ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2021: 30% Discount

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Are you searching for the ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal or Coupon? You are in the right place because here we are going to talk about the special discount on this Black Friday.

ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2021

Discount: 30% Annual

  • Start Date: 26th November
  • End Date: 30th November

To be able to profit well in the business world, there is a need to connect with clients and customers from various locations. And no better way to do this than with the internet. It would help if you had the right tools to harness the power of data connection.

In this article, I would take you through all that ClickMeeting has to offer, as a powerful connection tool on the internet. Then, we would discuss in detail how you can take part in the once-a-year Black Friday discount deals.

ClickMeeting Review

Getting a business functioning takes more than just offering a product or service. You have to think of ways to utilize the internet to your favour. It is no news that the world is one big global village connected by the internet. 

Whether you are selling your product and services physically, or maybe you are an online brand offering all your services or products digitally, all businesses need the internet.

And in recent times, one of the preferred methods of holding meetings and conferences due to travel restrictions and all is web conferencing. And as a business owner, you need to be able close deals over the net. And a primary requirement to make that happen is a quality web conferencing platform.

One of the best web conferencing tools currently is ClickMeeting. This premium tool would get you connected with people all over the world in real-time. And deliver to you the ultimate experience on web conferences for both audio and video versions. 

ClickMeeting can be used for various purposes ranging from business meetings, online learning, sales pitch, to live training, among many others. The relatable user interface of the platform helps boost engagement for online meetings.

With ClickMeeting, online meetings are properly structured. You have access to the virtual waiting room, the webinar room itself, and then post-meeting interaction. You get to moderate all of these engagement platforms as the meeting host.

The best qualities of ClickMeeting are tied to the well-developed features on the web conference tool. So, let’s take a quick walk through the crucial ClickMeeting features. 

ClickMeeting Features

The things to look out for on the Click Meeting webinar tool include;

1. Ease of Setup

Using ClickMeeting to host an online meet is a fun and easy experience. The platform is web-based, and all you need is a functional web browser. This helps to reduce lag on the system and boost real-time engagements.

Are you using ClickMeeting for the first time? There’s nothing to worry about. After your sign up, you get a quick tour of the platform. There, you can learn to create your first meeting. Then, you can start exploring smart ways to customize your online meeting.

One of the admirable qualities of ClickMeeting is that you can send direct meeting invites to people’s email address. Even up to the point of a whole mailing list, you can get as many persons to attend your live webinar with this feature.

2. User Interface

The different functions of ClickMeeting are well depicted and distinct. This would help you to navigate through functions easily. Then, the design of the meeting centre is neat and well structured for both hosts and meeting attendees.

As an administrator, you get access to the event schedule, address book, attendee analytics, and data, all carefully arranged on your dashboard. You also get access to necessary tools while in the meeting room. 

When hosting a meeting, ClickMeeting also allows you to upsell your digital products with the Call-to-Action feature. This, alongside the survey panel, can be triggered and sent to attendees to get instant data for your business. Overall, the user interface of ClickMeeting is simple, and the meeting quality top-notch.

3. Customization

Most webinar hosts overlook the power of a well-optimized meeting. They are often in a hurry to do all the talking and often forget that certain information is best passed across using other formats. The truth is, viewers are better engaged when the meeting host uses specialized features to pass messages across.

To get a well engaging meeting, ClickMeeting puts at your disposal different tools including presentations, Whiteboard, and the Q&A feed. The Presentations is in charge of video demonstrations. This is the method most users are used to, and it delivers quite well.

However, using a tool like the WhiteboardWhiteboard allows you to present ideas in a more visually creative format. You can write or draw up highlights to drive home the points being emphasized. The Q&A feed is straightforward, and it’s there to get you and your audience to trash out discussions to the best possible ways.

4. Security

One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about in webinar hosting is the security of your meetings from cybercriminals. But truth be told, nowadays, you can’t be too sure or be too careful. So, it’s only best to check that your chosen tool is well secured. 

On the general end, ClickMeeting has a very strict privacy policy. Your data alongside those of your meeting attendees are protected and can’t be shared to a third party. Also, whenever data is collected, the security protocol performs a double-check for malware and viruses before linking up to the servers. 

So, in ClickMeeting’s able hands, your data is well secured. Then, for your personalized presentations room, you can decide to up the security to taste. You can remove or add any viewer at any time. And you could as well restrict access to your meetings using a passcode.

5. Storage and Sharing

For every webinar on ClickMeeting, there is a recording done which is encrypted and temporarily stored in the cloud servers of the company. As the meeting host, you can then decide to download. Also, cloud storage allows you to upload video content and other relevant files for your webinar sessions.

When running a presentation, you also get the option to stream on social platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Another impressive feature of the webinar tool is that you get the complete guide on how to navigate through all its features in the resources library. 

What is ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal?

ClickMeeting is a premium service that comes at a subscription cost. This is detailed in the pricing plans of the company. However, with the Black Friday deal, you can access the service with an appreciable discount.

The ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal is usually split based on the subscription tenure. ClickMeeting allows subscribers to either opt for the annual payment plan or to pay every month. So, for the Black Friday Deal, there is a 15% discount on monthly plans and a 30% off on annual subscriptions.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the available plans on ClickMeeting. The platform offers subscriptions on three bases; we have the Live, Automated, and Enterprise packages. All these packages are flexible in terms of price. Your target audience capacity determines the price.

The least number of participants each package supports is 25, and this number can go up to 1000. However, with an increase in number, there is an increase in price as well. These minimum subscription options cost as low as $30 for the Live deal and $45 for the Automated.

The price of Enterprise is usually ironed out with the team. Whereas, there is a set 20% on all annual subscriptions. So, you can imagine using the 30% ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal on an already discounted annual plan; you get way more at a much cheaper rate.

How to Activate ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2021?

When the ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2021 goes live, the prices on the site are automatically slashed. Hence, you only need to ready your funds and jump on the deal once November is here.

So, to partake of the Black Friday Deal, do these;

  • Log on to the ClickMeeting pricing page during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday week
  • Select your choice plan to get the discounted price
  • Then, you would check-in your account and complete payment
  • And voila, you have your webinar tool at a discounted price.

5 ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal FAQs

Is ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2021 Worth?

The features of ClickMeeting are well worth every penny spent on it. So, having a deal that gives you the premium web conferencing tool for a better discount is well worth it.

Final Thoughts about ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2021

In conclusion, the ClickMeeting Black Friday Deal 2021 is not one you should miss if you’re in need of a quality webinar tool, but you are on a tight budget.

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Join other 34,000+ subscribers on my mailing list and I'll give you FREE 10-days training to start your affiliate marketing career with ease.​