Top 10 Digital Marketing Podcasts to Learn from the Experts

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Digitization has drastically transformed the world around us. It is sweeping businesses, organizations, and people off their feet. Take a look around you. You will barely find a person that is not on any social media platform.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or any other channel, people are eager to put themselves out there and connect with each other.

The same applies to businesses across the globe. Withbillions of people out there are on social media channels, brands are eager toreach out to them. They want to get noticed and stay in the user’s mind.

That’s where digital marketing comes into play. As acustomer, you can’t go without spotting a brand as you lurk around on theInternet. Meanwhile, the brands can’t go without engaging with the customer andgetting noticed.

The point is that it is a two-way process and as muchas brands love to market their products, customers love to see them. Moreover,with relevant advertising on social media platforms, brands help customers findthe right product, they’ve been looking for.

Digital marketing is thus, a win-win or bothcustomers and brands. It is a prospering field that combines with cutting edgetechnology to miraculously transform a business.

Statistics suggest that 81percent of the markets found thatinvestment in digital marketing increased traffic in as little as six hours perweek.

So, if you’re interested in learning some amazing tricks that can help a brand grow digitally, you don’t need to worry. Neither do you have to refer to a lot of books nor attend lengthy lectures? Podcasts are in!

Podcasts are one of the coolest things of the modernera. Those who are used to it know that it is an episodic series of audio filesthat a user can download on their smartphones and listen as and when they want.

The word Podcast gains its creative name from twoseparate words ‘pod’ and ‘broadcasts’. Pod refers to iPods or other portabledevices, giving the impression that you can listen to it anywhere you go.

On the other hand, broadcasts are mostly inspired bythe way radio mediums impart information to a mass audience. Therefore,podcasts can be assumed to be consumed in exactly the same manner.

Generally, all podcasts are conversational ones,between a host and a guest speaker. They are similar to radio talk shows etc.Similarly, podcasts can also be monologues where a person shares their thoughtsor expertise regarding a subject.

Even though a lot of people have heard about them,very few know that podcasts can actually make you smarter. They are one of themost popular tools out there that are used for learning and promote personalgrowth.

Podcasts are witnessing a surge in popularity all over the world. In the US alone more than 112 million people listen to some of the popular on-demand radio. But, they are not just limited to fun shows. With digital marketing becoming one of the best career tracks, podcasts are one of the best sources to get started.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn the basicsof digital marketing, sharpening your concepts for an interview or aprofessional marketer looking forward to enhancing your knowledge in the field.Podcasts are for everyone!

Looking for Podcasts

But when you’re just starting to listen to podcasts,it’s important to know where to start looking. Once you know, listening topodcasts becomes easier than ever. It’s just like listening to your favoritetracks, the difference is the knowledge that you gain from it.

Especially, with the change in trends these days,podcasts are becoming an instant hit among people. The best part is that youcan listen to them on the go. Be it your computer, desktop, Android device,iPod, tablet, mp3 player or any other device. You can listen to podcastsanywhere anytime.

For those familiar with modern media content forms, apodcast might seem like a TV show or web series, only it’s audio. Usually,audio is divided into different seasons that follow some time sequence or subtopicsthat consist of a list of episodes as individual content pieces.

While some digital marketing podcasts are free,others can be simply availed at minimum costs. You can choose to download themto listen without an Internet connection or stream online as per your wish.

Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

Listening to podcasts can make you smarter and help you learneffortlessly. Here are some other effective ways it helps you-

#1. You Learn More

Listening to podcasts means you spend more time on learning. It might be quite difficult to catch up on a book and notes during a busy schedule, especially when you’re working. Podcasts can come in handy at that time as they are as easy as listening to music.

Even if you’re listening to podcasts for a few minutes a day, it is ultimately contributing to your learning.

#2. Saves Time

Podcasts save a significant chunk of your time. Just like music, you can listen to podcasts and do other tasks along with it.

For example, if you like to exercise, you can do so and listen to podcasts by plugging in earphones at the same time.

#3. Improve Your Listening Skills

We often keep on listening to songs even without realizing which one played. However, the scenario is different when listening to podcasts.

When you know something important is being transmitted, you tend to shift your focus on the voice. This improves your listening skills and makes you sharp as a tack.

#4. Hands-on Exclusive Content

Many organizations and digital marketing experts create dedicated content for podcasts. They are scientifically designed keeping in mind that the listener gains the maximum information through a series of audio tracks.

Therefore, you get to have the best information on the subject if you pick the right podcast.

#5. Turn Your Imagination More Vibrant

With Podcasts, your imagination becomes vibrant. As the stories andother pieces of information unfold through the audio, you can’t help butvisualize them vividly.

#6. Utilize Your Driving Time

A lot of people drive to work and back. This takes up a significant chunk of their time and leaves them with little or no capacity to learn something new.

Either you can choose to spend this time just driving and doing nothing or listen to podcasts in your car and make the most of your time. Unlike video, podcasts don’t distract you and help you focus only on the information instead of the visual effects.

Top Platforms for Podcasts

Search for podcasts on Google, and you will find a plethora of directories that host podcasts show, interviews, and other content, etc. However, you will find most of the reputed and popular podcasts on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.

Earlier iTunes used to be the go-to place for podcast lovers, but nowit’s been replaced by Apple Podcasts, so there’s nothing to lose.

Similarly, other platforms that have some of the best digitalmarketing podcasts include Stitcher, TuneIn, Spreaker, Google Play Music,Blubrry, Digital Podcasts, iPodder, Podcast Pedia among others.

However, whichever podcast you choose to listen for digital marketing, make sure they have the following qualities:

  • They must have a conversational tone and be ableto keep you engaged.
  • They must impart relevant information to the field.
  • If your podcast features guests, make sure theyare experts of the niche and not random people.
  • Good podcasts have respectful debates with themotto of informing the listener about a subject.
  • Make sure your podcasts are created by genuineand reputed organizations. Do not just hop onto any digital marketing podcastthat you may find in your directory.

Top 10 Podcasts for Digital Marketing That You Can’t Go Without Listening

No matter if you’re a clever marketer trying to optimize their time ora newbie preparing for a digital marketing interview. Podcasts will not justhelp you be a smart digital marketer but also an intelligent one.

But, we understand how difficult can it be to find the most relevant and authentic digital marketing podcast that helps you learn more without wasting your time. For this reason, we’ve gone ahead and curated a list of the top 10 podcasts that are totally worth your time:

#1. Smart Passive Income

digital marketing podcasts

PatFlynn is one of the most reputed marketers in the world. He started without anyformal degree in marketing or business and eventually learned by doing thingshimself. He is one of the 10 most transparent leaders in the business accordingto Forbes.

Hisblog ‘The Smart Passive Income’ has been around for the longest period of timegiving away information on digital marketing topics for free.  His podcast has some of the best tips ondigital marketing that comes straight from Pat’s hands-on experience inblogging and online business.

In his podcasts, you can find the truth behind his income reports, his business goals, why he chose to redesign his website along with many other secrets.

#2. Marketing School

best digital marketing podcasts

Run by yet another marketing pioneer, the Marketing School is one of the best podcasts out there. It is run by Neil Patel, the founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics and Eric Siu, founder of Growth Everywhere and Single Grain.

Bothof these marketers are already sharing a plethora of actionable topics throughthe medium of their blogs. Neil Patel even answers users' questions onplatforms like Quora. Through their years of experience in digital marketing,the authors share the best tips and tricks on their podcast Marketing School.

Thebest part is that the podcast is a daily one and only lasts for about 5minutes. Without taking much of your time, it gives you the best inside tipsand tricks of acing digital marketing.

#3. Online Marketing Made Easy

digital marketing podcast

OnlineMarketing Made Easy is a hit podcast run by Amy Porterfield. She is anentrepreneur and the co-author of Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies.Through her podcasts, she explains to the listeners the best tips and tricks ofmaking money from an online blog.

One of the best things about this podcast is that you get to learn about many topics lying in the niche of digital marketing.

Amy not just covers content but also topics such as video marketing, webinars, Facebook, Twitter, etc. She can help you turn a side business into a fulltime one with the best strategies.

#4. The Growth Show

online marketing podcast

TheGrowth Show is the ultimate podcast for business. It is available on ApplePodcasts or Stitcher. Created by Hubspot CMO Mike Volpe, the podcast is forexecutives and entrepreneurs that help them understand what it is like to growa business, an idea, a movement or a team.

Itsan altogether different experience to learn from someone’s stories, theirmistakes strategies, and tricks. The average length of an episode of the GrowthShow is about 30 minutes and it is filled with in-depth interviews that can beuseful to small business owners and learners in the field of digital marketing.

#5. Digiday Podcast

internet marketing podcast

Digidayis one of the most innovative and informative podcasts out there. Withdigitization sweeping the world off its feet, more and more businesses areturning to digital platforms every year. However, this is also causing a shiftin the market and introducing new issues such as privacy.

Theevolving role of digital publishers is rapidly transforming and is somethingthat everyone is worried about. With most of the podcasts out there tellingpeople the whats and hows of digital marketing, Digiday breaks the monotony andfocuses on larger issues of digital marketing.

#6. AskPat 2.0

best online marketing podcasts

Asthe name suggests, AskPat is another popular podcast run by Pat Flynn. Withover 1000 episodes, it is one of the longest-running digital marketing podcastsever. The first 100 episodes of AskPat took place almost daily and aimed atanswering some of the toughest digital marketing questions.

Thequestions on AskPat came directly from the readers and the followers of PatFlynn. But this was AskPat 1.0. Picking up from the 1000 episodes Pat changedthe format of the show and named it as AskPat 2.0.

Hehas now turned each episode into a dee dive coaching for entrepreneurs who wantthe answers to some of the most pressing issues holding their businesses back.

#7. Marketing Scoop by SEMrush

digital media podcast

Therelatively new podcast by SEMRush is already taking the world of digitalmarketing by storm. Marketing Scoop gives you an insight into the industry trends andnews and helps you make the most of it.

The podcast also brings new guests and fantastic case studies from some of the most reputed global brands in the industry. Not only does it help you discover actionable insights but also understand the psychological aspect of marketing.

Would you love to try SEMRush?

We have partnered with SEMRush to provide a FREE 30 days trial (worth $99) to our reader.

#8. Call to Action by Unbounce

digital marketer podcast

Callto Action is a podcast created by digital marketing experts at Unbounce. Itfeatures some of the most remarkable online success stories and lessons thatyou understand from and learn to apply to your campaigns.

Each episode is 20 minutes long and airs every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher.

In every episode, the team picks up a popular digital marketing topic like Conversion Rate Optimization, Pay per Click Marketing, A/B testing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization among others.

#9. ProBlogger Podcast

top marketing podcasts

Anotherreputed name in the niche of digital marketing, ProBloggers has its podcast ofits own for the users. It is run by Darren Rowse, who is a blogger, speaker,consultant, and founder of several blogs and blog networks including theProBlogger.

Hispodcast is a complete package surrounding digital marketing and helpingbusinesses and entrepreneurs overcome the challenges that come in their path.

The ProBlogger Podcast also features some of the most compellingstories from the world of digital marketing that can help you learn a lot aboutthe field.

#10. Copyblogger

digital marketing podcasts

Availableon the Apple Podcasts is the famous Copyblogger FM. You can tune into it everyweek and for s short and crisp broadcast that is hosted by author andleadership coach Sonia Simone.

Everyweek she brings a cast aboard who analyze and impart tips on the various topicsof digital marketing.


Now that you know a handful of digital marketing podcast, you can choose the ones that resonate the most with your learning demands and time.

For example, if you can’t devote time on a daily basis and would like to learn at a gradual pace, you can tune into weekly podcasts like Call to Action and learn the best tips and tricks.

Alternatively, you can also download the episodes ofyour favorite podcasts on your smartphone and listen to them when you can.

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