ClickzLive Jakarta 2016: Learning and Highlights

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This is the third time I am attending ClickzLive conference.

Every time I come to attend this conference, I grabbed the golden nuggets.

Attending conference helps you to understand the digital marketing shift in the world, tactics to boost your business directly from the experts, and help to understand the flow of various businesses.

My life's first ever international conference was ClickzLive Thailand in 2014.

I got so much information from the event that I decided to attend more conferences. Soon my knowledge started increasing and revenue just skyrocketed.

So here we are going to discuss about various sessions of Jakarta conference and my learning from all of them.

Along with the learning, I am going to share some pictures which I captured during the country visit.

So let's go in the flow.

This event was organized in Pullman hotel, which is situated at most hottest place in Jakarta.

This is place where you can actually feel the city and enjoy many good places around.


Such an incredible line of speakers.

This event is specifically targeted for the business owners. Here experts share the insights about different domains in the industry and represent the data to show the working model of the business.

I attended Linkedin marketing session which was hosted by Chris J Reed.

Here he shared the strategies to be more authentic on Linkedin, how to use right profile picture to get more prospects, how to make an effective experience profile and how to become more engaging on this platform to reap more benefits.

Here are some pics I collected during the event.

IMG_1240 IMG_1245 IMG_1275 IMG_1305 IMG_1321 IMG_1332 IMG_1353 IMG_1393

Overall this was a nice event to understand more about industry and gain more knowledge about your niche.

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  1. Hope you got new ideas and strategies in digital marketing from Clickzlive Jakarta 2016 Meet. Learn from the experts from digital marketing World, Keep posting.

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