5 Sites You Must Join To Kickstart Your CPA Journey

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When I did CPA training from Vipul Taneja in 2013, I didn't know where I am going to lead in next 2-3 years.

I started as this was hot in the industry (it still is) and a lot of super affiliate guys were using this income model to bank good money.

I was already making money with affiliate marketing but I wanted to make little more money (like we all do).

So I made my mind and learnt priceless stuff from Vipul.

He shared some of the kickass techniques to select offers, track them, optimize them and finally make profit with them.

In short, his course was more than worth the investment.

I learned the stuff by investing time and money and still putting a lot of efforts to make it big.

So let's talk about CPA first.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action) is a marketing model where companies pay you if you can send some people doing some actions. It can be filling a simple form, downloading a software, zip submit offer or toolbar installation.

You are sending people on a website where they are doing some free actions.

You will send the traffic with your affiliate link so that company can track your referrals, and they pay you nice amount when they get a lead.


Isn't it?

Yeah, it looks like.

But there are a lot of technicalities and basic understanding when you'll jump into CPA marketing.

So here are the sites which helped me to learn more about CPA and dig deep for more understanding.

#1. Greed Reports

I'll start with this website, because this was the first website I joined when I started my CPA journey.

This site offers some of the kick ass case studies for newbies, beginner, intermediate and advance guys which can give you a quick start. They have written about all the pitfalls, niches, landing pages, angles and many more things to make this website a perfect resource for everyone.

When I started in 2013, I struggled a lot a find right landing pages and right set of images which I could use to run Facebook ads.

You might be aware that Facebook is very muc strict about using images in the ads. So finding right images might be a daunting task for you, because once they disable your Facebook ads account, you cannot get it back.

So I decided to join this website after 2-3 months in CPA.

In just $9/month you can get access of all the landing pages, scripts, images, case studies and everything.

So you can give it a shot if you are just starting out. I put this website on top as this is just $9/month investment and returns are huge.

#2. Charles Ngo

This guy is damn awesome when we talk about CPA or affiliate marketing.

I started following him in 2013 itself and learned a lot a awesome stuff from his articles and suggestions. Charles is a super affiliate who is making 6 figure income every single month.

You must join his newsletter if you seriously want to dig deep into online marketing.

This guy us highly recommended if you are doing mobile CPA.

#3. Luke Kling

Another awesome guy who gives hell lots of information at free of cost.

I interviewed him in 2014 and asked some of very interesting questions about his journey, favorite tools, CPA suggestions, future plans and many more things. You can check his interview here.

Luke is an affiliate manager at PeerFly which is one of the top CPA network in the world.

Luke himself was elected as top affiliate manager in the world in 2013.

By joining his newsletter you can learn some of the great things about CPA, tracking your campaigns, starting ads on different networks and many other premium things at free of cost.

#4. Warrior Forum

This is one of the biggest internet marketing forums.

I joined this forum in 2012 when it was $37 for lifetime.

Pretty cheap price..

Now they have changed the price structure a little bit and charging little more money to become premium member. It's $97 per year now. 🙂

This is the price to join War Room. Otherwise you can join WarriorForum at free of cost.

They have good threads where tons of of people hangout daily.

While writing this article there were 4500+ people online just in 2 threads.


From a newbie's prospective this is the best forum you must join today.

You can learn:

  1. SEO Tips
  2. PPC Tips
  3. Email Marketing Tips
  4. Growth Hacking
  5. Social Media Tips
  6. Copywriting
  7. YouTube

and many more.

#5. Affiliate Fix

Another cool forum to learn best CPA marketing tips from the experts.

They have a free forum where you can interact with a lot of affiliate and CPA marketing guys and clear your doubts.

They offer premium service as The Dojo where you can learn some of the premium tips from big industry experts.

I have been using this forum for last 6-7 months and I am quite happy with it.

You can get some cool landing pages ideas, case studies, best offers, advertising guidelines and many more things to become a perfect CPA expert.

Final Words.

Affiliate marketing or CPA is all about doing experiments and learn what's hot in the market.

By starting ads with a perfect landing page, and on right time, you can make good money. But the point is, how to learn all the things.

So I have listed some of the best forums and sites which I am personally using to learn from the experts and implementing the same to get better results.

If you are struggling to make money with either affiliate marketing or CPA, these websites are highly recommended to read.

Start reading them today and see what other experts in the industry are doing to achieve their goals.

Your Turn

Do let me know if you are using any other forums and sites to learn from the experts. I would love to subscribe them and join such forums to widen my knowledge.

Do share you experience if you are already reading the mentioned blogs and forums and share what you have learnt from them.

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  1. At this point, I am only part of WarriorForum but since I don’t think that I will start CPA marketing any time soon, I don’t really see a point of joining these sites.

    But I want to make a request to you. Since you are already doing CPA marketing, I and all your readers will really enjoy a case study on how to find an offer, create a landing page and an ad copy and how to drive traffic to it.

    A simple case study would do and we would really appreciate it if you could post it on your site.


  2. Hello , Kulwant Nagi , okay? I wonder what plugin you are using to sign up for your newsletter ? The one that appears in blue below the post , pass me your affiliate link by email I used to do this review . Thanks in advance …

  3. Hi Kulwant Nagi,
    I got approval in peerfly recently. What i have to do next?
    Awaiting for your reply,
    Thank you.

    • Find a good vertical and stick to it until you see any success. Don’t keep jumping from one vertical to another without understanding them completely.

  4. Thanks for the CPA info. Looking forward to get some info from them.
    Have you heard about “Stack that money” affiliate marketing forums ? If yes, any reviews about them ?

    • I have heard a lot about that Forum, but I came to know that it’s more targeted for the mobile offers. As I don’t run any mobile offers right now, so no use for me.

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