BCIS19: Interview With Satish Kumar From SEOSiren.com

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SEO is changing to frequently and many animals (panda, penguin) are hitting blogs/websites too badly. SEO today and SEO 5 years back have huge algorithm difference.

So to survive in this fast changing SEO world, you will have to learn few basics of it so that you can atleast save your blog from such algorithms.

In continuation with the Interview series at Blogging Cage, we are today interviewing Satish Kumar from SEO Siren.

He is the man we all know as the one who got a PR4 on a 4 month old blog!!


1. Hi Satish! We are so glad to have you aboard BloggingCage! Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hello, I’m Satish, and I’m popularly known as Satish CoolPCTips. I completed my Masters in Computer Applications last year, and have been working online for the last 3 years. Many people know me as an SEO consultant, and I’m currently working for some local clients to rank their websites in Google.

2. What are the top three facts, which people should know about your online personality?

The top 3 facts about me:

  1. Ask me anything related to SEO whenever you want.
  2. I completely hate coding, and didn’t learn how to write simple code logic.
  3. I love teaching people on SEO, WP and Marketing.

3. How much of being a really successful blogger is great writing and how much is technical stuff like SEO and social networking?

A good SEO guy should be able to write good content. That is the only way he/she can express their feelings towards anything which they are interested in. If your content is good and SEO is bad, your website will not rank up in Google. Similarly if your content is bad and SEO is good, people don’t like your content, which gradually forces Google to penalize your website for bad quality. So concentrate more on content and try to make a mark on your social networking profiles like Facebook and Twitter. SEO can play a major role, only when it has something worth to compete with other websites.

If anyone says you are ruining your life is social networking, tell them your job profile relates to social networking, and will continue doing it. To be frank, 60% of my clients are from social networking itself.

4. What was it about making money online which attracted you to this occupation?

Earlier when I started blogging about gadgets and computer tips, there was literally no much competition in blogging and SEO. But now I feel that every 1/3 person in blogging has a blog on either WordPress blogging or on technology.

Initially many people started it as a hobby, and then changed it to be their profession. Just like them, even I started my blogging career as a hobby, and ended up in taking this job as a full-time business. The most important thing which made me to attract to this occupation is its low competition in blogging and SEO in 2010. But now that’s not the case.

5. You regularly make several thousand dollars per month. What is the top obstacle which lies between a blogger and making this sort of return through their online activities?

Making money online has been a passion to many people, rather than business. People are greedy, and they change their passion and interest for money whenever possible. The major obstacle which I see as a blogger is the changing trends in technology and search engines. One should understand how things work in current situation, and plan accordingly.

6. How do you manage your time to maximize efficiency?

If you are deciding to big, just go big. Working on blogging whenever you have time will not allow you to succeed completely. If you give your full-time to blogging, it will generate millions of dollars in just 2 to 3 years.  I usually work from Monday to Friday and spend my time with friends and family in weekends. You should know how to manage your time when the responsibilities grew with time.

7. What unique information and ideas does your blog offer to new bloggers?

If you are trying to start as an SEO expert, or as a newbie SEO blogger, then I would suggest you to read SEOSiren.com. I write SEO strategies, case studies and eBook in this 4 month old site, whereas CoolPCTips has been our major source of income, fame and online authority. We write detailed reviews about technology, gadgets and gaming in this website.

8. What is the significance of guest blogging and do you have any great tips for bloggers who are looking to use it to boost traffic?

Guest blogging is a wonderful opportunity to approach other popular blogs in your niche. Try to attract their readers, subscribers to join your network, and make sure your concentration is not just building backlinks for a website. Even if you get a chance of writing in a popular blog without any backlink, blindly accept it to gain trust, likability and popularity among their readers. This works like a charm when you blog in high authority blogs like SEOMoz and Search engine land.

Make your online authority so popular that people would love to listen anything from you. This way you can boost a lot of traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

9. At this stage do you have any new plans or directions with which you want to experiment?

I’m currently focusing on writing more books on SEO, so that I can get a good list of subscribers who trust me. Doing this will never bother you with Google penalties or low traffic.

I have already written two books on SEOSiren, which bought me decent subscribers within 3 months. This will surely help me in setting up an Internet marketing business ASAP.

10. What motivated you to choose the money-making/writing/blogging topic for your site?

I don’t write on “making money online” niche, as people should find their own ways of making money online. Never try to follow other professional bloggers money-making system, as they might never work for you. I love writing about SEO, blogging and marketing in all my sites, which help me to work more to reach my goal of making decent money and reputation.

11. The internet is a fast-changing place, what big changes would you advice new bloggers to watch out for?

People in blogging, SEO should learn the recent trends as quickly as possible. Remember to obey Google’s terms of conditions to make your mark in Internet business. If any of your service, system is against Google, you are just inviting trouble to professional and personal life.

I hope you all will be successful in online business, and make some money, fame and respect.


Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

This article is written by Ambika Choudhary Mahajan. She is the founder of My Magic Mix, a blog where you will find a refreshingly delicious chutzpah of information on a variety of topics. From Tattoos to Technology. Health & Beauty to Social Media and much more.

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23 thoughts on “BCIS19: Interview With Satish Kumar From SEOSiren.com”

  1. WOW. That interview was cool. Thanks you very much and I usually visit seosiren too 😀

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    • Thanks, Tan. seosiren.com is a wonderful storehouse of information. One of my favorite Indian blogs on seo. 🙂
      Glad to have you here.

  2. Hi Ambika Ma’am ,
    well that was great interview. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Hi Satish ,
    This is the first time i am reading your interview on other sites. Special Thanks to bloggingcage for publishing such a great interview. It will be great for you and helpful to share your views with others through interviews. I remember those days when i have first met you in our college and i can see the change from those days to till today in my life. By reading your Coolpctips i have decided to start blogging just for fun but from few past months i have taken it serious. I have been reading your each and every article on SEOSiren. In the starting of my blog i was unaware of penguin, panda, PR but as the time progess i got to know about them and i’m still in a learning process about such great things from other inspirational bloggers like you. Thanks Satish for sharing your views 🙂 Cheers 🙂

  3. Hi Srikanth,
    Thanks for liking the interview.
    Satish ji is one of the best experts we have around, and also very helpful. Very modest too.
    I have been learning the SEO too, from Atish, Amrik, Kulwant, Pradeep and, of course, Satish ji.
    I really dont remember meeting you in college though. 😛

  4. It’s good to see one of my friend interview about on SEO and other blogging tips. One thing must everyone follow in blogosphere ” If your content is good and SEO is bad, your website will not rank up in Google. Similarly if your content is bad and SEO is good, people don’t like your content, which gradually forces Google to penalize your website for bad quality.”

    • So true, Shenoy.
      One ultimately does pay the price for putting up shoddy, misleading and substandard content. Give to the world the best you have, if you want the best to come to you! 🙂

  5. I really don’t agree with Satish, You can make millions of dollars through Blogging in any case,
    It is just a really not that lucrative profession, I know People Like Darren Rowse might be making so much money, but to a blogger like me, if you get the Hosting covered you are the most lucky guy in your niche.

    Sorry Sir but I don’t agree with you on this point, Hope you don’t mind that

    • Hi Waqar,
      I agree with you totally. One cannot hope to earn millions of dollars overnight, of course.
      But I hope you understand what is meant by ‘earning millions of dollars’ here.
      There are many small time bloggers too who are earning good money because they have mastered the nuances of it now.
      Blogging is no gold mine- but you certainly can earn hugely from it once you know how to do it right.

  6. Really humble person behind this interview, I really inspired reading this interview and I hope that someday i’ll be the one of this. Thanks for this..

    • You’re right, Adrian.
      Very humble. Modest to the point of being disarming. And always out to help.
      With people like him to guide newbies like us, we are lucky indeed. 🙂

  7. this interview provided me an inspiration not only in blogging but also in my work as freelance writer.. i think i need to focus more on searching for new clients that can provide a better pay as well as in terms of blogging. like he said if we dream big then we need to put huge amount of time for blogging and freelance writing.

  8. Going big is the only way to go Satish and Ambika.
    Use most of your spare time to blog, and learn the ins and outs of blogging, and SEO, and you will see tremendous returns in the long run.
    This is a business, not a hobby. If a cornerstore owner worked for 5 hours each week tending shop he would go out of business in 2 weeks. So, work more than a few hours to stay afloat and add hours if you really want to succeed.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Its really good to read about Satish here!

    Useful questions from you Ambika and relevant remarkable answers from him.

    I learned a lot with his replies and am not a regular reader of his blog.

    But will show my presence frequently there to learn the SEO related stuffs.

    Wishing him to achieve more in the blogosphere and appreciating your good work Ambika 🙂

  10. Quite encouraging interview and just like Satish said most bloggers are becoming awe of SEO and the competition is even fiercer now. I love reading bloggers interviews its always encouraging. I hope to get to that level someday. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Nwosu,
      I am sure you will get to learn a lot from Satish’s blog if you visit it regularly. Besides being a specialist, he is always out to help all who approach him for suggestions and tips.
      Besides SEOsiren.com, the blog you are currently on – bloggingcage- is another storehouse of valuable information for bloggers.

  11. Hi Ambika,
    Thanks for bringing great interview which i’m regular reader of Sathish blog who the awesome blogger which i have learned many things through his blog.

  12. Hello Ambika,
    I have not heard about the name, but you have sure given me a blog to frequent my visits on. The interview was nice and sure did learn from it. Thanks.

    • Hi BabaNature,
      The reason most people do not know about him or his wonderful blog is that he is an amazingly low profile person who does no self promotion at all. There are some bloggers who will post beautifully photoshopped images of Adsense checks and Affiliate checks in a desperate attempt to prove their genius. Satish does not do that. Infact, he was extremely reluctant for the interview. I had to really convince him into doing that. 🙂

  13. Thanks Satish for sharing your experience here, and thank you Ambika sis for this informative interview.
    I am really happy to know about him and i promisses that i will visit his blog frequently to get knowladge about SEO.

    • Hi Bishnu, I am glad to know that you enjoyed reading Satish’s interview with me. Hope it served to inspire and also gave you some valuable new tips.

  14. Thanks for reading, Shameem 🙂
    There are some people who enthrall you as you get to know them better. Satish ji one of such geniuses.

  15. Thanks everyone for the comments! I’m so glad to meet you all here! I’ll surely update the site with a lot of information very soon! Currently I’m working in so many things which don’t allow me to blog. I promise you to share as much as I can 🙂

    Thanks for the interview Ambika, you yourself are a wonderful person with so much of zeal to learn SEO, blogging and writing 🙂 So glad to meet you all here.. All the best everyone!

  16. Satish is really inspiring blogger for us. He is dedicated & smart blogger from hyderabad. I apprecaite that guy pretty much.

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