Let's get started with Blogging!

A Workshop (in New Delhi) which will help you to build your website from ground up!

Step-By-Step instructions, no previous knowledge needed!

This is the exact same guide I used to make $300,000+ in last 2 years. You can do it too!

Back in 2011, when I was struggling to earn some money so that I could give my family a better life, I stumbled across blogging. September 2011, I started my first blog www.kulwantnagi.com where I was sharing tips for network marketing.

But soon I found that blogging was way more interesting than doing any full-time job or even network marketing.

Made my first dollar after 7 months..

I was working day and night, just to figure out the methods which could help me to make some money online. Some methods which could give me time and money freedom.

After trying for 7 months, I got my first advertiser paying me $59 a month to place a banner on my blog.

That was an ahaaaaaa moment for me, because things were working now.​

So next one year, I improved my skills..

I learn how to write compelling articles, which plugins to install on any blog to make it super amazing. How to install fast loading WordPress themes on any blog and how to find keywords which can help any newbie to make money online.

I analyzed some of the best blogs in the industry and cracked the game of becoming a best blogger.​

I applied the strategies I learnt from some of the top bloggers in the world and started seeing result within few months.

I am here for you if you have any additional questions!

Why am I doing this? Why would I wanted to share my secret road to success?

I have seen people struggling..

I have seen people subscribing to list of many so called bloggers, getting their emails every single days, and still making no money.

I have seen people downloading courses from various resources and filling their hard disks without taking any solid actions.

I meet many people at various seminars and conferences who are trying blogging from last 3-4 years and still waiting for that ahaaa moment to get the popularity and finally making some money online.

They have tried many make money online methods but still not seeing any success so far.​

They say that we don't have time for blogging.

They think that they cannot afford premium themes and plugins so it's tough to compete with top players.

They are afraid that no one is going to read their blog.​

We fail because of no mentorship.

Do you know that you can save few precious years of your life just by investing some money on yourself?

Do you know that you can skip the rat-race by learning the secret tips from successful bloggers?

I did same in 2013, when I paid 18,500 INR to my mentor to learn how to advertise on Facebook. Where many of my friends were still struggling after 4-5 months, I was making money on Facebook, because I knew the recipe now.​

I am teaching all these tested and proven methods, so that you can save your precious time. You can avoid that frustration and ultimately you can start making some real money online.

You are the next Blogging Superstar..

You must have heard that how blogging is changing people's live worldwide. People are making money by sitting at their home and living a life like a celebrity.

and you must be worried that it won't work for me because I don't have skills.​

I had the same misconceptions because I was thinking that blogging is something which is just for professional. I was thinking that I could not become a better blogger because I don't have the right skills and right resources.

But here is the good news for you.. You can become next blogging superstar.

I believe in teaching best of the best..

Here is my 4-Days workshop for you to become a blogger, and make money by sitting at your home.

I have taught blogging and affiliate marketing skills to more than 150 students worldwide. I delivered my sessions via Google hangout or some webinar software, but this is the first time I am doing this training live in New Delhi. I will be sitting with 20 awesome people in a room where I will be sharing each and everything right in front of you.

You can ask your questions instantly and get replies from me. My team would be sitting with you to help you solve your technical queries.​

Let's see what steps you'll be passing

Day #1: Setting up Foundation

You will learn:

  • Understanding basics of internet marketing
  • What is Blogging
  • Understanding engagement, visibility and conversion.
  • Choosing a brandable domain name and setting up an optimized server
  • Setting up optimized WordPress theme for blog
  • Setting up pillar pages for your blog and deciding supporting pages
  • Installing required plugins to enhance the functionality of your blog

Day #2: Getting familiar with email Marketing

You will learn:

  • Understanding email marketing
  • Understanding email sequences, lists and forms.
  • Understanding auto-responders
  • Understanding email broadcasts
  • Installing lead magnet plugins and setting up sequence for your blog
  • Best practices for writing catchy email headlines
  • In-depth understanding of your email marketing software
  • Setting up squeeze pages, landing pages and thank you pages for your blog
  • Working with ThriveLeads to setup professional looking optin pages
  • Working with Thrive Content Builder to setup landing and Squeeze pages.
  • Creating a lead funnel

Day #3: Understand Core SEO Concepts

You will learn:

  • Understanding SEO
  • Keyword research and LSI keywords
  • On page and off page SEO
  • Header and meta tag optimization
  • Understanding backlinks
  • Best practices for safe backlinks
  • SEO friendly content writing
  • Understanding keyword density
  • Understanding Google webmaster and Google analytics
  • Setting up goals and conversions in Google analytics
  • Monitoring traffic and understanding user behavior for more conversions
  • Image optimization for SEO
  • Understanding robots.txt, dofollow and nofollow backlinks
  • Writing compelling content
  • 31 magnetic headlines for getting more eyeballs

Day #4: Making Money and Getting Traffic

You will learn:

  • Understanding Google AdSense
  • Understanding affiliate marketing
  • Learning 10 awesome methods to monetize a blog
  • Best practices for effective affiliate marketing
  • Driving targeted traffic on your blog
  • Engaging with top bloggers in the industry
  • Guest blogging and outreach
  • Content marketing
  • Enhancing authority with social media
  • Getting approved on affiliate networks

BONUS Session: Extra Tips

You will learn:

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads. Setting up perfect ads for your blog.
  • Social media optimization for more visibility.

I will not lie to you, you will still have some work to do but $1000 at the end of the month will be there for you

and Enjoy the life like me..

More time for family

Money freedom

No boss

No extra headache

No reporting to anyone

No fix office. Whole world is your workplace

I have traveled 13 awesome countries so far (England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and few more).

Thanks to Blogging, because I couldn't have this amazing life without being a blogger.

How amazing it would be if you have traffic graph like this.

and generating income like this..

or making awesome income like this..

This workshop can teach complete beginner or help someone experienced to grow their monthly income

I will share the things from scratch. Teaching you how to start an awesome blog, how to make it look professional and how to market it in a right way to bring hot customers.

We will be doing 5-8 hours class daily for 4 days where I will explain each and everything by sitting with you... by working on your own computer and giving you more insights about blogging.​

If you are a beginner:

To be very frank, it hurts being a beginner.

This is a stage where neither we are motivated enough to make the things happen nor we have the right people around us who believe on our potential.

Anyone in this world can become a blogger. Doesn't matter he is a doctor, lawyer, housewife, cricket coach, a teacher or anything. if you have that burning desire to spread your knowledge throughout the world, you can become an awesome blogger.

If you think that you are a beginner, I welcome you to join my workshop, because I have designed my 4 days module to teach a complete newbie.

These proven tips will help you to give a kickstart to your online career and you will shine way brighter than other people who are just looking for shortcuts.​

If you have experience:

An experienced person with no results is worst than a beginner.

I have met people who says that we are an experienced internet marketer/digital marketer/blogger or whatever because we have done 6 months training from XYZ institute.

OK.. You are an experienced person and you know everything about online marketing.

But here is one question..

Why are you still not making money?​

It means that something is missing. Something which you know already but you are not using it practically to make the things happen.​

I will sit with you find those problems and help you to become an awesome blogger.​

I am here for you if you have any additional questions!

See what my students are saying..

You get FREE digital products worth $1000.

During the course I will be sharing some awesome digital products with you which will enhance your blogging like a rocket. Your blog will look very professional from day one, and you will have all those awesome elements on your blog which most of the professional bloggers are having.

$500 worth WordPress themes

$200 worth WordPress Plugins

Some Other tools to enhance blogging

Your road to success starts right now! Join my workshop and start your blogging career now!

Let's summarize

What exactly are you getting by joining this workshop

  • 4-days workshop on how to become an awesome blogger. It will help you setup your blog, understand the importance of email marketing, doing right SEO for your blog, setting up a perfect social media foundation and ultimately make money with your blog.
  • Access to our Facebook group. You get access to my private Facebook group where you can interact with other awesome students and ask for the help.
  • All the help you need. If you get stuck on some of the steps during my workshop, we are here to help you and show you how to do it.

Startup Cafe, FD-1, First Floor, Close to Pitampura Metro Station, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034

Word of mentor:

I have personally used all the tips which I am going to teach in my blogging workshop. I have grown my business from zero to 6-figure USD in just 2 years. If you are looking forward to see a change in your life, if you are looking forward to become a well-known blogger in your industry, this course is for you.