BCIS 31: Interview with Ricky Ahuja From Affiliate Venture Group

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Mostly I publish interview on Saturday only but this time I am going to publish this earlier.

I took this step as I might be publishing 2 interviews per week now. I have contacted some of the great gems of blogging and internet marketing that interviews are getting accumulated at my end.

As I want to share them as more as possible so I might be publishing 2 interviews in a week now.

Affiliate marketing is exiting people all over the globe and I myself is also very excited to affiliate marketing for making more money online. Affiliate marketing is itself a science where we sit into the mind of buyers and help them to take quick decisions.

I am feeling very honored to have owner of one of the top 20 affiliate networks in the world.

Today we have Ricky Ahuja who is living in Chicago, Illinois and building his online empire by helping people to make money online with his affiliate network.

I asked many interesting questions from him and tried to get little insight about this method to make money online and asked for his suggestions to do it in better way.

Let's read it.

1. Please tell us about your journey to become an affiliate marketers and then starting your own company Affiliate Venture Group.

I have been in the affiliate/online marketing space going back to the early days of 1999. Had launched an affiliate program on CJ for Namaste.com and selling products catering to the H1s in the US. Having built up a large database of relationships over the years managing and consulting for other companies – I figured what better time for me to go and build and brand my own network.

Was not an easy journey to say the least – but then again, it makes reaping the rewards all that much better.

2. What makes AVG a best affiliate network?

As you and your readers are aware, there are numerous networks to choose from but what sets apart AVG from everyone else is well me. 😉 – On a serious note – there are many other amazing networks out there and we have a tight relationship with most of the quality/legitimate ones however, we believe in transparency and communication.

Honesty goes a long way and as long as all of us are on the same page – there is no reason why we cannot help anyone succeed – be they an advertiser or a noob publisher.

3. What were the obstacles which you faced in starting days of your new venture and how did you overcome them?

The obstacles were many. Having to compete with a lot of the more “established” networks, having to compete with the “flavor of the day” networks, having to compete with networks who claim to pay daily and all that other garbage. I am a firm believer in that if you do something, you do it right.

People do not work with us because we have the most offers, they do not work with us because we have the highest payout, they do not work with us because we pay quickly – they work with us because they are aware that we take pride in working honestly, diligently and transparently.

We are all family men in AVG and being able to sleep at night knowing that you have helped someone in one way or another – well that is important to us.

4. Why there are very less CPA offers for Indian market? Are you trying something to help Indians?

India is still behind the curve as it comes to AM and ripe for someone to go in there and build a legitimate business. This is the next shift taking place with AVG and my role going forward. Without being able to go into too much detail – I have big plans for that market in 2014 and beyond. Stay tuned!

5. What are the things which you suggest a new affiliate marketer to get quick approval in networks?

Having my own network, I am unable to go too much into details as to what to do to get quick approval. However, as I said above – honesty goes a long way and the more transparent you are, the better it is. Reach out to anyone of us – tell us what you do, want to do, how you plan on doing it – that will be enough to at least initiate a dialog to see if that synergy is there.

6. You were recently recognized by mThink, how you got that chance and how it helped to boost your business?

Thank you for picking up on this. This is our first year as a Top 20 Network on there and we are truly humbled by this ranking. We have THE most loyal affiliate base and it is solely because of them (and my good looks and charm of course) that we are here, so a BIG shout out to all the AVG Affiliates!!!

Now how this translates into increased business remains to be seen. We have been voted a Top 10 Network by Perform Insider each of the last two years and that has done wonders for our unsolicited incoming business and affiliate base.

So fingers crossed and burning the midnight oil and with God’s blessings – needless to say I am quite excited for this upcoming year.

7. From a newbie’s prospective which are the best niches to enter into CPA?

Great question. You can be a newbie to AM/CPA but you may be great at SEM/SEO/Mailing/Content Marketing/PPV – whatever. Utilize what you are best at and pick an offer that you are familiar with. Test and retest.

Step out of your comfort zone – do something you have not done before – and before long you will see it pay dividends. Perseverance is key.

8. I have seen people having too much enthusiasm while entering into affiliate marketing or CPA, but soon after some time they quit. According to you which is the biggest reason behind failure in this industry?

There are so many reasons why people fail at internet marketing.  The first and biggest reason why people fail at internet marketing is simply because they lose focus.

Sounds like nothing to most people but it can mean a lot when ruining your business.  Another thing would have to be the social networks.  Yes they can help you a great deal when doing business online but it can also cause you to lose valuable time.  I tell all my clients to stay on track and what do they do?

They end up on some get rich quick bullshit selling false hopes and promises.  In order to be successful in ANY business/venture – hard work and perseverance will always shine through.

9. What are the things which make people successful?

Most people would agree that success is having a happy personal life, doing well at a job, and making at least enough money that you don’t have to stress. However the factors leading up to success are many: Enthusiasm, determination, hard work, determination and yes, failure.

A big part of what makes a person successful is that while they make mistakes and face obstacles just like the rest of us, they don’t spend their time moaning about it. You won’t hear a litany of complaints about how they have to work so hard to pay their mortgage bill or how it’s not fair that the person in front of them at the grocery store got a discount when they didn’t. Nope, they’re people you just plain want to be around.

10. What are your future plans and how are you going to help other people?

You sound like my wife here. 😉 Honestly, my life is lived one day at a time so I have no clue what the future holds. However, we have plans to enter the international market – mainly India and setting up a foundation where we give back to the community a % of all our revenues. God has been kind now it is our turn to return the favor.

11. Message for my readers.

The more areas of life a person strives to be successful in, the more difficult it becomes to achieve his or her goals. Becoming successful could be relatively easy, but staying successful is a different story entirely. Success is usually something we associate with short-term achievement in a certain field.

Long-term success, on the other hand, means that you have to keep up the good work and stay at the same level over a longer period of time. If a person achieves long-term success, he or she can truly be called “successful”. So, think long term achievement rather than a short term gain.

You are free to add more questions if you want to add any.

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  1. Another great interview and this time it is an Indian. He proves that in affiliate marketing only U.S.A, U.K. blogger not success, but Indian can also do well.

    I listen about Ricky Ahuja a lot of time and today from your blog, I learned some new things how to got success in affiliate marketing and why it is the best way to make money online quickly. Thanks a lot @Kulwant. I hope you soon provide another good interview for other popular affiliate marketer.

    • Yeah Vikas. He proved that anyone with dedication can do anything.. Glad to see you here..

      This week I am interviewing Luke Peerfly. Hope you have heard about him. 🙂

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  7. Hi, inspirational interview, as Ricky said we should aim and work hard for for long term success, instead enjoying short term earning. That’s the real success.


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