I am Attending ClickzLive Singapore. Are You Coming?

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In 2014, I attended ClickzLive in Bangkok.

My first international trip, and such an awesome learning experience after listening to some of the best industry experts.

This year I decided to attend the event again.

This time it's happening in the beautiful country, Singapore (on 22nd October).

Click here to know more about ClickzLive Singapore.

From an internet marketer point of view, such events are one of the best ways to gain extra knowledge about your industry, because they invite all big marketers from all across the globe.

Not only you can gain enormous knowledge about your industry after listening to experts but such events are the best way to do the networking as well.

You never know from which meeting you'll get a mission dollar client.

So such meeting always excited me.

Even last week I was attending India Affiliate Summit in Delhi, and it helped me a lot to find good clients for my business. I made strong bonding with my blogging buddies and learnt a lot from awesome internet marketers.

Why Should You Attend ClickzLive?

This is an awesome platform to interact with great marketers in your industry and gain knowledge directly from them.

Ask your questions face to face and get your answers on the spot.

What can be more awesome than this?

What is the Agenda?

Here are the sessions which are going to happen in the conference.

#1. Content Marketing Strategy by Ronald Vining

  • Reputation and Branding
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Data Driven Content Creation And Amplification In The Social Age
  • The Rise of Customer Experience and Customer Journey
  • Transform Content Marketing into Blockbuster Branding via Social Storytelling

#2. Performance Marketing by Eddie Choi

  • Brands in Mobile: How To Stop Playing Catch-Up And Win In The Near and Present Future
  • Programmatic Is The Now
  • Mobile Optimization and the Future of Mobile
  • Closing The Mobile App Conversion Loop

#3. Next Generation Marketing by Martin Li

  • Uber's Marketing Strategy – Optics And Word Of Mouth
  • Dialogue: Digital Budget Limitations?
  • SEO Is Still A Fundamental Part Of Any International Strategy
  • Insider Tips: How To Get Big Online Media Coverage With Minimal Time

#4. Fireside Chat – Ecommerce 2.0

#5. Where Do Agencies Stand in the Digital Age?

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As you can see it's a mix of content marketing, mobile marketing and SEO, which ultimately going to help me to boost my business very quickly.


Are You Coming?

Let's plan a meet if you are coming to attend the conference.

Let's have an awesome business discussion and grow together in this competitive world.

Ping me on Facebook or send me an email at kulwant@bloggingcage.com if you are coming at the event.

Here is the special discount coupon for BloggingCage readers if you are looking forward to attend the conference.

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Let's meet in Singapore. 🙂

Kulwant Nagi

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2 thoughts on “I am Attending ClickzLive Singapore. Are You Coming?”

  1. Hi Kulwant,

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Singapore. I’ve seen couple of images you shared on Facebook & Twitter.
    Because of my full time job I usually miss such events. Hope I’ll come to full time blogging very soon, may be from next month 🙂
    Looking forward to read some articles about your experience and learning in the event.


    • Thanks for following the updates, Tauseef.

      You’ll have to take this decision man. Yeah, soon I’ll write the article about ClickzLive and Singapore experience.

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