9 Awesome Platforms to Buy and Sell Websites in 2021

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Oneof the biggest misconceptions I have come across is that to make it big inblogging you have to start from scratch.

Andif you are not able to maintain your blog, it is just a matter of time beforeyour website dies down and you lose your investment.

Amazingly,both of these issues can be tackled with one simple thing: domain flipping.

Domainflipping is not limited to domains; it is applied to websites as well as forapplications and online businesses. With the internet, you can sell almosteverything online. You need to find the right audience to pitch to.

How does domain flipping tackle the above two issues?

  1.  If you don’t want to start from scratch, how about buying a working website which is generating either some traffic or revenue. It can be said as a micro-acquisition. Although for this you will require some money beforehand.
  2. If you are not able to maintain your website, how about selling it for a good amount? People love websites that can be scaled. To make websites from scratch is a drag and if you have a good traffic-generating website, you can earn a good amount.

Why Sell and Buy Websites?

As a buyer:

Ifyou are entering the blogosphere, you might want to start from scratch.

Butthe problem from starting from scratch is that you will have to spend a lot oftime thinking about the theme for your website, domain name, what the logoshould be. There are a lot of necessities that need to strike off yourchecklist before you even get to produce actual content.

Buyinga website will cut this part out. You will have a registered website withthemes, logos, and banners. They might also have other social media accounts topromote their website. You need to come with new strategies to increase thewebsite’s exposure.

Youcan also buy domain names, have it with you and sell later at higher prices.People have made a good amount of money off this. Some people create fullyfunctional websites and then flip them over for a good sum of money.

As a seller:

Thisoften happens when your interest vanishes from your website. Or, maybe it isbecause you have committed your time to other activities. The bottom line is:it’s getting tougher and tougher for you to maintain the website.

Ratherthan waiting for the website to slowly die, with a minor investment, you canget a 4-5 figure price for your website (for starters; if you have sufficientstats to appeal).

You are not limited to websites, though; you can also sell your applications, online businesses, and domain name to cash in for bucks.

Here are some of the best places to sell online where. you can buy sell and trade websites

#1. Flippa

buy and sell websites

Flippais undoubtedly the #1 website to buy and sell websites. You ask why? Because itwas one of the first websites to pioneer this entire dealing of buying andselling websites.

It pioneered the entire industry and has made a whopping 375 Million dollars to date. 30% of all their income came through flipping domains, and most of the remaining part came from flipping websites (working websites).

Although they started with domains, they have increased their offerings to buy and sell.

Nowthey also deal with apps, ads, SaaS, and eCommerce, all the while their majorincome coming from flipping websites and domains.

Flippahas made the entire process quite easy. It works on an auction basis, kind oflike how eBay works. You might wonder how the users set the price of theirwebsites; Flippa has provided users with an evaluation tool.

Ittakes in several factors: the major source of revenue, average views you aregetting, how old the domain is, and so on to calculate the best value you canget by selling your website.

After you have the value, you can do the posting on your own, which would cost you about $15. Flippa has made it so, to make the marketplace genuine.

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of putting up an ad and everything you can also contact the company’s approved brokers who will sell it on your behalf.

Perhapsone of the drawbacks is that you get charged a 10% fee if your website is sold,and it is sold between $1-$499K (which is usually what small to medium-sizeddomains get sold for).

Butto counter this, they have their price guarantee program according to which ifany other website is asking for a lesser success fee, Flippa will beat theiroffer by 1%. Also, you have other features to boost your listings and increasethe chances of it getting sold.

Funfact: Mark Zuckerberg’s infamous website Facemash got sold here.

#2. Empire Flippers

buying and selling websites

EmpireFlippers comes second when it comes to the total worth of transactions done at$100 Million. It is a growing company and slowly catching up with Flippa.

LikeFlippa, they have forayed into all the areas:‌SaaS, online businesses,websites, domains, AdSense ads. They don’t deal with apps, as Flippa does.

Therehave been cases of fraudulent transactions in Flippa, where the data that wasprovided in the listing didn’t correspond to the actual data after the finaluser purchased the goods. To tackle this, Empire Flippers have tried their bestto make it complete fraud-proof.

Theycharge you a 5% refundable deposit. With this deposit, you get 12 month’s dataso that you can make a sound decision with all the right facts across thetable. Plus, the team also vets each data record carefully and diligently givesyou an expected profit margin.

Tomake it more secure, they also set up call conversations between sellers andbuyers.

Theyhave tried to differentiate themselves from Flippa in terms of security bytaking the job of the broker in their own hands. As such, they don’t contact3rd party brokers as Flippa does. Another unique offering is their regularpodcast, which is a great show to tune into.

The major drawback with this is that to maintain this level of vetting, they charge $297 for first-time listing, which is way too much. For a repeated listing, it drops to $97, which is still higher to Flippa’s paltry $15.

But they try to counter this that this fee is refunded if they, for some reason, can’t list your business.

#3. WebsiteBroker

buying and selling site

WebsiteBrokerwas founded in 1996. Predating almost all the websites present on this list bya decade or so.

Whileyou might expect it must be doing something right to sustain itself over theyears, that’s the most mysterious part.

Theyhaven’t adapted their styling to a more user-friendly pattern, like how theearlier two did. They have provided you with an inbuilt valuation service sothat you can get a rough estimate of how much you should be expecting.

Pricingstarts at $9.95 for standard listings and $29.95 for (premiere)domain and$14.95 for (premiere)domain name listing. Both of these will last for 90 days,with the premiere one supposedly gives you more exposure than the normal ones.One plus point with this is that it doesn’t charge a success fee.

Soyour entire cost remains economically viable, and you don’t have to shell muchcompared to Empire Flippers and Flippa.

Althoughon the flip side, people have complained a lot about its poor customer service.Where the earlier two provide some protection to buyers, here’s whatWebsiteBroker’s official FAQ‌ says:

Weencourage all buyers to do their diligence when purchasing a website.WebsiteBroker is a marketplace, but we do not, and cannot, thoroughlyinvestigate every website that is listed. As with any marketplace, it is yourresponsibility to protect yourself throughout your transaction.

Surelynot a good way to gain your user’s trust. Plus, people have complained aboutpoor to no response from support staff. A good number of people have beenscammed and there has been no protection against it.

Infact, this one time, the same website’s listing was posted twice by the sellereven after it was sold.

#4. DigitalPoint Forum

where to buy & sell websites

Unlikethe other few websites mentioned here, how about doing the deal in one of themost popular forums on the Internet?

InDigitalPoint Forum, you can find people selling websites, services, domains andlots more. It has a huge user base, and thanks to it, you can easily findcustomers at bay looking to buy websites.

DigitalPointcaters to various sections with discussions ranging from Design, Development,Search Engines, and so on. Under the forum, there is a subsection of Domainsand Websites in buy, sell and trade.

Onceyou’re there, you can find various forum postings and look at each oneindividually.

Oneof the added benefits of using a forum is that if you reply to any forum post,it will be made public. You can see if people have asked queries related to thewebsites which can help you make a decision.

They have also diversified by making their marketplace website as a precursor to websites like Flippa. It may not be visually appealing, but they have tried to make the design pretty basic and simple.

The marketplace ads are directly connected to the forum posts, and you can choose to reply to the forum post or text in private.

Thisforum gives you various filters to help you get your preferred domain orwebsite: from domain authority to page views to revenue; you can filter it outwith multiple settings available for you.

It doesn’t provide you with protection against scammers like Flippa and Empire‌Flippers do, you are at the mercy of luck and hope. But at the same time, it doesn’t charge you for any posting on the forum.

Although a few restrictions have to be met, and you can’t create a new account and start posting for advertisement.

Thiscan be a thing to worry to a certain set of people as they would just want tosell their websites easily and don’t want to take the hassle to wait for sometime and have a minimum number of posting(one of the conditions of forum)before allowed to do a listing on the website.

#5. New Egg Marketplace

buying selling websites

One of the most popular marketplaces catering to selling and buying electronic goods online, they have now expanded their base to sell almost everything on the Internet.

Youhave to get your business, i.e., your website verified by the New Egg team andapply to be a NewEgg seller. They have a strong marketplace with over ten and ahalf million products and presence in countries like the US and America.

Oncethey approve your business, you can put a listing for your website/domain on anew egg. They take a commission between 13-15% for every website you sell, sothat is one of the breakaway points. But it gives you a wider reach to both B2Band B2C customers.

Also,since they don’t give you explicit support in helping you get the domains, itis like a regular marketplace, and you have to deal with the seller directly.Although the legitimacy of ads can’t be doubted as NewEggs look at thelegitimacy of the business and its offering before allowing a posting on theirservice.

#6. Sedo

websites to buy and sell

Oneof the oldest running websites in this business, Sedo, only deals withwebsites. You can deal with websites, domains and even parking of websites,which is something not offered by most of the other websites.

Sedo was founded in 2000 and has had over 19 million listed domains. If you are on the buying end, you don’t have to give them any commission over it.

There are multiple options of buying: some websites have the option of direct buy, some have the option to negotiate, and finally, some websites are up for grabs in the form of auction.

Youcan also take the help of their expert domain brokers, although you have to paya hefty one-time fee of $69 and a further 15% commission for successful sales.You can also get brokers for selling your domains and websites, in which caseyou only have to pay a 15% cut for every successful sale.

To make the entire buying and selling experience a pleasant one, they offer users with domain transfer service, which helps you protect against any malpractice and scamming.

You also get a valuation service from Sedo, and they give you a report on how much your domain/website worth is. Both of these services are free for Sedo users.

Another amazing feature I liked was their parked domain. Usually, if you have a domain with yourself that is unused, you can effectively monetize it to generate extra money for yourself.

Sedo does that free for you, i.e., looks for advertisers, posts advertisements relevant to the domain name, and even paying you.

Soif you have an unused domain, instead of showing a page under construction orempty page, how about making some money out of it.

#7. BuySellEmpire

buying and selling site

Ifyou surely want to sell your website, BuySellEmpire can give you a helpinghand. With their onboard brokers, they have an amazing 95% success rate beatingalmost all the competition to one side. The brokers meticulously go throughyour website or domain and plan accordingly to get your website sold.

Goto this website as they provide you with one of the best website brokingservices.

Likeall the other services, it provides you with basic tools like a free websiteevaluation tool so that you can get a fair idea about the money you can earn.

Thecompany’s main focus is to provide peace of mind to users: as such, theyprovide you with full assistance while dealing with buyers and in-migration ofwebsites.

Theyalso focus emphatically on the protection against any fraud. For this, theysign a Letter of Intents from both parties to have official documentation, andall the payment goes through Escrow for easy transfer and better securityagainst any malpractice.

Althoughone of the nudging issues that they don’t mention their broker fees on theirwebsite. They have mentioned that they charge inexpensive brokerage ratescompared to competitors; they haven’t mentioned the exact price or any range.

#8. Freemarket

buy and sell websites online

Freemarketis a website coming from the popular job-outsourcing website Freelancer. Theylaunched this website in direct competition to websites like Flippa aimed atentrepreneurs, SMEs, and website property owners. They follow the standardauction and buy-it-now buying options.

To lure in the competition, they are targeting two things: offering the lowest commission rates at 5% and along with it, making it secure to transfer money.

They keep the money to themselves until the total migration of ownership has taken place, after which they release the money. Their payment structure is powered by Freelancer.com to make it more reliable and secure.

Thewebsite looks good and easy-to-use, and you don’t have to pay a single penny toget your posting on the website. The only time you will be ever charged is inthe case of a successful sale.

Theyalso have a good customer service team, in case if you need any help.

There’sa lack of brokerage service on the platform. But there are ways to promote yourlisting if you can shell out some extra bucks.

Overall,this is one of the new services on the market and if you don’t want to spendmuch and worry about your sale money getting slashed and cuts you can go withthis.

#9. Side Projectors

online buying and selling websites

SideProjectors is quite unique in its approach.

Youdon’t get to buy domains here; you get to buy-side projects usually in the formof websites. People who start with an idea but can’t dedicate their timeanymore sell it on this website. Almost on the same lines of selling a website.

Theyalso sell mobile apps and desktop applications. The website is not just aboutselling; you can also look for a co-founder for your website. As well asshowcasing your project online to viewers for quick feedback.

Itis a very straightforward service, with no flashy visuals as at all.

The important part to note here is that Sideprojecters do not take any participation in taking care of protection against scammers or taking care of how the transfer of money is taking place between two parties.

In fact, in the FAQs, they have said that it is the users themselves who should take the utmost care while dealing with sellers.

Theydon’t charge you for listing. You can submit your project online. Plus, thereis no option for getting you to the featured section. They take it on meritbasis, which website is good enough to be promoted on their featured section.

Ifyou are looking for fully functional websites, side projects can be a greathelp to you. Although what restricts its appeal is its lack of offering ofselling and buying of domains; and the lack of support over protection againstany scamming.


Peopleusually look for websites with scope for progress and development. If yourwebsite or blog under their criteria of selection, you can finesse some moneyout of your website.

Sohere are the top 10 websites to sell and buy websites. There’s a lot of moneyto be made online just by selling and buying websites if you know some basicrules. Not only that, if you are not able to make time for your blog/websiteand you can sell it online for a good amount.

Notonly that, but you can also flip domains which can give you a good earning.

Youshould take into consideration how much money you are going to invest inselling the website as most of the premium services charge you a fee for thelisting and a fee for successful deals. Knowing how much you are going to spendcan help you sort which service will be better for you, easily.

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