My Method To Do Best Keyword Optimization For My Articles

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In last article I shared how you can do extensive keyword research and find potential keywords for your articles. Such keywords will not only bring traffic on your blog but you can generate huge income also.

Most of the people in previous article asked me about how to write an article which will be keyword optimized, and how they can target keywords in their articles.

So here I am going to share some tips to write an awesome keyword optimized article. Read it very carefully and implement the things listed here on your articles, and soon you will see them ranking on good places.

Note: For the easiness I am giving you example of this article only, so that you can understand this in better way.

Here I am targeting keyword “Keyword Optimization” which is having very low local as well as global searches. And I am doing it just for teaching you otherwise in last 2 articles I haven't done any SEO.

As my main aim here is to teach more and more. 🙂


Here are the best keyword optimization techniques

1. Keyword in Title

This is the very first thing you will when you will start writing any article. After proper keyword research you will scratch your mind to find good-looking title which must be having your main keyword in it.

In my case I have chosen – “My Method To Do Best Keyword Optimization For My Articles”

You can see that I have my main keyword in my title which is good to go now.

2. Keyword in URL

Your main keyword must be in your URL, because when Google show results then they look for URL also.

Here is live example.


I searched on Google for “best keyword research” and this was second result.

In my article I have used keyword in URL, and this is –

So I have targeted this main keyword (Keyword Optimization) in my URL also.

3. Keyword in first and last 50-100 words

This is one of the thing which you can use to make your article more keyword optimized.

Note: Don't try to do keyword stuffing to achieve this. Just go normal.

So repeat your main keyword in first 50-100 words and then at last of your article.

4. Keyword in bold, italic and underline

This was one of the things about which I was confused. So I did one case study for this.

I made two different site; in one I used all these things while in other I didn't used.

and what?

Article with bold, italic and underline was ranking while other was not.

So for best keyword optimization you can use them in your articles.

5. Keyword in H1, H2, H3 tag

Using H tags in articles is one of the good practice to do.

You need not to worry about using H1 tag in your article, because all WordPress themes have the title in H1 tag, so it is automatically covered here.

6. Keyword in Alt-tag of Image

I know you might be missing this thing while uploading images in your articles.

When you upload pictures in your articles, always use same keyword or keyword phrase in alt-tag of your images.

7. Keyword in external link anchor text (optional)

Some SEO webmasters suggest that we must use one external link in article with same anchor text as our main keyword, and this will help to do better SEO. I personally used it just for 2 0r 3 times and my articles are ranking without this also.

8. Content length 500+ words (must)

If you want your content to become more Google friendly then start writing long article. It must be very informative and well formatted article and all bullet points must be clearly understandable.

Don't try to copy content from other blogs or article directories because Google penalize such blogs very badly and it's very hard to recover from such penalties.

9. Keyword in meta title, description, keyword

You might be using All in one SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin on your blog. Both plugin allow you to add meta title, description and keywords for your article.

Keep following things in mind.

  • Use not more than 60 characters for your title.
  • Use not more than 160 characters in your meta description
  • Use keyword properly

10. Keyword density 2%-3%

I know you are very excited after reading all these techniques to write a best keyword optimized article.

But Stop !!

Our aim here is to make our article Google friendly, so we will have to follow their guidelines also.

When you are done with adding all the recommended things in your article then here come keyword density. And your keyword density must be less than 3% otherwise Google will consider this as over-optimization and your content will not be ranked.,

For keyword density you can use Live Keyword Analysis tool which will help you to find exact density in your articles.

Final Word.

Here I explained everything which I am using for ranking my article and you can duplicate it very easily. Follow each step very carefully and start writing article which even Google will love to read. 😉

What I want from you?

If you enjoyed reading this keyword optimization article then please share this with your friends (Facebook share, tweet, Google plus share) and spread my voice to help more newbies.

I would love to hear your feedback and your awesome support to encourage me to write more awesome content.

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42 thoughts on “My Method To Do Best Keyword Optimization For My Articles”

  1. Thanks bro it was quite a guide on keyword optimizations, thanks a lot on sharing such a secret tip with us. I am following these steps but still am not ranking well

  2. Nice Article Kulwant. You missed one point here that is inner linking, what about inner linking for keyword optimization and overall on page SEO, because lot of people explaining different theory about his, what you say?


  3. You have suggested all the tips and tricks for good keyword optimization. You will be glad that am following all the tips what you have mentioned in your post except H3. Good post with example. Keep sharing

  4. Keywords are very important. I also use the same tips except I don’t write meta description and I use only h1 heading.

    SEO by Yoast plugin is my favorite because it takes care of all the above things.

    • Hamza, you are using good plugin on your blog. Hope this article will help you to make your articles more SEO friendly..

  5. Hello Kulwant,

    First of all thanks sharing hidden and informative tips of keyword optimization. And I must say you’ve covered each and everything in one post. Yeah of course keyword optimization plays a major role in getting traffic from search engines.


  6. Hi kulwant, Moving back onto your blog after a period of time. In my opinion, articles length is of 700+ words having the keyword in middle also. Also, I suggest every newbie to use wordpress seo by yoast, as the main advantage of using this plugin is that you have the option of selecting a main focus keyword which one use into his articles.
    I have also doing the same things on my blog.

    • So, how has your experience been with that plugin? How are the results? Would you mind sharing them here? I have heard a lot about this plugin, but isn’t still using it.
      Hope to hear from you.

  7. Simple and Informative article. But does Keyword in bold, italic and underline really matters ?? and How ?
    I’ve heard this several times but how it helps to ranks in SERPs.

    Anyway thanks for this awesome article..

  8. There are a lot of articles I read about keyword optimization. But, I guess, this was one such article that I read after a long days. I mean, it was not only the content, but also something new to read. I felt great when reading it, indeed!

  9. When I have started to wrote blog post I was not pretty much sure about keyword optimization. I always faced the problem of keyword sniffing. As you have explained it is an effective way to approach to do effective keyword optimization. Using keywords in headings is really important and including keywords in subheadings may also help. Including keywords in first 100 words is such an effective way. Consisting keyword in permalinks can boost up the SEO of that blog post.
    I will try to follow these steps.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks Kulwant .. 🙂
    you made my day by revealing some inner information. But here one question I have to ask that is As we know Google search engine can’t consider Keywords submissions in seo tools that we used in WordPress like All in one or Yoast.
    So can we used keywords in our post ?

    • Moazzam, these plugins are just to optimize your article for particular keyword, where at the end we are going to use keywords in the article only.

      Yes, use keywords in your articles..

  11. Simple and comprehensive guide of keyword optimization. I just want to ask one thing that should we focus only one keyword or more then one (say two) to write SEO friendly blog post…?

  12. Hello Kulwant – Great guide for newbies to optimize for keywords for better ranking in Search Engines. Yoast is a must plugin which will cover the topics you have highlighted and if you have . I would also add to this to use LSI keywords which can be found by typing your targeted keyword in google search and after searching there will be alternate keywords suggested at the bottom and using such words in the article will help for better ranking. Thanks for sharing this great tips.

  13. Hello Mr. Nagi,

    I want to say that I was looking for this article in which experienced guy explain how to keyword optimization for website or blog.

    now I got and want to thanks to you for sharing this article.
    I will share it on my social profiles also.

    Thanks & regards

  14. The above all tips similar to same as wordpress plugin SEO pressor. anyways thanks for share the great info about keyword optimization.

  15. Hi Kulwant,
    Nice points and it is true this method works. I also do the same while writing and posting and it has been effective. Will also advise anyone to apply it for good results.

  16. There is no doubt that all of your are articles are just awesome..
    I have tried your method very carefully but still my not getting any result
    My blog is just 3 months old is this matter ??

      • Thanks bro for replying my comment
        It is technology tips blog related to android, windows etc
        it is just 3 months old .. using SEO Plugin by Yoast
        getting only 40 to 50 visits per day daily (200 pageviews).

        • Then work little more on it and forget about traffic for atleast next 3 months.. Soon you will start seeing flood. 🙂

  17. Hi Nagi,

    I just read this post and am sure that it would help the newbies to optimize the keyword perfectly.

    I feel good that am following all the steps which you’ve listed over here and i wanna add something related to it.

    Adding synonyms of main keyword at some places in blog post might help the bloggers to get good SERP.

    Thanks for writing a good post Nagi, keep revealing your secrets 🙂

    • Feeling awesome to see you again. Yeah I forgot to add importance to LSI keywords in the article.. but happy to have awesome people like you around me who are always there to help me. 🙂

  18. Nice bro. And I am using a plugin SEO Pressor, which will not let you more confuse about anything. Whatever you have said in article will automatically tell when your article is complete. It’s easy. and your article make me sure that all these thing are necessary. When I was using that plugin, I thought what the hell I am doing all this time wasting things. but now I got it bro.

    • Yes Rahul, SEOPressor is an awesome plugin. It does all the things which I suggested above.

  19. Wow! such awesome post bro, but I feel keyword optimization is the only way to get our articles ranked on search engines.

    According to your biggest achievements of targeting 173000 visitors to a brand new blog of 3 months only how effectively link building, blog commenting and article submission can help to rank our keywords out of white hat on page SEO?

    • Ahmed, ranking any blog involves many things but keyword research is the very first and integral part which cannot be neglected.

      There is not any exact blueprint to rank any keyword, because all keywords have different types of difficulties..

  20. Amazing read! Just sent a tweet 🙂

    However, I do have one question.. While doing keyword analysis on Google Adwords, the query returns main keywords and keywords related to them.. How do you think they should be included in the post?

    Like, in your post, you included the keyword “Best keyword Optimization” in your URL.. So what about other related keywords, “keyword optimization for seo”, etc? How should one use it and what should be the ideal density of each of the related keywords?

    • Great question, Preeti.

      You can select one main keywords and atleast 4-5 seed (LSI) keywords for your article and use them very carefully while writing articles. Google would love your blog as they will see many inter related keywords in your article.

      I keep less than 2% keyword density for my articles.

  21. Ranking blog with best fitted and high ranking keyword is not an easy task but if done smartly then it act like a booster for the article. All the point you have covered are being automatically covered in YOAST plugin which help us to write title, meta description, focus keywords, etc.

    Here one more thing I would like to add is that we can also use similar words which have same meaning related to targeted keywords will also do wonder in search engine.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, Yoast have all these features.

      Adding LSI keywords can give great boost in SEO as well readers can get more benefits from single article.

  22. Hi Kulwant Nagi.
    This is a good post but I want to ask one question from you that where I have to add meta description of blog post ?
    I am using blogger.

  23. Dear Kulwant,
    How to optimize a affiliate site like These types of sites do not contain much content to be ranked easily, so how to optimize for affiliate sites?

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