5 Checkpoints After Creating a Brand New Blog

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You created your blog.

Have already added too much content..

And doing promotion with your best efforts.

I also did the same, because no one was there who could stop me or push me. I did what we all do when we start our first blog.

Your decision to create a website was CRUCIAL for you because you always wanted to do something different. You had something in you which you wanted to express and help people all across the globe with your understanding.

So congrats for your decision.

Here we will be talking about 7 main things on your blog which will help you to make it a blog so that people can actually trust you, follow you and finally become your customers.

#1. Your Blog's Navigation

I landed on your blog with a search query “blogging tips” and reading one particular article on your blog.

I finished the article in 3 minutes and now I want to read more about blogging or SEO.

Now what will I do?

Yes.. I will check the navigation menu on your blog and see if you have any blogging/SEO category on your blog or not? If it is there, I will click on it and read few more articles.

But if it's not there, I will close your site and start reading other blogs.

Ultimately you lost one CUSTOMER, because he/she might have got more interest in your articles and become one of your loyal readers.

But now you have lost him/her.

So your navigation menu is like a blueprint of your blog, where any new visitor can scan your site and take final decision to become your READER or just a VISITOR.


Finalize your main category on the day one of your blog, and don't try to cover too many topics on a single blog. Differentiate them properly and in starting 2 months of your blogging try to write atleast one article for each category.

Because once you will add them on your blog and any visitor will click on it, he/she will not be disappointed after seeing a blank category page.

#2. Your Social Media Presence

There are more than 80% chances that your found this article via any social media site.

Try to grab all social media vanity URLS with your brand name because this will differentiate you from your competitors and people will not hesitate to like your page or follow you on twitter if your URL is exactly same as your blog's URL.

I was lucky enough to grab all the URLs for me

Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/+BloggingCage

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BloggingCage

Twitter – https://twitter.com/BloggingCage

So show your presence on your blog and place them on sidebar, footer, header (optional) so that people can trust you and follow you.


I am using this plugin on my blog to show share buttons on my blog so that people can share my articles with their friends.

#3. Optin Form

I added optin form (the one which is saying you to download my Blogging Domination Guide) after 1 year on my site.

And this ended up as biggest mistake because Google penalize my blog I lost 80% of my traffic.

If I had used it in starting days of my blogging then I would have 10,000+ subscribers now. I don't want you to make this mistake, so find a good option and add this form on your blog to get more subscribers.


I am using ConvertKit on my blog which you can join 100% FREE for first month here.. But if you don't want to pay then you can check FREE email marketing provider.

#4. Important Pages On Your Blog

Your blog is nothing without these pages.

YES.. You heard it right.. NOTHING.

These pages are:

  1. About me page
  2. Contact page
  3. Resources page
  4. Disclaimer/Privacy policy page
  5. Your Pillar page

Even I will suggest to launch your website only after adding these pages.

If you are totally newbie then I am damn sure that you know about Google AdSense only. For you this is a way which is going to help you to make money with blog.

If you are, then add Disclaimer/Privacy policy page right now on your blog. Because Google doesn't approve sites without these pages

  1. About me page: This is the second most accessed page on your blog because people actually want to see the face behind your blog. Make it awesome by writing compelling story and add your own picture to give a personal touch to your readers.
  2. Contact us page: This page can not only help your readers to reach out you but also bring business for you too. If you have a great blog then people would like to contact you (either for suggestions or for business), so this is an another must have page.
  3. Resource page: My resource page gives me more business than my posts. Yes!! Most of the people who love my blog check this page when they want to buy any digital product online. When people will start trusting you then they will check your resource page and buy products with your links.
  4. Disclaimer/Privacy policy page: Adding these pages will make your blog a trusted blog because you will explain everything about your blog here.. your earning disclaimer, your affiliate disclaimer, your link, your data etc.
  5. Pillar page: These are the supporting pages (generally very long pages) on your blog which help readers to dig more about any single topic. On the top right of my blog you can check few of my pillar pages.

Try to add as much value as you can in these pages because they are going to stay with your blog for very long run.

#5. Search Option On Your Blog

Be happy if you have placed search box on your blog, because your reader can search anything on your blog now.

Around 5 months I did re-designing for Blogging Cage and forgot to add search box on the site. Once Site went live I checked it for 15-20 minutes and then switched off my laptop for little relaxation.

As I opened my mail after 2 hours, and there were 5 mails waiting for me.. All saying, “you forgot to add search box on your blog.”

I checked it immediately and placed it on proper place.

So this is like a global navigation for your blog, where people can search anything and get what they want.

Final words

I hope you are going to take quick action if you have a new blog and missing any of the things discussed above.

This little time investment is going to increase your trust in the blogging industry and you are going to reap real fruits in near future.

Share your thoughts about this article and let me know if you are missing any of them on your blog.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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16 thoughts on “5 Checkpoints After Creating a Brand New Blog”

  1. Hello Kulwant Sir,
    These is a interesting and informative post.
    I missed a lot of things you mentioned in this post in starting of my blogging career.
    But now i’ve corrected those mistakes like privacy policy, contact us page, etc.
    Thank you for such a refreshing post.

  2. Hey Kulwant, nice article. I would like to note that Google approves Adsense for those who have already YouTube Adsense active. So its better to get approved for YouTube Adsense.
    This might be helpful for future visitors.

    Akshay Hallur.

  3. Your point of creating a pillar page or point is much important which many bloggers don’t give much importance. It actually reflects what you have to offer and what you have to sell. If a blogger succeed to impress the readers what he has to offer for free then obviously then ask what you have to sell after hugely being benefited by freebies.
    All your points are so impressive and one must follow them after creating a blog. It is very correct that after reading a cool post on a blog the second thought comes to our mind is “is there any more post like that”. Here the effective navigation works and poor navigation sends one away from your blog. We must remember it is not necessary a visitor comes second time on a blog just to read the newly shared post. He must have previous good experience of visiting your blog then he comes second time.

    • So finally I am replying this comment after exact 1 month.. 🙂

      When I heard this first time, even I was not aware about this concept.. Even I had few important pages on my blog but I was not aware that those are called pillar pages. Having a ‘hire me’ page can bring really awesome business if you have written it in perfect manner and have added persuasive elements.

      Navigation is like path to reach most complicated place.. If you will tell people in wrong way then for sure they are going to land on wrong place. When I designed my blog then the very first concern was clean design, and second a clean navigation bar. After doing too many A/B tests finally I ended up having this bar on my blog.

      A blog must capture visitor’s first time attention so that he/she can think to visit that blog again.

      I know you must have forgot about this comment, but finally I replied it.. 😉

      Would love to see your around.

  4. Very Nice and very informative post Kulwant Bro..
    This 5 tips are very helpful for new blogger to understand the basis of Blogging and SEO.
    Since more than a year in blogging, I didn’t know the Pillars Page..
    Now Making It.. 😛

    Keep It Up!!!

    • Glad to hear that you got one idea.. Keep visiting us for more relevant articles.

  5. Hi Kulwant,

    It was really nice post and it consists of many good things to do after starting a blog. But you say that your blog was penalized by Google because of that Optin Form do you know why ? And then why don’t you remove it ? I am learning please provide me an answer.

    • Here I wanted to say that I could make good number of subscriber if I had started using Optin form from the starting days. With the great number of subscribers I could make more strong relations with them.

  6. Hey Kulwant,

    Well you’ve shared some important and yet essential thing after we are done with the creating of blog. And I think social promotion plays a major role and it must be done right after the setting up of a blog.


  7. Hey Kulwant,

    Great tips for newbies,
    These all checkpoints are important mostly social media presence, SEO and blog navigation. These must help to drive traffic and create branding….:)

  8. I am newbee and I dont know hoe to add Disclaimer/Privacy policy page in my blog please help me

    • Check these links

  9. Really nice one Kulwant sir,

    I have started my new blog just today itself, and thanks a lot for providing these great tips. I now now going to create the special pages today itself. And also, i would like to ask an question – which is the best site to create a ‘privacy policy’ page. I mean which site offers the best template for creating it?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks Akshay.

      Check these links

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