How to Double Your Traffic By Writing Catchy Headlines

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Let me make one thing clear from the start, crafting a good headline is a science. But it's not a rocket science. It’s not even close to it.

You, I and even newbie’s can write good headlines by just putting some efforts and reading this post.

Writing good headline is a science.

That we all know and we also know that science always has some formulas and syntax to help us to learn the abc of science in the easiest manner.

So, in the same manner, you able to find lots excellent formulas on the internet for creating good headlines and today I'm increasing the count of those headline writing formulas by sharing some of mine formulas of writing better headlines to get more attention of your readers.


Are you a thinkaholic?

If yes! Then you have a big advantage that others don't have.

Because good thinkers can easily brainstorm their mind to come up with some cool headlines while others who have difficulties with thinking too much will still strike there head to the desk to think a good headline for their post or content.

Convey your message:

Your headlines must convey your main message that you have explained in your rest of content.

Because if your headline is promising something else and you giving something else in your rest of content then you are going to lose your credibility as well as your readers.

So make sure that you deliver the same thing that your headline promises to deliver.

EXAMPLE: 5 Content Writing Rules That You Must Follow.

This headline will work like wonder if you give the same info that this headline is promising to give. And if you deliver something else or any off-topic content then this headline is not worthy.

Keep it short and simple:

Headlines are short by their nature.

So it doesn't make sense why some blogger or writer writes lengthy headline and thinks that this headline is going to work like magic.

And not only have they written big headline they also showcase that they know some good English words that you and I don't know.

And use those words to write their headline that are not easy to read or understand.

So if you really want to write catchy headlines then you must write it short and in simple language. Because short and simple is always better.

State the benefit:

Tell your reader about the benefits that they Are going to get after reading your full content. Benefits are things that everybody loves to get and they do anything to get the benefit.

So it’s good idea to create a headlines that tells the benefits if reading whole content

like: Earn more in Adsense by simple implementing these tips.

People will gladly read the rest of content to know how they can make more profits in Adsense.

Amaze them:

People want to read more secret tips rather than normal blog articles.

You can amaze people by using words like “will this work” “little known” “lies” “instant results” etc.

Such headlines always hit your subconscious mind and you would like to read about that amazing thing even when you are not interested to read.

In his title “37 Amazingly Effective List Building Tips You Can Use Today” Adam shocked his readers by sharing Amazingly effective tips.

So more people have shown the interest to read this article.

How to's still works:

“How to” articles are stills best choice of users to read. They always googles anything by appending how to in front of any search term like “how to earn more” etc..

So it makes sense that writing how to headline cans still works for all of us.

Blogging is all about helping people, so if you are teaching any specific thing with your “how to” blog post then people are definitely going to read this.

Reveal the secret:

In one of his recent articles, Matthew Woodward revealed that the secret of his success was his case studies.

Go to his blog and you are going to read in-depth case studies. His case studies are going to push you to use those tools which he reviews on his blog.

So revealing the secret is one of the effective techniques to get more people on your blog.

Here are 10 catchy headlines:[sociallocker]

  1. 101 things to help you _____.
  2. The 10 Most Costly _____ Mistakes.
  3. 27 Things To Make An Incredible Difference In Your _____.
  4. 8 Facts You Didn't Know About _________.
  5. 10 Easy Steps To Get More _______.
  6. Is ______ a Scam?
  7. How To Get ______ For Under $100.
  8. 14 Days To A Better _______.
  9. 8 Facts Everyone Should Know About ______.
  10. 10 Little Known Ways Of _______.[/sociallocker]

Final words.

Writing headlines, which make your readers click on them must be your ultimate goal.

Because this is the very first step to let them come on your article and read your message.

The secret of any successful blog is it's headlines.

That all I wanted to write in this post about writing catchy headlines that gets attention of users.

Now it's your turn to share this post with your networks so they all able to take advantage of this post and thanks for reading….

Kulwant Nagi

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12 thoughts on “How to Double Your Traffic By Writing Catchy Headlines”

  1. I would say that it is a short and crisp post for the bloggers Nagi 🙂

    Writing amazing title is more vital to nudge the readers to check and engage with the blog posts. You’ve consolidated nice, executable tips to write attractive titles to grab more eye-balls on the post.

    Keep writing the tips for us 🙂

    • Nirmala, I understood the importance after spending 3 years. 🙂

      Writing catchy headline can create miracle for any niche, because the biggest problem is, attract the visitors and lure them to click on the title.

      Once you are good in writing headlines, you already won more than half the battle.

  2. Great share Kulwant,

    When I start my blog I never pay much attention on headlines. But after reading many post over and over about blog heading I felt I should try…and guess what my CTR increase by 400%.

    There are many tool available which will really helps me generate good blog heading, Same time it will save time and gives me more options.

    I also recently published similar article on my blog about how to write good blog headings.

    Nice read… 🙂

    • woww.. That’s awesome.. 400% increase is such a good number.

      Can you please share those tools with us?

  3. I also think the same way.

    Infact I have even written a post long before, well headlines are infact the most important post to rank in google as well to attract readers.
    Keywords + uniqueness we can achieve anything.
    Thanks for the post loved it.

  4. Hello Sir,

    It may true that content is the King and it will help you to rank in Google but to attract readers headlines plays the major role. After all its brainstorming job but a simple free plugin named Title Experiments may help little to choose some of the catchy headlines.
    Thaks again.

    • Yes Sagar. Your title must be your prime target. I read in one article where he suggested to put 80% efforts in writing headline and 20% in writing article.

      Thanks for suggesting this plugin.

      Have a great day. 🙂

  5. When I start my blogging I didn’t give importance to headlines. But after reading many articles about blog heading I realized and started using the trick.

    Finally nice article.

  6. Oh! I just detect a mistake in this post

    Keep is short and simple – Keep IT short and simple

    BTW Post is awesome. Thanks for sharing bro 🙂

  7. Thank you so much Kulwant 22.
    I know the headlines is most important element of a blog article.
    If we have good headlines on our articles then it can attract search crawlers and also peoples and force them to click on read.
    So, If we get some page views by our article headlines then it can improve our Blog PR and also Alexa Rank.
    Once again thanks to you for writing this awesome article.
    Keep Blogging on. 🙂

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