BCIS 3: Interview with Harneet Bhalla from PostFever.com

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You might be aware that I am running BCIS (Blogging Cage Interview Series) on my blog, and this is the 3rd interview from this series. You can check previous interviews here. I started interview series with the intention of giving you more inspiration so that you can learn the tactics from successful bloggers.

By reading such interviews you can dig into life of those bloggers and know what they are doing.

Today we are having Harneet Bhalla among us. He is one of the blogger who had opportunity to speak at WordCamp Broda (One of the best seminars initiated by WordPress team itself). Harneet was one of the top influential speaker who captivated the readers with this great thoughts and awesome topic.

So here we are going to talk with him and know about him.

Let's start the interview.

Welcome on Blogging Cage Harneet.

Thanks Kulwant. It’s my pleasure to be here and I am glad to share my views with the readers of Blogging Cage.

1. Harneet Tell us about yourself and your educational background.

Hmm, if you talk about me, I am a jolly kind of person who loves to live life to the fullest. I believe in smart work rather than hard work.

Talking about my education background, unlike, I am a commerce graduate who spent his entire college in the debit credit environment.

2. In which year you entered into blogging and which were the main obstacles.

I entered in the blogging field around 2010. I started my blogging career as a freelance writer for a tech blog. I worked there for around a month, and I was searching on how to start this whole stuff.

Without much help from the people I knew, I headed over to Google to search for the answers on my own. It took me 4 months before I things get to solve.

Truth be told, I am responsible for the failure of 3 blogs that I created. Postfever is my fourth blog and with the grace of god it is living up to my expectations.

3.  Tell us about your blog.

Postfever is a blog where I share content related to blogging, SEO, social media, WordPress and related stuff. I chose this niche because I believe there is no one to help people who want to start blogging. And I try to live up to the expectations of this target audience.

4. When you made your first dollar online and what you did with that money?

I made my first dollar in the year 2011 and that was through a direct ad sale on one of my previous blogs. It was $10.  And I still remember I spent that money to get a logo designed for my blog. Because I believe if you do not invest on your business, your business will never pay you.

5. You were one of the speakers in WordCamp Baroda. So tell us how you got the opportunity and brief your topic of presentation here.

Being a speaker in the WordCamp Baroda was an awesome experience. I loved every moment of it.

I have never attended any WordCamp before the Baroda one. So, when I got the news about WordCamp Baroda, I was really excited about it and I quickly made up my mind to attend it.

And if you talk about the opportunity of being a speaker, it was pretty much as the process goes on. Speaker registrations were open; I filled up the form with a unique concept of my talk. It was picked up by the organizers and I got the call for further discussion on my topic. The organizers liked my concept and they approved me as one of the speakers there.

My speech was on the topic – “How Indian Blogosphere Works & What We Need To Change in It”.

It was pretty much about the day-to-day stuff that we (Indian) bloggers do, and what we need to change in it in order to achieve the success that we want.

Main topics about my presentation were:

1. Redefine Communication

2. Branding

3. Giving value to the readers

4. Being Alive

5. Getting a Mentor

6. Be Remarkable

7. Results V/S Technique

8. it’s About People's Game, not Numbers

6. How you monetizing your blog.

I monetize my blog by mainly three ways:

a)     Affiliate Marketing

b)    Paid Reviews

c)     Direct Ad Sales

7. What are the strategies on which you working these days?

Currently I am working on learning & implementing some high-end techniques of affiliate & internet marketing. Hopefully in the coming months, you will be able to see myself as a pro internet marketer as well.

8. According to you what are the characteristics which a blogger must have?

Actually this question is previously asked to me by a lot of my friends & known. So I thought to publish a post about it. I published it around 3 – 4 months back.

So, answering this question in a small paragraph is not possible. Here’s the link to the detailed post on the same topic. It is 1000 words of pure content about the qualities a blogger should have in them.

6 Personality Traits That Will Help You in Blogging

9. Why most of the people are not getting success in blogging?

I personally believe people are not business minded when it comes to blogging. Just by writing content on your blog, you will not become successful in blogging. You need to invest on your blog; you need to create strategies for your blog and much more in the same manner as it is done in a business.

10.  According to you what is the biggest obstacle in Indian blogging?

I believe the biggest obstacle in Indian blogging is the mindset of the people. In India people believe that blogging is something that we can do with zero investment and earn millions. This particular mentality needs to be changed.

11. What are your sources of motivation and which are your favorite blogs?

My biggest source of motivation is my own blog. Whenever I receive comments, people subscribe to the newsletter, share posts. It gives me immense motivation to work day in & day out.

My favorite blogs are: Smartpassiveincome & Shoutmeloud

12.  How much time you devote for your blog in a day?

I generally work for around 7 hours on my blog from an overall day of more than 16 hours. Rest of the time is spent on research & strategy planning for further online projects.

13. What are things we are going to see in future from your side?

In the coming future, you will be able to see some big changes on Postfever.com that includes its design and user interface.

And if you talk about my personal plans, I would try to be a well-known Internet & Affiliate marketer.

14. Can you throw some light on your eBook: “How to earn $600 From a Single Blog Post?”

Ya, that eBook basically include an idea that I personally used to earn $600 from writing a single blog post. And I still use this idea to earn even more.

I have always grown by sharing knowledge with my readers that pays them. And with this eBook, I tried to do the same.

You can download this eBook for free. Here’s the link:


15. Suggestions and tips for my readers.

I would just like to share a quote from Steve Jobs:

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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24 thoughts on “BCIS 3: Interview with Harneet Bhalla from PostFever.com”

  1. Great to know more about you Harneet , you are really an inspiration to me keep up the good work and thanks Kulwant Nagi for this interview 🙂

    • Welcome on Blogging Cage Karan.

      You are going to see great tips from Harneet in future.

  2. hello Kulwant,
    This is an awesome interview. harneet bro great to hear that we can earn $600 from the single blog post (e-book). i want to read your e-book now 🙂 , great questionaries by kulwant bro and awesome representation of answers by Harneet bro.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Wow! Another brain from India. There are lots of good bloggers in India man. I don’t think I knew Harneet before but I’ll check out more about him on his blog.

    Thanks for the interview

    • Happy to see you here Enstine. Harneet is one of the top bloggers from India and doing great work in blogging.

  4. Hi Kulwant,
    Thanks for this awesome interview, I must say Harneet is the one of the blogger who always thinks about Indian Bloggers, and always share something useful which helps blogger.

  5. These interviews are awesome it always helps in knowing different people of different thoughts, and strategies of making money by blogging. I don’t know this guy but I think his eBook gonna help me learn his strategies. I’ll now download his book, anyone who has already read his eBook can share their thoughts under my comment!

    • Feeling great to see you again Irfan.

      He have explained some awesome ways to generate income from your blog post. Go and grab his book.

  6. First of all, Kulwant , its a great idea . 🙂
    You really know how to pick the best for the interview. Keep it up.

    Harneet is exactly right. Indian’s always think that blogging is a get rich overnight scheme and because of their over expectations and no smart work at all, they abandon their blog early.

    Really inspired to read about his blogging career. Good luck Harneet Bhalla.

    • Thanks for your compliment Zion.

      Hope Indians will change the mentality soon and they will be making great blogs.

  7. Hello Kulwant,
    Excellent interview. I did not know that he is one of the experts who have speaken in WordPress event. I have listened the name of Ileane smith , Darren Rouse of pro blogger and Kulwant Nagi from Blogging cage and now i can see one more expert from India. 🙂
    I hope he could become as famous as you are Kulwant. 🙂
    Thank you

    • Yeah, the names you mentioned are really great bloggers.

      ha ha !!
      Thanks for your nice words.

  8. Always great to read the Interview section on Kulwant’s blog.
    And since he was talking to Harneet Bhalla who also happens to be a good friend of mine, there was no question of missing out on this one.
    Harneet was the first person to drill into my brain the fact that adsense earnings should never be a blogger’s main focus. I was new to blogging at that time. And thanks to his persuasive skills, I understood what he was trying to convey.
    I wish this post, Kulwant and Harneet all the luck & exposure they deserve. 🙂

    • Harneet is one of the best guy I have ever met in my blogging career.

      Thanks for your wishes Ambika.

  9. Hey Kulwant, Great Job bro. You are really inspiring other bloggers by this interviews. I know little about Harneet Bhalla. He is really a great blogger and he had a good blog. Thanks for Sharing this Great Interview bro 🙂

  10. Very nice interview, explained different insight of blogging
    Also various methods on monetizing,
    lastly on the Indian mentality about blogging

  11. Hi, I got so excited to see what’s inside the eBook “$600 from single bog post” that I could not wait to download it. I’m looking forward to be benefited by this eBook. Thanks a lot and best of luck for your future projects, Harneet!

    • Mukesh, hope this book is going to teach you more methods to monetize your blog.

      All the very best.

  12. Good Interview Kulwant bro.And before reading this Interview i don’t know about harneet bro.He is a really great person and also inspiration for us.

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