5 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Making Money

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There is no doubt that people are mostly starting blogging in a bid to make money. Some bloggers make money while some still struggling. Even after having knowledge of how and when your blog can generate money, they fail to get their share of the online revenue.

Why is that so? Why a blog doesn’t make money even after getting high traffic? There’s got to be a problem (or maybe problems) somewhere. There might be loopholes in your blog.

So here are five quick points that will help you find out the loopholes that why your blog is not making money to flow in.

5 Reasons your blog is not making Money-

1. Your blog is not fully optimized

Do you think that you have a fully optimized blog? If you are not able to generate money, then maybe it’s not optimized. Brush up your SEO skills, do some keyword research, write articles according to your blog’s keywords. SEO optimized blog ensures you quality traffic from search engines and also tells your readers you are serious about blogging.

Don’t be lazy in optimizing your blog and your content and make Loading Time very Fast. Use proper title tags, proper keywords, do some basic SEO, and that would be enough to optimize your content.

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2.  Your blog is ads factory

Got approval from Adsense? Congratulations. But don’t rush into putting ads at each and every possible place. You won’t earn a single penny, and worse, you might get banned from Adsense.

Don’t use too many ads program; don’t think that more ads mean more money. Nope, more ads mean no money. Your readers should be able to see your content clearly. The sidebars should be clean; all the widgets should be at their place. Once you have a great readership, you wouldn’t need to make an effort; advertisers will automatically contact you and thus some big bucks will be generated.

 3. You are using too many affiliate links

This is another grave mistake bloggers commit. They sign up for different affiliate products and start adding links in their blog, inside the posts thinking that it will increase sales. But the truth is bitter.

This will only make you uneasy. Affiliate marketing is one thing that should be done only after some point in your blogging journey and that too systematically. If you are doing it with proper management, then just one link will bring more sales as compared to more links and no sale. That’s a nice bargain.

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4. Your content is “me too” content

What? Didn’t get it? It means that you are giving your readers the things that they already have or they already know about it. Spinning or copying articles from a big blog, thinking it would help and earn money; these tactics won’t do any good.

If you are just writing stuff that’s already present on other blogs, then why will people come to your blog?? Give me a reason for people to visit your blog. People visit blogs to read the contents of it, and if they are happy with the content, they will visit back; thus increasing chances of earning more money.

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5. You don’t have a brand

Why many blogs are earning thousands each month and not you?? It’s because they have established their brand and you still don’t know about it. People remember that particular blog by seeing their logo or even a similar image.

Blog branding and thus personal branding is a point that many bloggers take seriously when it comes to establishing your online persona and an authority blog. If any blog launches a product, people buy that product only when they trust that brand (that blog). Brand your blog according to what you are; what your blog is all about. Use proper logo in your blog and in every social media account. Use a proper tagline and some great design elements and brand yourself.

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After reading and carefully analyzing these tips you must think now why your blog is not making money and be prepared for the next task.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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17 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Making Money”

  1. In First 6 Months we should concentrate on design and seo and traffic . We should not start displaying ads so soon that our readers hate it .

    • We must start by making the proper base and proper strategy, only then we can become successful in blogging. Otherwise we will also like all other bloggers who come and go.

  2. All blogs have same content. Every blogger writers same but the magic is presenting the posts.
    And at the end giving your opinion.
    Another reason that I would like to add is expecting earnings at early stages.

    • Expecting earning at early stage i think is the biggest reason for fail. Blogging needs time and patience.
      Thanks for adding value.

  3. If every newbie blogger will think about make money in starting period of blogging then he/she can’t make their presence for whole life in online marketing because blogging is that kind of field where you have need to prove and improve yourself on everyday.

  4. Hi Kuldeep….
    Really impressive article…
    I like the point ‘Me Too’ – I always share this message to my fellow bloggers that always write something new and interesting or if you have decided to write on a topic which has been covered hundreds of time already then try to add value in existing content so that your reader get something new from it.

  5. i want to shift from blogger.com to wordpress due to availability of lots of Plugins…Will it hamper my SEO strategies?Am i on the right track?I am fresher in blogging ..need your guidance!!

    • Yes your SEO will be affected for 2-3 months, because all the backlinks made on that blog will be waste for you.

      You have to do permanent redirection from blogspot blog to get the result very fast, so better you start making some backlinks of the custom domain and then transfer it.

      And all the very best for Blog transfer and welcome in WordPress world.

  6. A blog will start making money when it is fully optimized which you have properly mentioned in this article. A blog should load fast because people don’t like slow loading ads. If a blogger does everything correctly then definitely he will get success..

  7. Nice article Kuldeep, I have been in middle of creating a blog like yours, and these tips would surely me something very different,

    Keep sharing the good work.


  8. wow. this is really helpful.. my blog has been one of my college sustenance. and the earnings really matter. guess, i need to work with the keywords. >.<

  9. this article surely will help me to increase my blog earnings and traffic also. I will try to implement these ideas and tips on my blog and will write about results later.

  10. your article is very informative for me. today I was searching for the same thing and then I got your blog by Google. now these days I am researching on various blog money making strategies because I am also running a tech blog and I want to earn lot of money from them. In this step your article really help me.

  11. Hey,

    Bloggers should have some magic in the content of their blog which will definitely attract the readers and increase the traffic of the blog.


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