BCIS 8: Interview With Vishad Shanghvi From GyaanExchange.com

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Welcome at Blogging Cage Interview Series (BCIS) this weekend and get ready to read another industry interview.

You might be aware that YouTube is the third most viewed website in the world. The reason for becoming third most viewed is simple, that users want to experience more live things as compared to just pictures. Users are spending a lot of time viewing videos on YouTube and getting information from them.

In the same manner Video blogging have been emerged as new trend as every big blogger or company is moving its concentration more on videos. Too many videos are getting uploaded in a single day to teach many things and YouTube is just expending day by day.

Today we are going to interview a person who had the vision to start a video website where people like us can learn and teach the things.

Today we have Vishad Shanghvi from GyaanExchange with us who started this great concept and working really committed and dedicated to take his company to very big level. Let's have a talk with him and know the things.

1. Please tell us about yourself and your vision.

I am Vishad Shanghvi a graduate of Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I have previously worked as a consultant for over 3 years before delving into the world of startups.

2. How the idea of GyaanExchange emerged in your mind? And how daring you were to convert it into reality?

In order to make the supply for learning meet the demand, the vision was to enable anybody to create, share and monetize knowledge. After experimenting with schools, we realized that the best way to make this vision come true is to crowd-source the availability of learning opportunities. Our motive was to help people realize their inner potential and spread it to the world.

3. There are already thousands of Video websites out there. Why another video website and what are the features of your website?

The online educational video space is driving innovative uses of the internet. There are various websites based in the United States such as udemy.com and lynda.com that are empowering people in a similar fashion and their impact has been tremendous. People who have taken video classes on these platforms are getting better jobs, faster promotions and are able to fulfill lifelong learning aspiration they could not before because of the lack of convenient, affordable and credible learning opportunities.

We differentiate ourselves from these by focusing on content that is contextualized. For one, by region, for example, most educational videos use western examples and case studies, why aren’t there Indian versions of the same?

Also, organizing video into chapters and topics to form a comprehensive package adds great value in this age when nobody has time to search and filter through millions of web pages

4. How your idea is going to help people and what are the courses you are going to cover at your website?

I think using the internet to distribute educational content is something that will happen regardless of who does it. We have a severe capacity problem in our country where there is not enough supply of educational providers and there is an ever-increasing demand for it. Schools and universities find it extremely difficult to increase capacity because of the high capital costs involved, further most schools and universities are also unable to keep up with the constantly changing skill demands of the real world.

The only practical, and most quickly implementable solution would be to provide a platform which is open (anyone can contribute be it a university or an individual that is very good at what they do), moderated (we quality check the accuracy and credibility of all content submitted) and accessible – use it on your PC, your phone or any other device that can connect to the internet.

At the moment we have online classes across the following subjects:
1. Professional Development: Excel, Freelance Journalism, How to start a BPO.
2. Marketing: Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization.
3. Music: Learning Guitar.
4. Science: Thermodynamics, Electronics.
5. Math: GMAT, 10th Std (NCERT).
6. Finance: Mutual Funds (available in Hindi as well), Finance for Entrepreneurs.
… and many more.

5. Which were the obstacles you faced while starting it and how did you overcome them?

We faced significant challenges in putting the technology together. We also faced a hard time in getting teachers to come on board and convincing them of the idea. But many teachers  had already created video content and just sat on it, now knowing what to do. We offered a platform through which they can promote and earn money from their content!

6. YouTube is the third most viewed website in the world. How you will convince people to come on your website and learn the things?

We do not compete with YouTube. A lot of the videos on Gyaanexchange are from YouTube. YouTube and many other video sites are like a jungle where one would have to filter through hours of content and may still not find the right combination of learning opportunities. Gyaanexchange offers the ability to curate, structure and organize content that is already available on these sites into a packaged solution.

7. What are the FREE courses which we can learn from your website?

There are many curated video classes, which are available, free of cost. Some of them are startup conversations, SEO tutorials for beginners, Microsoft Excel, General Psychology, Introduction to robotics, GMAt maths,Mutual Funds(Hindi+English)

8. What are the subscription plans you have on your website and how easy it is to upload videos on it?

We have subscription which are currently available in three packages i.e 1month, 3 months and 6 months. Students get unlimited access for the duration, which they have opted for. Teachers can upload videos easily on Gyaanexchange by following the instructions after they click on “ Create a Class” tab

9. E-learning is one of the biggest trends these days. How this website is going to bring another revolution in society?

Gyaanexchange is a marketplace that offers ANYONE to get the benefit of e-learning. Any teacher can start teaching over the internet and anybody can find learning opportunities across subjects and consume them easily

10. According to you how we can encourage people to learn the things from online resources and why they should learn online?

Most students and working professionals are heavily pressed for time. They do not have the time and often cannot afford to go for private training courses that teach subjects beyond what they have learned in college. Therefore they look to the internet for such opportunities. The ability to learn a subject by sitting at home at your own time and convenience and the ability to revisit and revise the same whenever and wherever you want to add massive value to students.

11. What are your views about blogging? And how this can bring change in society?

Blogging is crowd-sourced journalism. It empowers anyone to write and make themselves heard on their subject which was previously very difficult or almost impossible as traditional media was the only source

12. At which stage you are seeing your company after 5 years?

We wish to be the goto online marketplace for learning opportunities

13. What we should do if we have any strong idea in our mind?

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

14. Message for my readers.

Join the Learning Revolution!

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