Charles Ngo Sharing His Secrets to Hit 5 Figures in a Day

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Attending Affiliate World Asia was one of the best decisions I made in my blogging career.

Meeting 5-figures earner was one of the feelings which cannot be described in the words.

Luckily, I and Jitendra got the chance to interview Charles Ngo. I am following him from last 1 year, and because of his motivational updates on his Facebook page, I understood the real meaning of affiliate marketing, and how to proceed with the right mindset to do big things in life.

In this interview he shared how to select the campaigns when you are a newbie and how to find the right people to work with you.

Here are the insight Charles Shared in this video interview.

Special thanks to Jitendra Vaswani for camera setup and video editing.

Kulwant Nagi

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15 thoughts on “Charles Ngo Sharing His Secrets to Hit 5 Figures in a Day”

  1. This is great interview with Charles.
    You question with him is so wonderful and really helpful to motivate me to keep working for that day.

  2. great interview and nice suggestion for newbies ” making money is the goal but you should be focused on learning ” and that 1$ example. great and nice to see his interview in your blog. thanks for sharing with us. very inspiring

  3. Hi Kulwant bro!

    WOW! Great interview with Charles Ngo! Really it is much interesting to meet with such kind of person!

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. This guy is awesome. He has a lot of confidence and knowledge. Thanks for taking his interview. I got an idea for my ebook promotion.

  5. Thanks Kulwant and Jitendra for such a nice interview of Charles. Great set of questions man. Complete motivational. Yea, skill set is the important part of success in long run. Agreeing on building good relationship make you more reliable and develop credibility.

  6. Very Well Said Kulwant sir,
    I’m highly impressed with the effort made by you to the community.
    Keep sharing keep inspiring.

  7. I have been following Charles and Kulvant for a while, this is definitely a useful interview helpful to me.

    As Charles said How much money we spend on testing campaigns is not at all important, we should focus on optimizing it by our skills is the key to success.

    Thanking you for making this as Video content.

  8. Very Well Kulwant sir
    I love this interview and questions asked by you are superb.
    Loved it

  9. Amazing interview, it’s treat to watch you Kulwant and Jitendra interviewing Charles Ngo. Great help for the blogging community, Thanks.

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