BoxOfAds Review: An Ultimate Spy Tool For CPA/Affiliate Marketers

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Do you spy on your competitors?

ohhh comm'on.

This would be the dumbest question to ask today.

We all do this, because the mantra to succeed in blogging is smartness to Spy.

If you are not good in analyzing your competitors and steal their backlinks, ads copy, landing pages, offers.. you are still living in the age, where there is no point to be honest.

Online marketing is all about learning from the experts, reading their blogs, watching videos, podcasts and doing the same which they are doing on their blog.

Recently Yaro Starak debunked the myth about being everywhere.

Things have been changed completely and we are moving towards new changes, new traditions and new working methods to make money online.

To enjoy the real success in online world, pick just one thing.. and keep doing, until you succeed.

When I started CPA marketing around 6 months back, I wasn't aware about very small things, like importance of a landing page, ads copy, headlines, colors, buttons and many things.

In short – I was doing many landing page mistakes.

But once I started digging deeper into this, my world was never same again.

So here we are going to talk about why should we spy, and why this tool BoxOfAds is a best choice to do smart spying.

#1. You understand the market

Understanding the market to find what works and what not is the tedious task. When I started, I used to spent 5-6 hours in day to study about my target audience, landing pages, search terms and other things to run a successful CPA campaign.

I was spending sleepless nights to make my offers more converting.

We started CPA with dating offers.

Yeah Dating. 😉

So our audience was completely clear to us. But the issue was, how to pitch them and bring on our landing page.

Once we researched about our main keyword in BoxOfAds, everything was in front of us (including CPA network, tracker, landing pages).

Here is one screenshot:


So spying is going to help you to understand the market which you are targeting, and ultimately you are going to get better results.

#2. You get pre made things

I love this. 🙂

When I was doing study for one of my affiliate sites, I just picked first 5 competitors from the Google search results and started studying their backlinks using SEO Spyglass (Read my full review about SEO Powersuite).

Once the research was complete, I could see all the backlinks of my competitors and check the quality of them as well.

I just filtered all the results, started doing commenting on those same pages, submitted guest posts on same blogs, added my articles on same submission directory.


I was on the top of Google search results.

So spying is going to help you get pre-made things which you can further filter to get more benefit than your competitors.

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#3. You save your precious time

Spying with a tool and spying manually can bring a big difference in your online business.

Internet marketing is a number game, where you have to take each and every step very carefully (while not compromising your resources).

And the biggest resource is our TIME.

If you can save your time, you can do many new things everyday.

So spying is the last solution if you want to raise your voice in the industry and looking forward to get results like all big players. You are not only going to make money with this tool, but it's going to give you time freedom as well.

Let's talk about BoxOfAds now…


As I told, I started using this tool around 6 months back.. and things changed completely.

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BoxOfAds is the smartest tool of 21st century to give you extra edge in affiliate/CPA marketing.

So let's check the features one by one.

#1. Smart PPV Spying

As I already told, BoxOfAds is a spy tool which let me you dig deep about your competitors and make a winning campaign with less efforts. By putting keyword you can see all landing pages giving you information about:

  1. Target Page.
  2. Landing Page.
  3. Tracker.
  4. Duration.

1. Target: The page where they are sending all traffic to earn money via affiliate or CPA.

2. Landing Page: That exact page which marketer are using to get more CTR.

3. Tracker: If you are into CPA or affiliate marketing, you must be aware about the term tracker. If not, tracker is basically a third party tool which let you convert your affiliate links user friendly.

4. Duration: An awesome feature to filter the successful pages. By selecting duration you can see when that page went live first time and for how much time it is on the internet.

See screenshot (click on image to see full size).

Screenshot at Sep 23 20-15-25

#2. Page overview

After clicking on any thumbnail you can get the full overview about the page.

Overview like:

  1. Network
  2. First Seen
  3. Last Seen
  4. Age
  5. Target
  6. Tracker
  7. Landing Page
  8. Trend
  9. Advertiser Landing Pages
  10. Other landing pages

In short – You are going to get everything about the page.

Screenshot (click on image to see full size)



After getting so much information about the you can understand the exact strategy and get the exact display ads which people are using to get more online exposure.

Click here to Grab 3-Days FREE Trial of BoxOfAds

BoxOfAds not only reduces your time to get results but you get tons of ideas to make converting landing pages and understand the real psychological triggers to make it more convincing and converting.

These are 2 landing pages I ripped with the help of BoxOfAds 2 days back and with my surprise they are getting highest CTR now. Here is the screenshot of 7Search campaign.


Final verdict

There are tons of options available in the market to spy competitors and steal their hard work.. But if you will ask me which tool I love the most, my answer would be definitely BoxOfAds.

If you are doing CPA and want to get real converting landing pages with easy then this might be one of the best investment to see real boost in your business.

If you have any query about BoxOfAds then feel free to ask me in comment section, I would love to reply each and every answer.

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  1. Hello Kulwant,

    Such a great article you posted…………………

    I would like to say that i also did as you, when I digger deeper I thought to saw what my competitors are doing and I did the same for my website then my website got top five position on Google.

  2. It looks like a productive tool for many people who want to enhance their work in the same field. But as you said, there are many such tools available so it is hard for people to pick one easily. Well explanation though!

  3. Heyy Kulwant,

    Great tool indeed!

    As I am very much into affiliate marketing, I think it’s a good tool for me.
    Thanks for delivering the 3 days trial link 🙂

    Truly appreciate your efforts 🙂

  4. Wonderful review Kulwat brother!

    Your writing skills are just awesome as the tool you described is but I am angry on your for one thing, You are not posting consistently, Why? :/

    • Ammar, thanks for the love. These days I have been involved in too much activities so not getting time to blog. I’ll be in action very soon.

  5. Hello Kulwant. We have a surprise 🙂 We are adding data (PPV) in from 4 more countries:
    – UK
    – Canada
    – Germany
    – Australia

    • Just checked the update yesterday.. I was like wowwwwww…. 🙂

      Many congrats for the expansion.

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