BCIS 29: Interview With Mauro D’Andrea From Blog-Growth.com

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Blogging is all about driving traffic and building relations with the people in your niche.

In this session I am very happy to have Mauro D'Andrea with us who is owner of Blog-Growth.com. With his blog he is helping thousands of people online to drive traffic on their blog and to make more money with blogging.

He is an internet marketing expert from Bologna doing really great work in email marketing.

Mauro is one of the top influencers on SlideShare, where most of his presentations have been featured on SlideShare homepage. So today we are going to have discussion with him about his blogging journey and his journey to conquer SlideShare.

Mauro-DAndreaWelcome on the board Mauro. Who are you and from where did you come into internet marketing?

It's my pleasure, Kulwant. I'm the online entrepreneur  and internet marketer who is beyond Blog Growth. I started my online career a few years ago, after realizing that I didn't want to get the job my university made me ready for.

I was really passionate about personal development, so I decided to take this passion and make a living with it. The first thing that I thought was to open a blog. After that, things started happening quickly, and I ended realizing my goal.

What is blogging for you and how are you using it to boost your business?

Blogging is a great way to reach people. You can do that to inspire people or you can do that to grow your business, ideally you want to do both 🙂

I'm using my blog as a content marketing platform to attract the people who can help me reach my goals (of course, I want to reciprocate and help people reach their goals).

You said, “81% of bloggers never make $100 from their blogs.” Is it seriously true? What are the things according to you which stop them?

That is what stats tell us. In my opinion there are a few main things that prevent people from earning a decent amount of money:

  • Too much reading, and not taking action
  • Getting wrong information (especially with the current information overload on the web)
  • Not focusing on the right things
  • Not keeping going long enough

Traffic is the biggest concern for everyone to survive online. How are you driving traffic on your blog and which methods are working best for you?

I drive traffic to Blog Growth, mainly by SlideShare and search engines…even though referral from other blogs and social shares are relevant too.  But, you know, traffic  depends on lots of things. Those sources work well for Blog Growth, but aren't very good for another site of mine, where the main traffic sources are Facebook and YouTube.

The best method that is working for me is to create creative and remarkable content. It may seems obvious, but most of the people get this wrong. They don't focus on the right type of content, or they don't make the content get enough exposure, or they don't work enough on the content.

From nowhere to a well-known authority. What are the efforts which a human being must make to touch this level?

It's something much simpler than most people think: share your knowledge over a long enough time.

People need time to recognize you as an authority, so you have to demonstrate that you know your stuff for…how long it takes.

You are very popular on SlideShare. How do you find such interesting topics and what are your strategies to drive traffic on your presentations?

Initially I think about my goal, and then I find a topic that can make me reach that goal in the most efficient way.

To tell the truth, I don't drive traffic to my presentations, I take it from them. I can't reveal too much, but if you are interested, I have shared everything I know about SlideShare in my training course SlideWealth.

Product creating is taking a new shift everywhere. According to you what the things which we must keep in mind before launching any online product?

Before creating a product you have to think A LOT about two main things:

  • How it will help people
  • How it will differ from other existing products

Those may seem easy things, but they aren't. To make your product right, you have to spend a lot of time studying these two things.

What is your approach to build a successful blog? Means how do you find topics and from where do you outsource your work?

Well, this is huge topic, but summarizing: you have to provide value to people. You have thousands of ways to do it. And I don't mean proving value just to your followers, but also to your peers – this is the way to build connections with other bloggers.

To find your topics you have to work with your creativity and/or you have to analyze things. Said this, we should say also that there are many “tricks” to help you in the creation process. For example, taking inspiration from an excellent content that someone else made.

Want to know a secret? I didn't outsource most of my works…but I did it a few times, and I got great results. To name a few, I worked with Daniel Sharkov, Donna Moritz and Arpit Metha who did a great job. Anyway, it's something that I'm doing more and more, especially considering that as my businesses grow I'm less and less able to manage everything.

What are the things which any business must use to get more customers and then make them returning buyers?

To get more customers you can do so many things…but in the end it all comes down to increase your reach and improve your sales funnel. A good thing to do, that will work for both those goals, is to put content marketing into action in the right way.

Content marketing also works for getting more returning buyers, but to accomplish this goal I'd focus mainly on producing awesome products and offering a strong customer support. Make first time buyers satisfied about their purchase and they'll buy again.

People are struggling very hard to make their first dollar online. According to you which are the crucial factors which we must consider before starting our online career?

The most important factor is answering this question honestly: “Are you willing to put the needed efforts to earn a living online?”

If you aren't willing to work for as long as it takes, and (sometimes) even for free, then you have better not to start your online career at all. Persistence is the most important skill here.

Anything else is optional and/or can be acquired/learned.

Mauro, your blog is a great blog with awesome content. How are you getting those ideas to write and how are improving SEO on your blog?

I just think about what can I do to help people. Most of the time I filter my thoughts based on the struggles I have had in first place.

So, the key is to think about others' problems and adding your own experience.

I don't focus too much on SEO, except from some basic concepts. I prefer to think about people.

What are the tools which are helping you to boost your online business?

Tools…too many 🙂

Even though I use most of them rarely.

Here are the 4 main tools that I use almost everyday: Aweber for my email list, Unbounce for my landing pages, Crazy Egg for my design and Google Analytics to plan my strategies.

Then, there are a bunch of WordPress plugins. Above all, I'd suggest Hybrid Connect to build your email list fast.

One interesting question – Suppose I have a big Idea and I have done market research thoroughly and found that no one is doing it as per my idea. What are the steps which I should make to convert my idea into reality? Condition is: I don’t have money to invest.

If you can't invest money, then you have to invest time.

You simply have to put your idea into action, one step at a time. It really depends on the idea, but generally, you first make a solid plan and then you start doing the work.

In case you need something that may cost you money, then you have to find a business partner who is willing to put the money on the table.

One more interesting question – How was your experience when you visited Blogging Cage first time? Your answer will help me to do improvements.

It's clearly a good blog with lots of interesting content. The design seems professional, so it makes a good first impression.

My only concern is about the amount of things going on. In my opinion there are too many elements in the menu and in the sidebar. It could overwhelm first time visitors.

Can blogging (only blogging) be taken as full time business for lifetime?

Sure, you can. There are many people who live by blogging, and some of them have making a living for many years now, so it's plenty of examples.

The question isn't “is it possible?”, but it's “are you willing to do what it takes to do it?”. Which I think is also a question that applies to everything in life.

Which are your favorite blogs?

I'm a big fan of Neil Patel, so I have to say QuickSprout. Neil is the most skilled person I know in the entire online world.

Another blog that I love is Unbounce. So many interesting ideas are going on there.

Your favorite quote?

Hard question…I have too many of them!

If I have to pick one, I'd say:

“Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better” – Jim Rohn

In such a short quote, Jim condensed some of the most important things in life.

Message for my readers?

I have loved to run this interview with Kulwant, and I hope you'll like reading it as I liked writing my answers. If you want to know more, want to share something or want my help with something, feel free to visit me at Blog-Growth.com and get in touch with me.

Thanks, Kulwant, for having me here!

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    • I’m glad that you found this interview interesting, Saqib.

      Yeah, Jim’s quote is just amazing, other than very helpful…

  2. Your words are very inspiring Mauro, Loved your ideas.. And Kulwant bro you are conducting interviews totally in a different style, you are asking very interesting questions and not like other formal interviews. Keep rocking!

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    • Thanks a lot, Istiak. I found him just 2 months back and I was mesmerized with his stuff. Finally I decided to approach him for interview and here we are today. 🙂

      He is doing spectacular work..

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    Out of 10-15 Interview which i have read here in BloggingCage this is the best, know why? Because what Mauro has contributed is great. I have never seen somebody answering each and everything so briefly. Loved it 😉

    What i personally think is as mentioned above about consistency and quality is really true. And 81% i think is even quiet high. What you can see in this new blogosphere is a new blogger set up his blog on blogging niche and give ideas which can be seen everywhere. So my question is how you can be a good blogger if you just joined a track and don’t know anything and still giving Tips haha sounds funny 😀

    One should blog on any niche if he seriously have interest. Like take an example of me i started my blogging niche blog year ago , i was not known to many things still i use to give people advises. Even writing 1000 words of article and driving traffic , the blog has now trashed . So EXPERIENCE is what required Which Gives you IDEA and that’s what Kulwant and you are better than many others.

    Slideshare really helps me to complete my school work. I have seen you featured there. Best of luck and Regards 🙂

    • Thanks for the appreciation Ummeed.

      Ummeed, even I have seen that most people have same mentality about blogging and they think that it’s an easy job, but after getting into it they know the real truth. Hope muy interview series is helping such people to know the real truth of blogging.

      I am happy to see you here.

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