13 Important Things To Do For Building Quality Backlinks

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Link building is playing an important role to rank any website in search engines as well as to get more exposure for any online business. With latest changes happening in Google algorithms, link building is moving in another direction but the basic steps are still same.

Here I am going to talk about few link building techniques which you can use to make your blog more SEO friendly as well as you can raise your voice more loudly in this online world.

If you are curious to read this article, you probably know the importance of link building. So, in this post, I will not talk about the basics of link building but the key things you can do for building the links the easy way.

Let's talk about those 13 Important Things

1. Install RSS Footer Plugin

Doing this will help you to get links from website that scrap your content via RSS feed of your blog. I know they are bad but that will help the reader find your blog and Google will also know about the original author of that content. Grab this plugin here.

2. Change Permalink Structure

Changing the permalink structure can also help a bit in building links, when the links are easy to remember, the chances of getting a link back are increased, they also help in understanding what the article is about.

This can be changed by going in your WP Dashboard > Setting > Permalinks > and tick on post name.

3. Interlinking Posts within the blog

Make a habit of linking to your old posts which are relevant to the topic you are covering in your article. Keep that in practice. It is helpful from the link building point of view.

This little practice will help you to get your old article getting regular traffic, as well as the bounce rate of your blog will be decreased because people will start spending more time on your blog. Check this plugin.

4. Resource Pages on Other blogs

I personally have linked to the resource pages of my other blogs to help my readers. You can create a resource page on your blog or a helpful guide which solves a problem or walks through a problem, that kind of page is very likely to get linked to.

These are the pages which give personal touch to readers because here we are giving them tools and services which we are using personally, so you genuine readers will link your resources pages in their articles to help their readers.

5. Offer Link Codes of your blog

Linking to a blog is not the most advance stage of HTML coding but offering a ready-made code which can be copy pasted to get a backlink is also something which you can try. It could be a simple link back or a button linking back to your blog.

6. Add your blog in directories

Some people say that backlinks from blog directories are not the quality ones, but they are also easy to get, so why not get them for your blog. You may get few visitors to your blog as well.

7. Link to other blogs

How often do you link other blogs on your blog?

Be generous, start the process of linking back to other blogs, when you do good for other blogs, the other blogs are more likely to do good for your blog as well.

8. Try Getting Maximum Eyeballs

It is true that the more people land on your blog the more interaction happens, and your chances of getting the backlinks are also increased. And all the methods I have mentioned above will in boosted up when your traffic is high.

9. Create Infographics

I get emails from other blogs asking me to check out their Infographics that my readers can enjoy, and surprisingly I have shared few of them on my blogs when I found them relevant. So, I can safely say that this method works if done properly.

10. Video Submission

Do a video, viral or not, viewers will decide that but you can get a link back to your blog wherever you submit the video, I am not talking about the YouTube only, but you can find a lot of other website to share your videos.

11. Design a Theme or a Logo from a Pro

Get a logo or a theme designed for your blog. You may get a backlink from their portfolio website. Additionally, you can submit the logo on website that list logos from different brands or websites.

12. Break News

You might not be in the news niche, but there is often something news that comes out in every niche, be the first to talk about it and you may get a river of backlinks. And that’s a true story.

13. Do Interviews with famous people in your industry/niche  

This is one of the most effective way to get high quality links from famous people in your niche, interview them on your blog and ask them to promote it to their audience, they will be more than happy to do that. Many such bloggers have a dedicated pages where they link back their Interviews, Media coverage etc.

Blogging Cage has also started Blogging Cage Interview Series where you can read about world-class bloggers and inspire yourself after going through their journey.

Final Words

This was all about getting quality backlinks in very easy and effective ways. If you are a newbie then you can start with the things which are in your reach. Once you will move ahead in your blogging journey then you can start interview series, infographics submission, video submission etc. which will give you more exposure as compared to basic things.

Do share this article with your friends so that they can use the techniques suggested by me and can have more exposure as well as backlinks for their blogs.

Asif Ahmed

Asif Ahmed writes about blogging and running a blog efficiently at Asiogroup.Net. You can check out his Free mini course and  start the journey of Turning Profitable.. You can also connect with him on Twitter

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16 thoughts on “13 Important Things To Do For Building Quality Backlinks”

  1. Hey Asif
    Getting backlinks is something we all love, so great choice of topic.
    It is hard to get super quality backlinks from the pro sites, but your ideas for starting out are great.
    in the beginning we need to get some easy links and to get noticed and it is a hard task.
    But with your ideas I think that beginner bloggers can get started with the task
    Great job

  2. Thanks Asif, Great Post on Link building, but i’m still confused about Directories, I have heard about Links from Directory are bad and should be aware of it.

    • There are many directories out there, find the good and the relevant ones. Not only you get a backlink, but you get visitors as well. One such listing on a directory resulted in getting few more baclinks from readers who found my site there.

  3. Hi Asif

    Great points but do I have an question that how many internal links can be given per post and can you tell me which directories are more preferable for submission. I guess most of the sites are gone and search engine stopped giving value too

    • Hi Abdul,
      You can linkback to your old posts as long as your article doesn’t look that you are overdoing the links. 2 or 3 links are fine and they don’t have to be keyword rich, They should look natural and should not seem like you are trying to optimize a keyword.

  4. I think, being active on high authority forums and on discussion boards like Quora and on blogging communities like Blog engage and Inbound will be the extra added factor in building the quality links.

  5. Hello,

    Yes you are right quality backlinks are really important to gain more exposure in search results and also good idea for getting referral traffic. To be honest I haven’t used rss footer plugin from yoast and it seems like i’ve missed a great plugin till time. I’m gonna surely use it.


  6. Hi,

    You have rightly said, building back links and that should be of good quality is very much important to improve your search ranking..thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Nice article on linkbuilding I am confused how to start link building for my new blog. After reading the article I am clear about my strategy to build backlinks fir my blog after reading the article.

  8. Nice list! Just a comment regarding Video Submission: If you’re writing blog posts, you can also make a video out of your post. Use for instance PowerPoint and create a video that you upload to YouTube and you will get a nice backlink directly to your post. If you use pics in your post, upload the pics to Flickr, use the insert code and at the same create a backlink to your blog post.

  9. Quality over quantity is definitely king nowadays. Is RSS a safe method to get links? I thought I heard some bad things about it. I wish I knew how to have Google index more of my backlinks, after working very hard to build so many of them, it can be disheartening to see only about 20% of them being found.

  10. Hie Asif,
    Thnx a ton bro, this is what i’m searching for so long, what is the exact and well mentained way to create backlink is what you have tought me today, to be very honest i feel like you are the one who understand the major issues regarding blogging and its funtioning in a proper manner, but asif i have a doubt in a tip which is tip no 1 where you’ve written that RSS footer plugin should be installed but its bad. what is bad in that ? Bro if have a minute to discuss with me plz do by answering. 🙂
    -Piyush Dhiman

    • Hi Piyush,

      Thanks for those wonderful words,
      with ‘Bad’ I meant that these are very low quality sites that scrap content from other sources. But if you don’t use the RSS footer plugin, they are going to scrap your content anyway.
      So it is better to get your website link on their website. Google Search has grown and has become a powerful product, I think there are aware of such type of content scrapping, they are also aware that the original owners of that content can not do much to stop it, So Google will take care of it.
      I hope I have answered your query.

  11. After reading this post, I feel that am missing some great ways to build quality links.

    Thanks for sharing the tips, will execute some link building tips for my blog.

    • You are welcome Nirmala.
      Glad that you find my article useful.
      These tips will open more opportunities for you to blog confidently.

  12. Great Tip,

    Thanks for sharing, i will definitely try all these as already i am doing some of them.


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