because of the disadvantages you mentioned. You are right at every point in this post. Health, addiction to social sites, distractions, overload of work and being unsocial does happen to people that work from home.
    But all of this can be prevented if we take proper care. Working from home is a bliss, only if we are ready to make it like that. We need discipline while working from home. In office, we have our seniors that compel us to work and deliver results. We cannot just spend our time using facebook and stuff. We work for limited amount of time and also, once we are back from office we start looking for company – real friends, family etc.
    But all of this can be done while working from home as well. Only thing that’s required is, as I said, SELF -DISCIPLINE.

    • Manpreet, even I am at a stage where I no longer want to work from home, because life is so monotonous here.

      I have taken proper actions against each of them and living a balanced life now. But working from home will always make you feel alone and you would always be willing to go outside and hangout with your friends.

      Only your own motivation can help you to reap more benefits while working from home.

  32. Hello,

    I am also Facebook addicted. That’s really true, we are spending too much time on social sites. I use Facebook beside my work. Thanks for covering all the real facts about bloggers and freelancers life.

    Gagan Masoun

    • Facebook is seriously killing the young generation. I hope you are going to quit it soon to be more productive.

  33. Is there any reason why you have named your website ‘cage’.
    just joking 🙂

    Also just imagine the plight of people who have a real job and blog too. Double to effort. and all the problems listed by you to go alongwith.

    • I was looking for a creative name but after digging deep I couldn’t find any. Soon the word ‘CAGE’ blinked in my mind and I searched for “BloggingCage.”

      Luckily this was available so I grabbed it.. No other story behind this name. 🙂

      • It is so difficult to get a good domain name with .com
        I was looking for one for my tech blog. Finally had to pick up first two letters of ‘something on everything’ to form soonev which was available.
        Next I was looking for a name for my blog directory. There I could think about a creative name. Choose snapmylink.com and it was available. I was lucky.
        bloggingcage is also a good name. Has a very high recall value. Also would be very easy to show up in search results.

  34. Well I wouldn’t call my PC a idiot box. Agree with other point. In my case I am gaining excess weight and not loosing it.

    Good read.

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