BCIS 7: A Talk With Kiesha From WeBlogBetter.com

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Weekend is back and I am also back with another interview.

BCIS (Blogging Cage Interview Series) is on its best now and I will be writing interview of great bloggers on my blog. Today I am feeling proud that I am going to interview one of  the great lady blogger who have risen as authority in blogging.

Her blog has become top-notch blog for bloggers who want to get more exposures from audience across the world. She is accepting guest blogging on her blog and you would be in love after getting your post published on her blog. She had set up a great benchmark for bloggers by giving great tips on her blog.

Her Traffic Generation Guide is doing great and many people have taken benefits from this guide.

Today we have Kiesha with us from WeBlogBetter.

Let's have a sound talk with her.

Welcome at Blogging Cage Kiesha and thanks for sparing time for this interview. Please introduce yourself to my readers.kiesha

I'm Mass Communications Instructor at Benedict College, where I teach Writing for Mass Media, Feature Writing and other related courses.  I also advise the student newspaper.  When I'm not teaching, I'm a freelance writer, editor and blogging consultant.  I consult with small businesses and set up blogs for business owners or professionals who want help developing a web presence, I also do ghostwriting both online and off.  I’ve also been a senior writer for Midlands Live, a free local magazine.

When you started blogging and what is blogging for you?

I’ve been blogging since 2009 – I can’t believe it’s been four years already.  But I’ve learned so much since I started.  For me, blogging was a way to showcase my writing talent and to also encourage, inspire and help others.  For me, it was a way to connect with people I wouldn’t otherwise have access to and allowed me to attract clients from all over the world.

According to you, how important it is to make links with people in blogging?

It’s extremely hard to blog and gain exposure without the help of others.  It’s not impossible, but it takes more effort.  My blog really took off when I started taking the time to visit other people’s blogs, share their content and collaborate with them. And as the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one” – the more people you work with, the better the ideas.  Connecting with other bloggers is also a way to stay on top of great opportunities that are happening around the web.  Most of the contests I’ve entered and won were because of something a friend shared on their blog or social networks.

Why writing attracted you and why did you get a Bachelors as well as Masters in English?

I’ve always loved to write.  Since I was a kid, I’ve always been attracted to writing.  When I was in elementary school I used to staple notebook paper together to form books – I’d write and illustrate silly stories.  One day, my teacher caught me writing instead of doing my work, but instead of punishing me, she asked me to read my story to the class.  She was so impressed that she referred me to the gifted program the following year.

When I enrolled in college, I actually started out pursuing an Education degree – I was going to teach Math and Science – I now realize how crazy that was, but I was responding to outside pressures at first.  I soon changed my major to English Education and eventually just went for my degree in English.  I went back to get my Masters because I was interested in teaching at the college level and wanted to strengthen my writing skills because writing is still my greatest passion.

Sale letter plays the vital role in any business, according to you what are the ingredients of great writing?

Great writing is the kind that engages and grabs people’s attention.  To do that successfully a writer needs to avoid vague language and focus instead on specific examples. A successful sales letter is one that discusses the benefits and provides some specific examples of how others have benefitted. People want an inside look into the results they can expect to achieve, so it must include relevant details.  A good call to action at the end with detailed steps the reader needs to take will also increase conversions.

How we can improve our writing and from where we should start?

I always tell my students to think about the types of writing that captures their attention and to think about why.  Good writing that talks directly to the reader and presents relevant information that solves problems is the kind that will get read.  As the writer, you must figure out who your readers are, what their problems are and what they care about – that will determine what you need to write and how to write it.

Tell us about WeBlogBetter. How you started this and what are the visions with this blog?

I actually didn’t start WeBlogBetter.  It was originally started by Brandon Cox.  After I’d written a well-received guest post for another blog, he approached me about taking over the blog.  I happily accepted and have been doing my best to continue with his vision which was simply to help others learn how to blog better and use it to reach their goals.

How you are monetizing you blog?

In the past, most of my income came from offering my services (writing, editing, consulting, and blog setup).  I still do some of those things, but on a much smaller scale now that I’m teaching again.  The next biggest portion of my income comes from sales of my eBooks:  10 Week Gameplan for a Top 100k Blog and Traffic Generation.  The rest of my income comes from affiliate sales commissions and advertising sales.

How much time you are devoting on your blog?

I spend about 1-2 hours, 4-5 days a week, on blogging activities.  Throughout the week, most of that time is spent editing and scheduling posts, interacting on social media, responding to emails and moderating comments.  When things get too busy at work, I tend to reduce that time and complete only essential blogging tasks.

What strategies you are using to promote your blog? Please tell us the some tips which we should use to take out blog to next level.

The strategies I use now are less intensive than they were in the beginning.  A new blog requires a lot of time and effort to get it off the ground.  Some key things that really took my blog to the next level were:  creating strong content and making sure that content was optimized for search engines.  After I’d write my content, I’d conduct keyword research to ensure I’d selected the keywords with the lowest competition, but with the highest global search volume.

Next, to promote the content, I’d spent time promoting it on social networks and by leaving comments on popular blogs.  I joined as many groups as I could and cross-promoted my content in those groups.  I made sure I was also promoting other people’s content – it was all about building mutually benefit relationships, not about hogging up all the promotion for my blog.

In addition to the above strategies, I guest posted on as many popular blogs as I could.  I took the time to respond to comments and connect with commentators – I’d visit all of their blogs and follow them all on Twitter.

I also held contests and participated in as many contests as I had time for.  It was the combination of all these things that propelled my blog forward.  The strategies I’ve mentioned above are discussed in 10 Week Gameplan, a book that I wrote after organizing a contest that had two teams competing to create the most successful blog.  The teams used the same strategies to create a high-ranking blog in just 10 weeks.

Message for my readers.

Blogging is more successful and enjoyable when you pick a niche you really love and one that doesn't have so much competition.  You may think that by now, there are no profitable low competition blogs anymore, but if you approach it from a local angle and focus on blogging on a topic of interest with a local spin – you’ll be able to draw in small businesses in your area that would be happy to advertise on your blog.  If you get involved in your local community in the areas that concern your niche and do this well, pretty soon you’ll have business fighting for ad space and offering you tons of free perks and other opportunities.

Final word.

Hope this interview will give you more energy to do best in blogging. Keep visiting us to read more interview on my blog. You can read all interviews from BCIS here.

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  1. Good to see Kiesha here bro. She’s been a good friend for over a year now and one of those who inspired me into blogging. I remember when I partnered up with her when I was still running EasyRetweet.

    She’s a great figure in blogging.

  2. This interview series BCIS is really helping in knowing the best bloggers in the blogosphere and also their tips and guidance to build better blogs, I knew kiesha’s blog earlier but after this interview i took some time to read her blog and found some useful articles. To be frank am not an regular reader of bloggingcage but this interview series i read all the interviews on the same day you posted. Keep up the goodwork Kulwant

    • Thanks for being so frank, Chetan.

      Keep vising us to read great interviews. I am going to interview many big bloggers like Kiesha.

  3. Great interview and good to know about Kiesha .And I was thinking to work more on my blog.

  4. Hi Kulwant,
    Thanks for a fun interview. I appreciate this opportunity to share my thoughts with your readers.

  5. Great interview Kulwant!

    Happy to see you here Kiesha, you’re such an awesome female blogger. I always read pro bloggers interviews to get motivated and learn something new & do more better things in blogging!

    Thanks for the interview!

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  7. That is extremely inspiring. Thanks, Kulwant, for interviewing one of the few bloggers I idolize.
    My blog is still in its infancy and I am putting in a lot of concerted effort into it. Upto 5 hours regularly. Usually, 6 days a week.
    I take great heart from Keisha’s assurance that I’ll be required to slog a lot lesser as the blog gets older.

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  9. Excellent, inspirational and much useful talk. Well yes, it’s extremely hard to blog and gain exposure without the help of others. Indeed, good writing is direct to the point and which solve problems/queries. And agreed, in blogging one should get started with the niche in which one has interest, to make blogging journey enjoyable and successful. Thanks Kulwant for this awesome talk and good luck to Kiesha 🙂

  10. Kiesha is obviously one of the most popular bloggers out there. I have been reading her blog since very blog, the authors keeps the blog updated with various blogging and marketing related posts. Nice to see her here, Kulwant. Amazing interview :).

  11. This is one of the best interviews here on BloggingCage. Kiesha is an experienced blogger and we really need to learn a lot from her. Thanks!

  12. It was great time reading the Interview of Kiesha…. Got a lot to learn by reading this interview. I am also targeting the local audience through my blog so that I can get a couple of ads from business owners operating in my vicinity…
    Need to start Writing on topics I like 😉 I’m afraid to write 😛
    How can I write my first blog post Kiesha … Any suggestions

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