8 Myths Which Are Stopping You To Continue Blogging

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I don’t think I am a good blogger. It’s been months now and I have nothing to show for it. Forget thousands, I am not even getting fifty hits a day. Don’t know how you guys do it but I am not sure if I should spend more time in blogging. I don’t think my blog will ever make it.

Read an email I received from a friend last month.

My friend was really upset. This is not the way he thought it would be.

He thought that blogging would be easy. Just write content and do some promotion; visitors would come swarming towards the blog.

But then he faced the harsh truth: SEO, Organic search, Social media, Subscribers, Conversion and so on. He tried all the tips and tricks but to no avail (because the results can only be seen in the long run). No organic traffic, no one sharing his content: blogging life felt so hard!

When the going got tough, all the motivation was lost. Doubts started creeping in: can my blog really make it? Shall I give up?

This is the TRAP most of new bloggers fall in. They give up way too easily.

Without understanding how close they were.

In this post I am going to show you how persistence can be your biggest strength and why you should not give up.


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Let me assure you that the initial few months of blogging are the hardest.  This is something that every blogger has to face: no exceptions. The established bloggers are those who dared to face the challenge and saw through the hard time.

They were persistent.

Here are the reasons why you should be persistent in your blogging adventure.

#1. Search rankings take time

One of the preconceived notions held by new bloggers is that once they produce content, traffic will start flowing in from the search engines.


It takes a while before your posts start to rank well in the search engines. No matter how much SEO you do, and how great your content is, it will take some time to get good SERPs. It is all down to domain authority, a measure of reliability and trustworthiness of your domain.

A new domain has low authority, which makes it is incredibly hard to get search engine traffic.

But it can change if you are persistent enough. As you keep on blogging, people will come to know about your blog from other sources (blog comments, blogger outreach). In course of time, you will get backlinks. Backlinks, in turn, will improve your domain authority.

Once your main domain gets “recognized as valuable” by the search engines, your pages will start to rank well. As simple as that.

For that to happen, you have to keep on blogging. You cannot get demoralized and stop blogging after few months. Once your domain gets some high quality backlinks, you can expect all your pages to rank better in the search engines.

(HINT: Try guest posting to get high quality and relevant backlinks)

Of course, there are exceptions. Even a new blog can get some organic traffic if the keywords are not competitive enough. But chances are, if your target keywords are not competitive enough, the search engine traffic volumes will also be very low.

That is why, it is not reasonable to expect search engine traffic in your early days.

#2. Users tend to trust old sites

In the initial days of a blog, user engagement is not that good. People are less likely to comment on your blog. Even if you have good content, users may not share your posts with the same enthusiasm as for some popular blogs.

If your hard work is not getting the appreciation it deserves, it can demoralize you. But don’t get disheartened.

Think for a moment.

If you were to get a lawyer, whom would you choose? A new lawyer who has just started out or a well-known lawyer with a proven track record. Obviously, most people will go for someone with a proven track record. Because his or her accomplishments give them confidence.

The same thing is happening here. It is human psychology.

But that does not mean that the new lawyer will not be successful. You need to show your quality through steady work and gradually you will gain appreciation. You just need to take the chances when you get them (READ: show your quality when an influencer promotes your blog/post)

Now the reason you need to keep on blogging is because people tend to co-relate longevity with trustworthiness. If you have a new blog with few pages of content, the “trust score” in the minds of your visitors will go down.

As you keep writing, you will have more and more content in your blog. After sometime, when a visitor reaches your blog, he will feel “okay, this guy has been around for quite some time now. He's written about so many things. He must be well aware of his field.”

Just the facts that your blog has been around for some time and has lots of content, creates a positive impression on the mind of a user. Only way to achieve this is to keep on blogging and write more and more.

#3. You need time to learn and gain experience

Blogging is much more than just writing. Professional blogging is a multifaceted job. Yes, decent writing skills are a prerequisite. But you must also know how to promote your blog. You must know how to set up your blog and manage it. You must know how search engines work and how to get organic traffic.

And the list goes on.

While it’s not rocket science, there is a considerable amount of things that you need to learn. It takes time to understand the nuances of blogging.  Most importantly, you need firsthand knowledge. As you keep on blogging, you'll gain valuable experience. You'll understand what works for your blog and what does not.

You will identify many mistakes you have been making, and then correct them. These things cannot be learnt by reading alone.

For example, when I started out a few years back, I did not do social networking at all. That was a big mistake. At that time, I still used to get some search engine traffic from Google as the algorithms were not as strict. But today, you cannot ignore social media. Another great tactic is guest posting.

But you have to learn about these things – how to actually get more followers, how to actually get a guest posting opportunity, how to convert the targeted traffic.

Bottom-line is: Rather than cultivating the thoughts of giving up, you should have a desire for learning new stuff and improving yourself. If you're not getting traffic, you should ask yourself “am I unaware of some of the techniques?” Divert your mind towards productive stuff during this harsh period. If you are not open to learning and give up too soon, then one can help you.

#4. You need time to create content

The cornerstone of blogging is good content. If you do not have something useful to share, then there is no point doing anything else.

Create incredibly useful and helpful stuff. Take your time but produce quality.

You need to create content for your blog as well as for guest posts. You also need to write content for your eBooks and freebies.

Achieving this will take time. Don’t fool yourself by creating rehashed and boring content. It will not work and only lead you to thoughts of quitting. Rather than giving up, spend your time in creating stellar content.

It always pays off.

#5. You will have an audience to speak to

I know how incredibly hard it is to keep on writing (and that too in a conversational manner), when there is no one to read your posts!

Every blogger faces this when they are starting out. It is like trying to drink through a straw, when your glass is empty!

But think about it. By the end of one year, you will surely have at least 100 subscribers (even if you do very badly). That means you would have an audience to talk to.

Real people willing to listen to you.

Kevin Kelly has explained it very beautifully in his 1000 true fans article.

Wouldn’t that make it much easier to find motivation to write your posts? You can even ask your e-mail subscribers what they want to learn from you. This will motivate you even further to keep on blogging.

Only prerequisite for this is to NOT give up on blogging at an early stage. You need to grind your way through the difficult stage. It can’t stop you.

#6. It takes time to build connections

Just like in the brick and mortar world, you need friends in the Internet world too. You need to build connections with the right people. For a newcomer, this is not the easiest task.

Why would an influencer care to connect with an absolute beginner? Would they even have time for it?

That is why it takes time to build connections. You have to start by interacting with people on social networks, and trying to answer their questions. Being a regular commenter and dropping in an occasional “thank you” email also helps.

But this is a gradual process. You cannot just shoot someone an email and expect them to respond. Think of this as the dating process!

Gradually you will get to know more and more people and your network will spread. You just need to give it some time.

#7. You have more chances of getting a lucky break

Almost every top blogger has got that lucky break one time or the other. It comes in form of some help from one of the established persons in their niche.

It may be a guest posting opportunity on an authority blog. It may be high quality back links from a top blog. It can even be an endorsement from a top blogger. These occasions give you the audience you crave for. This is your chance to show your worth. Smart bloggers grab these opportunities and then there is no looking back.

To get your lucky break, you need to get noticed by the influencers in the first place. If you give up too soon, you are simply hurting your chances of getting noticed. Just think. If you quit with only 10 posts on your blog, what are the odds that an influencer will actually see your blog and link back to one of your posts.

Close to none.

So it is very important to maintain your quality and keep blogging. Sooner or later, someone will notice you and you'll get your “lucky break”.

#8. You'll be wasting your time if you keep on hopping from one topic to another

Last but not the least; you must always remember that perseverance is the key to achieve success with anything in life. If you keep jumping from one field to another, you will never master anything. Unless you are focused, the only thing you will manage to do is to waste a huge chunk of your valuable time.

Let me give you an example.

Do you have someone whom you look up to? Someone who is your idol?

I can assure you one thing about that person. That person has focus.  Whatever that person does, he/she has spent considerable time in learning and perfecting his/her work. Think about your favorite sports star, think about your favorite politician, think about your favorite businessman.

All of these people have shown persistence and perseverance. Had they been job-hopping, they would not have been so great.


So don't waste your time. If you have started blogging, stick to it. Devote your time to learn and master it. There are plenty of people who are doing pretty well with blogging. Look up to them for inspiration and keep blogging. You will surely do well.

Now tell me something. Did you ever feel like giving up? Did this post make you feel inspired to keep on blogging?

Let us know in the comments section.

We are eager to hear from you. If I could motivate you even a little bit, I would be very happy. Please let know.


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22 thoughts on “8 Myths Which Are Stopping You To Continue Blogging”

  1. Hi Neil,
    Thank you for this nice positive post.
    Great tips which are most welcome, and Yes, guess we must be patient.
    I am not giving up yet, rest assured! 🙂

    • Hi Brigitte
      Nice to see you here. Thanks for commenting. Keep blogging and you will surely succeed. I am happy to see that I could motivate you. 🙂


  2. Hi Neil !

    You have compiled really a motivational post. Putting it all together is always great idea and you have showed, how blogging can benefit in long run and why not to expect huge growth in early stage. I like the way you evaluated technical terminologies to make it understandable for newbies.

    Thanks for sharing man !

  3. Hi Rahul
    Thanks for your comment. I just wanted to come up with something that will inspire new bloggers and keep them motivated. Nowadays the competition is so much that it is easy to get demoralized. Hence my attempt to keep every one charged up. Glad I could help.


  4. Hey Neil,
    You have delivered an extra ordinary content to stay hope in myself…After reading this article,i’m not going to even think to leave the blogging world..Really inspirational words Neil..I’m sure this article will be always inspirational to every beginners like me…Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article Neil..Cheers..

    • Thanks Man. I am glad I could inspire you. Blogging does take some time but you will ultimately reap the rewards. Just keep blogging!

  5. Nice post. Thanks a lot for boosting me again to concentrate on blogging. I was thinking to exit from this field, but your post encouraged me to again trying hard in right ways smartly.

    • Glad I could inspire you. Do not quit without trying your best. Give it atleast a year of hard work. That’s my suggestion.


  6. Hey Neil,

    That point #5 was that exact issue I was facing from the beginning of blogging and now this post made me to start writing again. Any tips for that issue no #5 is welcomed by everyone.

    Thank you

    • Don’t loose heart, Abijith. Just keep your expectation realistic for the first year. Tell yourself that you have to write, no matter someone reads it or not. Slowly you will build a following and it will get much easier.

      Don’t forget to build an email list from day one. It is very essential to grow your following. Better get a professional email marketing service rather than feedburner. It costs money initially but the right thing to do in the long run.


  7. Hey Neil, that was a very beautiful post I read in months for new bloggers. Very good points covered, thanks again.

    • Glad you liked it, Pawan. Share it if you can. Others will also find it to be helpful.


  8. Hey Neil, it was so inspiring post and very helpful and motivating for newbies. In my first 6 months of blogging I didn’t got traffic but I never lost hope. Blogging is all about consistency and patience. If anyone have these two qualities then he/she will be definitely successful.

    I really liked the article! 🙂

    • You just said it “consistency and patience”. Two of the most important traits needed to be a top blogger. Glad that you understood my point so clearly.


  9. Hi Neil,
    I’m in this situation at the moment, trying not to give up and to continue with the blogging. Thank you so much for this motivational post.

    • Hey
      Don’t give up. Keep trying and work smart. It will come good. Remember, it takes time.


  10. Thank you, a great motivational post. Success is only meant for only those who can stand against all odds. You can only taste it if you are willing to stand till the very end. Nothing is easy to acheive in this world. Thanks for inspiring me and many other wannabe bloggers out there.

  11. Piont 3 is absolutely correct. Experience comes with practical work and time.
    In blogging world, Hard work with patience is key to success. All pro-bloggers have invested good amount of time on there blog. Just keep working and learn new things daily. 🙂

    • Your learning/experience is directly proportional to the time you send to learn. I have spent 4 years to reach at the level where I am today.

  12. Hi Neil
    I was thinking to quit as I m not getting traffic or earnings. But this post inspired a lot. Will keep patience and keep on trying. Thanks.

  13. Very motivational and insightful post. What I learnt reading this post is just like in any other area, focus and perseverance is the key to being a successful. I am a newbie in this space and have been looking at a guiding light to kickstart my writing journey – this blog is where I think I’ll look for all the inspiration I need going forward.

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