Blogging Cage Theme: FREE Genesis Child Theme

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[su_note note_color=”#ffeeab” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”6″]This theme is no more available for download.[/su_note]

I am very happy to see the success of Blogging Cage as it is getting popularity day by day. When I started this blog then I was using Headlines Theme by WooThemes and run my blog for 6+ months with that theme only. As I digged more into blogging then I came to know that there were some amazing Frameworks like Genesis and Thesis out there.

At first I was very much confused about getting started with any of the Framework. Soon one blogger Romy Singh who blog at came in touch with me and he taught me that how could I design the Genesis Child Themes at my own.

Why I designedΒ FREE Genesis Child Theme?

I am getting many requests in a single day about the theme of Blogging Cage as I have designed it very unique and with the decent colour combination. So here I am giving myΒ FREE Genesis Child Theme to all my readers and friends of my readers.

Features ofΒ Blogging Cage Theme

I have made the theme which is looking almost same as present Blogging Cage Theme and added many more features.

  • Full Width Design
  • 728×90 ads code before post
  • 3 Widget Footer
  • 300×250 ads Widget
  • Inbuilt Newsletter
  • Inbuilt Related Posts
  • More advanced Featured Post Widget
  • Content Boxes and Color Buttons
  • Well-Aligned Images in Posts
  • 428×65 ads space in header right
  • Author Image along with Posts
  • Post info below Headlines
  • beautifully designed comment section
  • Next Post Previous Post option
  • Archive Page
  • Blog Page

I will be working more on the theme and you will see more advanced version of our theme very soon.

NOTE: This Themes will work if you have installed Genesis Framework Already.

Blogging Cage Theme Screenshot



NOTE: I have worked hard on this theme to spread love in Blogging community. If you want to appreciate my efforts then don't remove the footer credit link. This is the only thing which I want from you. I will be writing more awesome themes in future so all I need is little support of all of you. πŸ™‚ Keep Blogging Keep Rocking.

If you will find and bug or problem in installing then please don't forget to share with me in the comment section so that I can resolve it as soon as possible. Please Share the LOVE and keep sharing our theme with all your friends. This is the only thing I need from you. Happy Blogging

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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171 thoughts on “Blogging Cage Theme: FREE Genesis Child Theme”

  1. Hey good one man. I thought of asking about it, but you came for a download option. Love this theme and good work. Hope to see more themes from your side.

    • Really I want to say thanks for this theme as I was shifting my blog from Blogger to WordPress and I was not able to find a good one. But you provided it.

      • Suprabhat, now you can make your blog professional even from the start. πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow thank you for releasing the great Child Theme for Genesis. another great news in this is its free.

  3. Nice theme!!
    Wish you integrated the share buttons as well. Other parts look good. They will need some customization but still they are good. This is one of the best Genesis themes out there.

    • Thanks for saying such nice words Ujjwal. I will launch next version soon. So Stay tuned.

  4. Kulwant Nagi @ man gaya yaar @ A t last you have succeed and prepare full flag child theme for Genesis framework. I am going to download it first .

  5. if up all thanks for the theme buddy. its really awesome . this theme is i will use for my upcoming new blog. i will share after that creating. am not uploaded but can i change color on menu . i need like yours. and your substitution widget is outstanding . i hop this widget will be in this theme. thanks again. wish you same happy blogging.

    • Mahesh I have added 4 different colors in theme. I wanted to make little different from my theme. I am still working on it and soon you will see more clean version of this.

  6. Hi Kulwant,

    Wow, you’ve done are great job by providing the awesome theme for free, by seeing the theme options i cam justify that it has lot of features. The best thing which i liked in this theme is its footer and header which is clean. I like clean and simple themes

    And the other best thing is its free one, i suggest all newbies to your theme as some people can’t afford money to by themes.

    thanks a lot.

  7. Looks fab Kulwant, will share the post on Facebook and Linkedin (am having to write extra words so I don’t trip the spam filter)

  8. Two words, Clean and elegant Awesome work brother
    I am going to try this on my Tech Blog Thanks for this nice child theme.

  9. thanks for the theme,it looks very elegant,,will use it on one of my tech blogs and will share it here

  10. Nice work Kulwant bro, I loved this theme features, mostly I like these features: Inbuilt Newsletter, Inbuilt Related Posts and advertising options. Thanks for sharing this theme.

  11. got error

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _verify_activate_widget() (previously declared in /home/sumit759/public_html/ in /home/sumit759/public_html/ on line 47

  12. Will surely try this theme, a 468×60 adspace beside logo will be awesome and the best thing is its free πŸ™‚

  13. Hi kulwant,
    Its very impressive theme, specially the social sharing buttons and adsense ad placement which can be easily used by any blogger.

  14. Thanks For the theme, Its really awesome. I loved the Inbuilt Newsletter and Inbuilt Related Posts feature. Theme looks elegant and has got the perfect colour options. πŸ™‚

  15. Hey brother, the demo is awesome but i am unable to download it. Returns to same page after click on download.

  16. Hello brother, i just installed it on my blog, can you please tell me how to make long posts look short paragraphs only.

    • In Genesis Setting set “Display Post Excerpts” in Content Archives Setting.

    • There is one widget space called “Before Post”. Drag text widget there and add the code.

      • Hello!

        And how to keep this 728×90 in the home page as well? Because this way, I can only see the ad before single posts. Thanks!

  17. This is very nice of you to have this for free. I know that designing these things are murder and you could have every right to charge for it, but thanks!

  18. Great! I’m a Genesis user so it’s always awesome to see new free child themes. Thanks so much for designing this and releasing it for the rest of us.

    • You are most welcome Mr. Andrew. I am working on another FREE theme now. Will release soon. πŸ™‚

  19. What to say !! You made my and new bloggers day. Thanks for the theme. I will be waiting for more updates.

  20. Great WordPress Genesis theme, i love the layout, the neat design and its simplicity. The background is mature….Thanks

  21. Hey,

    this looks really great for a free Premium theme! Is it possible to have the top left and right widget areas and one bottom widget area like it was in the previous church child theme? Then it would fit my needs perfectly!

    Anyway, thumbs up!

    • Philip I made this theme for a single design only. If you know css then you can change anything in the theme. All the best.

      • Hey,

        I did the modification on the homepage. If you want to know how it looks like check my blog πŸ™‚


        • Great Efforts Philip Kleudgen. Work little more on it and it will look great !!

  22. AWESOME THEME!! But sir, I am not able to download it could u just check if the LINK is still active or not ? Please reply soon πŸ˜€

  23. Great Theme Kulwant,
    I am now using your theme on my blog, but the only problem I have with this theme is that i have to add the reduce sizes or width of images before they are reduced to fit the screen, especially at the sidebar. In my previous theme, no matter how big the size of your image, it will never overlap the sidebar or the content area width, it will auto adjust to the maximum width of the theme sidebar or content area.
    I hope you will fix this in your future updates.

    • Sorry to hear that you faced difficulty Joseph.

      I haven’t added that feature in my theme yet. Here is little piece of code which you can add in your theme style.css.
      Here are the steps.
      1. Go to Appearance > Editor
      2. Search Image
      When you will find the following code
      /* Images
      ———————————————————— */
      3. Add this code
      img {
      height: auto;
      max-width: 100%;

      4. Search #sidebar img
      5. Add following code inside { }
      max-width: 100%;

      If you are facing any difficulty to implement this then let me know.

      • Hi….. Please am having Problem with your theme sidebar.. am using to run my blog but the 125X125 ads banner are not side by side instead its in straight line

        • I am seeing all the widgets on your blog are on wrong position. Correct them first then let me know.

  24. Ok Bro…. I have installed it again, please check it. the 125X125 ads spot its in a straight line. its even using the quqttro theme css and yours on the site.

      • I know about your 125X125 ads widget. But i use as it tracks click,impression for advertisers works like buysellads. Or can you help me just auto resize the feature thumbnail image of my quattro genesis theme please?

        • add me on Facebook. Lets see the issue.
          My ID –

  25. What is the name of the childtheme that this blog uses? I love the theme and would love to have it. Just the name please.

  26. Your Theme is Awesome Kulwant Sir,
    I am too using Genesis FrameWork in my blog with Metro Child Theme. The heading appears too big any way to change it!

  27. I Filled in my information to Download this Theme, but you didnt send it into my inbox, pls how can i get it.

  28. Hi Kulwant. Thanks for the free theme. Just download and use it on my new blog. Just want to know, for the newsletter, where I can edit the text and include my feedburner.

  29. Kulwant, I just downloaded this theme, How can I configure the mail signup box after a blog post. Right now, its not working fine and I get mail subscription not enabled. Well Fixed my feedburner feed , switching email subs on, still not working. Any idea, please help!

    • The problem is with your feedburner.

      Hope you have edited the file in function.php and have used your own feedburner address.

      Do this setting.
      1. Open your feed using
      2. Go to Publicize.
      3. See Email Subscription at left side.
      4. Click on it.
      5. See ACTIVATE button at bottom.
      6. Activate it and Save.

      You are done. πŸ™‚

  30. Thank You so much for making it & then giving it for totally FREE FRRE FREE πŸ˜‰

  31. I know it is now longer free, but where can I get this theme?

    If you are not offering it to BUY, you ar missing out friend!

  32. Hey Kulwant,
    Thanks for providing such nice theme. But i am too late for it. Can you help me how can i download it?

    • Here is new download link –

  33. Well done for creating and allowing others to download it for free. It looks nice, clean and has all the functions that you need in a WordPress theme. I like the fact that it has many inbuilt features.

    • Yes Shalu, I tried adding many inbuilt features in it. After Genesis 2.0 launch I am going to work on it again and make it responsive.

  34. Hey Bro,
    Themes looks great subscribed and downloaded would like to make it live for my blog thanks for sharing an nice one would like to have more like this in future

  35. Just want to say you Thank you. i searched a lot to find a WP theme for my New blog, but did’t got success.
    The theme you provided is just superb.

  36. hey…your theme is awesome. i really liked it. i’m using it now in my blog pls tell me how to change the logo? when i activate logo, it shows your site’s logo..
    pls be kind to tell me

    • Akshay, I am glad to see that you have started using my theme. For using logo you will have to upload one image in image folder of theme. Make a png file for your logo and name it logo.png and then simply upload in image folder.

      Note: Check the dimensions of my logo before making your own png image.

  37. Many thanks for making this blog theme FREE

    This is as good as any theme on the Genesis Framework.

    See the Blogging Cage Theme live at:

    Thanks again!!!


    • Glad to see it live on your blog Richard. Make little tweaks in CSS and it will look much better.

  38. Thanks Kulwant Nagi for such a nice theme. I have installed this but I am facing a problem. A white line is appearing above search bar in header. How to remove this.

    • Search .widget in your style.css and replace it completely with following code.

      .widget {
      position: relative;
      margin: 0 0 20px 0;
      background: none;
      padding: 0;
      color: #555;
      font-family: Georgia,”Times New Roman”,Times,serif;
      line-height: 20px;

  39. Nice Theme Bro…!!!

    I’m new to WordPress and like this theme a lot.

    How can i change the logo of this Theme ??/

  40. There are about 36 results for .widget. I have to replace all of these or any specific one ?

    • Only one which have similar code. Try to match the code with given code and see what is modified.

      I just made background to none and removed border.

  41. ok… One more thing if you don’t mind. How can i change the logo image. ? The default logo image is named as “Blogging Cage”. I tried to replace the logo.png but again the same default image appears in header.

  42. Thanks buddy… I have applied and edited the blogging cage theme successfully… All credit goes to you… My blog is looking much better now. Thanks Again….

  43. I downloaded this Theme and i want to customize it…
    In this Theme, Where is footer.php file

  44. Hi,
    Thanks for giving this theme freely. It is very nice.

    I just downloaded you theme. Can you please guide me on how to insert my Logo in the theme clearly.

      • Hey kulwant where would i find the image folder of the theme? In Control Panel??? or in the editor stylesheet??

  45. Hi, When i checking the theme files, I saw a image named ‘ebook-header’. What is it’s purpose and how to add this???

    • That was just header of optin-box in my old theme. So you can remove it if you don’t want.

  46. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would definitely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks!

    • Hesham, copying articles would not be a good practice. So I will not allow you to do this.

  47. Two words, Clean and elegant Awesome work brother
    I am going to try this on my new Blog, Thanks for this nice child theme.

  48. hello kulwant,
    i am also using bloggingcage theme on my blog, but i want to put ads in header right. i have put the ad code in header right with ad widget but ads are not appearing. can you tell me what is problem here. i also notice that header.php is missing in theme.

    • I have made that spot for 468×60 size only.. Drop text widget there and place your ads code.

  49. hey kulwant please help me. i am using blogging cage theme how can i make header background color white. reply to this

    • Open style.css of your blog and search #header in it. Now you can give any color to it.

  50. Are you making changes to your current theme. i notice it today. it looks much more attractive. when will the next version of bloggingcage theme will release.

    • Yes, I have shifted my blog to genesis 2.0 and theme is fully responsive now. Are you asking about next version of free theme?

  51. Does this theme fully support and compatible with latest version of Genesis yet. Really in love with it. Thanks

    • Tan, this these was made for Genesis 1.9. Yet, it is still compatible for new framework. You can use it without any issue.

  52. Hello Kulwant,
    where I can find below options in theme.
    Full Width Design
    728Γ—90 ads code before post
    4 Different color option
    3 Widget Footer
    125Γ—125 ads Widget
    300Γ—250 ads Widget
    Inbuilt Newsletter
    Inbuilt Related Posts
    More advanced Featured Post Widget
    Content Boxes and Color Buttons
    Well Aligned Images in Posts
    Inbuilt Social Share options
    428Γ—65 ads space in header right
    Author Image along with Posts
    Post info below Headlines
    beautifully designed comment section
    Next Post Previous Post option
    Archive Page
    Blog Page

    I am unable to see them in the theme.

    • These features were in old theme. Few days back I launched genesis 2.0 compatible theme.. So these features are not available in that theme…

  53. hi kulwant,
    first of all thanks for the amazing theme. i got a problem i have got an email for downloading the theme when i click on the given downloading link i redirected on downloading page but the “download now” button is not working, even i tried many times, can you send me it to my email please.

      • can you please send me it to my email. i assure you that i am not going to any of things that’s why you have removed it. please.
        thank you very much.

  54. First of all thanx for this theme. I would like to use this theme so please provide me this theme.

  55. Hello kulwant sir, I wanted to get the second version of your genesis child theme so can u pls mail it to

  56. Thanks Kulwant Nagi Ji,

    It’s a awesome theme sir…
    Please release soon the new version of blogging cage theme.i’m wait for new..

  57. Thanks a lot Kulwant sir.
    Great theme. Please release the new version soon! Waiting for that.
    Anyways, thank you again.

      • This is one of the most beautiful Blogging theme for Genesis Framework. Please come back with a HTML5 for Genesis 2.0 theme even if it’s paid or free. I’d like to use for my site

  58. If you need some help with finishing up the theme let me know. I’ll be happy to help to get this out. It’s such a great theme for blogging.
    By the way, I like the typography of Blogging Cage and the glowing effect of navigation bar when you hoover it.

  59. Gr8 work…you really made me happy. Thanks for providing such wonderful theme for free . I could not buy genesis themes due to lack of money but now I have one . Thanks a ton

  60. I need your help. I want post with few lines and continue reading button on home page but instead it shows complete posts.

      • ok thanks. My genesis settings has option of limit content to —-characters above image size option. I think this is because my genesis is old version.

  61. Clean and nice looking theme, I think it will load faster than my present theme. I am going to try this theme on my blog for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.

  62. I am trying to download this theme and also filled the form but i didn’t receive the mail,
    Please check out the error & if possible then please mail this theme to me at

    Thank you

  63. Is this child theme is one which you were talking about? The Schema Friendly Genesis Child Theme? Anyways, I’ll be checking this theme out on my new blog very soon.

  64. Very Beautiful Theme ! THANKS for sharing πŸ™‚

    I run my main blog on WordPress but damn how can I forget my first love – Blogger. Still I have some blogs on blogger platform. So, is there any chance to get this theme for blogger blogspot?

  65. Clean and Elegant Theme. I had been using the Earlier Version of Blogging Cage Theme and I got a couple of Positive comments from my visitors. Thanks Kulwant Sir for sharing this wonderful theme with your readers.

  66. Seems decent. I am going to try this one.
    I was looking for some good and decent theme like this.
    Thanks for providing such wonderful theme for free .

  67. Nice theme, Kulvant πŸ™‚
    Can I make a front page out of it πŸ™‚
    But this is awesome

    You would have used this theme on your site it is this much great πŸ™‚

      • OK But It is awesome without a front page also πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work man πŸ™‚

        I hope you will share some more awesome themes in future πŸ™‚

        Great to see this new theme πŸ™‚

  68. Awesome sir. Nice template with great features and full responsive… thanx for sharing with us.. If am having any doubts while editing and customizing then help me sir…

  69. Nicely design theme Kulwant an color combinations are great. Thinking to make a modified version of your template for blogger blog

  70. Nice theme sir, I had used previous theme and very impressed with that. Thanx for providing again this beautiful theme.

  71. Mr.Kulwant,
    Your theme is user friendly. Recently I have installed in my new blog. working fine. thank you for this support.

  72. Thank you! Nagi sir,

    Just installed and feeling good may I think you just check it out I have tweak the fonts from Google web fonts. (there is a bug related to it.)

    Now my site look professional just of you.

    Thanks! once again.

  73. Not a Big fan of Genesis all the way. But your work is really recommendable and you came with a nice usable theme for all the genesis users. One point, I want to ask ” How we can add our own functions and features in Genesis child theme and I have some knowledge to enhance the loading speed of any WordPress based website”.

    • Thanks a lot for such nice words brother.

      We can add own features in genesis child theme very easily using lib directory.

  74. Perfect theme, better than most of the official Genesis child themes available out there. I think it’ll be quite suitable for my blogs and also for some of my static sites. Thanks a lot for sharing it brother πŸ™‚

  75. I was currently using dedicated child theme but today I am going to change my blog theme with your. Thanks a lot Nagi bro.Your Work is appreciable. Love your blog content and design its too inspirational to see your work. Thanks again bro

  76. Thanks for the lovely theme bro but I am new to this WordPress and all so would you please tell me how can I get the parent theme for genesis because I guess this theme won’t be of any use right?

    • Shahzad, this is a premium framework which you can buy with this link

  77. how to download this theme?? i just see the name and email address box but nothing else!!! plz fix it!!!

    • It just needs 2 things.. You will get download link in your mail after filling the form.

  78. Thanks for sharing this theme Kulwant Nagi. I like the appearance, but I think the design is a little too big for my taste. If the design is similair size like your home page here it’s be perfect!

    • Chao, you can make your own modification in the theme. let me know if you need any help.

  79. Thanks for Free neat & clean Genesis theme, i have never bought any theme. I have just downloaded easily, thanks again for making site navigation easy

    Its really Great….

  80. Hey Kulwant,
    It will be so great of you if you can release this theme for Blogger as I am into blogging but using blogger as a platform rather than wordpress.

    • I don’t work with blogger.. Hope any good blogger will release it soon. πŸ™‚

  81. Thank You Kulwant Nagi for Sharing your Priceless Theme with us.I will use your Theme on my new Blog(

  82. Great theme but when I change the color style nothing happens, why is this? Where in CSS can I change this?

  83. Is there a way to get the older version of this theme with the menu not at the top, but in the traditional place (like you have here?)


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