Blogging Blueprint by Kulwant Nagi: Experience and Highlights

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How awesome would you feel when your dream comes true?

A dream which you are carrying from last 12 years.

For me it was a mind blowing as well as an unbelievable experience.

Delivering first ever solo speech in front of 300+ awesome people. People who travelled 40 hours via train, people who travelled from another part of the country and people who managed to attend this seminar despite of having many other responsibilities.

I thank all of them.

This seminar was not possible without such awesome and enthusiastic attendees.

We got the idea to do this event when I was coming back to home after delivering my speech in Ludhiana.

I spoke around 1 and half hour in that speech.

Got tremendous reviews after my speech and all the students were very happy.

We were coming back to home and suddenly I asked my team, “Should we do a solo event in Delhi?”

All of them instantly replied – YES.

Let's do it.

We came back at home and started planning.

At first we thought that it would be simple task. Just announce on social media, ask some fellow bloggers to promote it and we are done.

But in reality it was much more difficult than that.

Getting people to attend your first ever seminar is difficult.

and planning everything is even way more difficult.

We all were newbies.

My whole team never ever did such a seminar.

We were clueless.

We started writing down each and everything and started doing daily meetings to convert this dream into reality.

One by one things were getting revealed.

Things like who will take care of badges, who is going to get the flex printed, who will manage the tickets at the backend, from where to buy the notepads, who is going to manage during lunch time, who will be the guys checking tickets at the gate, and a lot of other things.

Being from a very small city, it was difficult for us to get all the things done in my city itself.

We asked few of the friends to help but they all recommended to get such tasks done from Delhi only.

We finalized the dates and started putting more efforts to give it a shape.

Deciding venue was a big task itself.

We didn't know that how many people are going to register for this event.

When you are doing any event for the first time, you cannot guess the numbers.

We were bit skeptical but still we finalized to book a auditorium having 400 sitting capacity.

Now we had final date and venue.

Started promoting it on social media and at my blog too.

In first 24 hours we sold 48 tickets.

We couldn't believe that we have already achieved 12% of the goal.

Started doing more promotion and at the end we sold 270 tickets.

Number were less.

Although the start was very good, but the final count was very less.

Suddenly I got the idea to make an announcement. I invited all the attendees to bring one of their friend at the seminar at free of cost.

If atleast 50 of the attendees bring one of the their friends with them, we could achieve the number 300.

But on that day we counted 320 attendees.

We had an unbelievable 300+ attendees.

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Here are some awesome captures.



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img_6711 img_6854 img_6859 img_6864 img_6978

Overall this was an outstanding experience for us.

I thank my sponsors IIPDS and Worduct for such a huge support. I couldn't make it without the help of my awesome friends Kapil Anand and Danish Wadhwa.

I specially thank Mr. Jaydip Parikh, Gurpreet Singh Tikku, Ashvin Patel, Jitendra Vaswani and Pradeep Kumar for coming to New Delhi just to attend my event.

Final words.

This was a new beginning for me.

We learnt a lot of things from this event which we can improve in the upcoming events.

I will be doing 4-5 such events in the big cities in India.

So stay tuned for the updates.

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Make sure you join our Blogging Cage VIP group at Facebook for all the future updates.

Let's meet in my next event. 🙂

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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55 thoughts on “Blogging Blueprint by Kulwant Nagi: Experience and Highlights”

  1. Man, I’ve missed it due to some family works.

    I’m sure it was awesome, but I’ll looking forward for next one.

  2. Traveling for 40 hrs by train was not easy for me, but it was worth more than what I had expected from this event. I learned a lot from Mr. Kulwant Nagi. Made new friends, got great level of inspiration from wonderful guests like, Mr Jaydip Parikh, Mr Jitendra Vaswani, Mr. Pradeep Kumar. They shared their experience which was awesome and my 6 month’s learning was getting a new wonderful horizon. Thanking your and your team, eagerly awaiting for your next event.

  3. Hey Kulwant,

    Its was really a great experience and learning attending your session.
    I and my Team Worduct thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your audience.
    All the Best for your future Endeavours!


  4. I have missed because the seminar not held in Kolkata. Next time try it come Kolkata or upload video if possible.

  5. Hi Kulwant your seminar was very good. Your speech was spellbound. Learnt a few things and also networked with you and Jitender Vaswani. Keep the good work you are doing.

  6. I’v attended the event inspite of many responsiblities. I totally loved it. You made me fall in love with blogging 🙂 After the event I’ve started my blog and I totally loved the idea about serving your audience. Hope to join you in your next event with a success story. Keep rocking and inspiring.

  7. Hi Kulwant Sir,
    Thanks for the awesome post. I was also there. This was my first event which I have attended and the Experience was awesome. Thanks for refreshing the whole Blogging Blueprint event.

  8. Hi Kulwant, I have requested many times to host such event in Pune. There are many young bloggers needed blogging guidance. None of the professional bloggers are willing to come to Pune for making such great events.

    Please Kulwant, Also plan a event in Pune or Mumbai.

  9. Really enjoyed reading your experiances …thank u for sharing ..we all punekar would like to here you..

    Abhishek Nale

  10. That was the wonderful event Kulwant. We all, who attended, learned one thing at least on that day. What I learned was to stay consistent and have patience. I remember you saying that it’s not gonna happen in 3-4 months, it takes years. At least couple of years to reach an optimum level of earning.

    In a recent Facebook update by Jitendra Vaswani, he said he reached overnight success in 3 years. In 3 years.

    I have made myself understand this and I am now motivated enough to stay consistent and be patient. I guess all the newbies should also be doing the same.

    So, overall, it was a wonderful event, which was a dream for you.

    One thing I would like to admit here Kulwant is, when I was watching you on the stage, in actually, I was watching myself speaking on that event in my vision. So I have started my journey.

    • Thanks for such an outstanding feedback. 🙂

      Consistency is the game to succeed in any part of the life.

      Feeling awesome to hear that you saw yourself in me. Will share the stage with you one day very soon.

      Best wishes. 🙂

  11. lot knowledge of knowledge gained by reading. have a request why not have a survey sent by mail and on the blog about where to conduct the next workshop. why not Bengaluru which is the most happening place when it comes to any kind of entrepreneur ship.

  12. Congratulations kulwant ji.Missed this one would love to attend next event.please visit our site and drop your valuable feed back

  13. Hi Kulwant sir,
    I have learnt a lot from your blog. Also have attended seminar held in mumbai were you have given a awesome speech on blogging for newbies like me. Congrats for your success and hope that you held a event in Mumbai again so that people like me can learn things from you.

  14. Congratulations for the such a great initiative to spread and share worthy knowledge at your seminar. It was really prevelage to be a part of your session. Lookin forward to Learn and grow with your guidance.

  15. That was a great session. really had a lot of take aways.
    I have listed for your blogging workshop in January. Looking forward to get the invite to join.

  16. Dear Kulwant,
    Sorry!! I Missed it, this was not on sunday ???? I will be happy if you can conduct such inspirational events on sunday. Many student and working people can be able to attend the seminar. I do not want to miss any events… ???? Looking forward to hear your amazing journey & experience… ???? Well started, keep Rocking.

  17. Hello Kulwant sir I am not a successful blogger and even not getting traffic till now. Because I started my blog in October and when I became a successful blogger then I will never miss any event of you.

  18. I booked the early bird ticket and attended this seminar. It was just awesome. It was really full of knowledge and insights. I got the chance to meet and clicked the pics with some great ProBloggers like Jitendra Vaswani, Pradeep Kumar and of course Kulwant Nagi.
    I am waiting for the next seminar in delhi.

  19. Congratulations Kulwant.
    Missed this one would love to attend next event. Could you please share some insights on link building. My email id has been mentioned below.

  20. Hi Sir,

    I have missed this seminar “Blogging Blue Print”. I hope it was very helpful for all newbies. I missed a lot.
    I am waiting for the next seminar in my home town i.e “Hyderabad”.
    Please inform me the dates sir, so that I will book my dates in my calendar.

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