BuzzBundle 2018 Deal: 20% Special Discount

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BuzzBundle 2018 Deal is finally here.

A great tool with 20% discount.

I am using this tool for more than 3 months and getting good results not only in my business but this is helping me to make good relations also.

Few days back I wrote Buzz Bundle Review where I talked how this tool helped me to generate $920 with little efforts.

If you are internet marketing or business niche blogs then you know the importance of finding the right market and promoting the products at right time.

Pitching the product to any consumer when he/she actually needs can bring much more sales than pushing it generally.

So I started using BuzzBundle.

Here I am going to explain few features of this software so that you can not only get whooping 60% BuzzBundle deal but know the features as well.

BuzzBundle is a social media management tool where you can login all your profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus etc to have a better management at one place.

By doing this you can save a lot of time which you always waste in switching between various social media sites.

Using Buzz Bundle you can not only manage social media but forums and blogs with ease also.

BuzzBundle Features:

  • Easy scheduling for posting, messaging and announcements
  • Easy proxies integration to hide your online identity
  • Comment, tweet, reply directly from the BuzzBundle dashboard
  • Easily choose your persona to become different identities for different niches
  • Send the announcement to social sites
  • Monitor as much as 10 projects at a time very easily
  • Create unlimited social accounts for each persona
  • Easy switching between accounts to save the time
  • Get a notification if anyone is talking about your brand or targeted keyword
  • Find reviews and recommendations from the community
  • Create new social profiles using the inbuilt browser from the software
  • Keep track of your competitors

and many more exciting features.

This tool can become your ultimate weapon to become more productive by managing all profiles easily and bring more sales by targeting right audience.

Here are few screenshots of this software:


Regular price: $249
Sale price: $199
Discount: 20%

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  1. I am always counting my ruppiah here in Bali, Kulwant, so I’ll be happy to tweet this 🙂

    BB sounds like a helpful, time-saving tool and goodness gracious, I can’t believe it’s Black Friday already.

    Kelli and I chatted about the waves of psychos back home in NJ who storm stores and trample folks for items. Insanity. I’d rather do it online, and dodge the rabid, savage masses lol….

    Thanks for the share Kulwant!….and have a fun week 🙂


    • Yeah Ryan, this tool is helping me a lot to find more buyers.. Do check my review if you haven’t gone through

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