BCIS 28: Interview With Affiliate Marketing Expert Matthew Woodward

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I love Saturday, as today is the day when we know more about great bloggers and internet marketers.

Our community is growing and awesome people are coming on the board on every Saturday.

Trying affiliate marketing and making huge money with it are totally different things because starting is very easy but implementing them in practical and getting real results is a tough job. But this guy has overcome all the obstacles and doing great in affiliate marketing.

Matthew WoodwardToday we have Matthew Woodward with us who is one of the best affiliate marketers who believe in teaching the best. If you are trying to enter into affiliate marketing then his blog is a most recommend blog for you to read as he is covering great details about affiliate marketing.

Matthew has grown such a big blog in very short time and voted by some of the best industry leaders.

His Blog MatthewWoodward.co.uk has won a number of awards including

  • Technorati Top 100 Business Blog July 2013
  • The Best Of Search Engine Journal 2012
  • ProBlogger One To Watch 2013
  • Unbounce Top 75 Internet Marketing Blogs

Building a blog from scratch and doing such spectacular work in such a short time is not less than a miracle. Today we are going to ask few interesting questions from him and going to know about his success story.

Special thanks to Matthew for coming on the board.

1. Welcome Matt. Tell us about you, how did you start and where are you today?

Well my name is Matthew Woodward, I'm 27 years old and currently live in the UK. I have done all things internet since I was about 13 and have built a life around my passion.

2. MatthewWoodward.co.uk is a great name in blogging. How did you make it so popular in such a short time and how you won such big blogging awards?


Even though there were a lot of internet marketing blogs, I realized most of them just posted the same old rehashed content.

There was very rarely any detailed advice that got into the nitty gritty and provided any meat on the bone.

So I wanted to change that with my blog and make sure every tutorial I post was the very best one online.

This has led to winning a range of awards including the best affiliate blog of 2013 from Affiliate Summit!

3. We all know that Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but according to you which are the biggest obstacles which are stopping people to enter into it?

I think a lot of people make it more complicated than it needs to be.

There is no magic secret, just find out what people want and give it to them.

4. What are the things which you keep in mind while selecting any product for affiliate marketing.

I don't really select products to market. Instead I find problems to solve.

Sometimes the best solution is with a product and at that point you can earn a commission.

Although the vast majority of my posts/tutorials focus on free to use products/solutions/advice.

5. Affiliate marketing via PPC vs affiliate marketing using SEO. Which do you prefer and why?

With PPC you need to spend money to make money. Most campaigns come in at a huge loss initially because you have to essentially buy the data you need to optimise the campaign for profit.

So if can't afford to set the money on fire, PPC is high risk for many.

SEO is also high risk because you are just relying on a single traffic source (Google) which as many people will know can dry up at any time.

It is important to diversify that risk so I would recommend engaging your audience.

6. What is your success mantra, how do you train yourself for getting better results?

Find out what your passion is in life and then find a way to make money at it.

For that I knew I loved messing about with websites and wanted to be a journalist from a young age. The internet quickly took over and is my life and soul – I suppose the blogging aspect comes from my Journalist aspirations.

But once you are doing what you love done every day, success will follow.

7. Matthew, you are sharing your income reports on your blog. I have seen people saying, “It’s bad to share income reports.” According to you why should we share income reports?

A lot of people are shocked I do that but having that level of transparency with my readers creates a much deeper connection.

It also serves to show people what goes on behind the scenes month to month and provides inspiration to those wanting to do the same.

But if you take a look at my Google Analytics stats-


You can see they have attracted 24,819 unique visitors, 842 new subscribers and 4,658 affiliate clicks.

These income reports also allowed me to create my How To Build A Top 100 Blog post-


As you can see that post alone has had 15,383 unique visitors, 675 new subscribers and 2,347 affiliate clicks.

It has also had 363 +1s, 241 likes, 575 tweets & 118 linked in shares.

8. You must have tried various methods for doing affiliate marketing. Which worked best for you and how did you scale it?

With the blog I have focused on building relationships with my subscribers. I never send out an email unless it is delivering high quality unique content.

I also have an autoresponder sequence setup that builds relationships for me on auto pilot, while pushing new traffic, user-generated content, social shares and affiliate clicks through older posts on the blog.

This approach ensures visitors are much more responsive!

9. SEO is becoming frightening day by day. What efforts are you making to make your blog more SEO friendly?

I have put a stronger focus on extracting social signals in the user journey. Not just at the end of posts but also as part of the email engagement sequence.

When people leave a comment on the blog for a first time they get asked to follow me on Twitter.

When they confirm their email address after subscribing they get asked to follow me on Google+

I have also made sure the blog is up to date with the latest rich snippets including breadcrumbs, authorship markup, publisher markup, article markup & review markup where necessary.

10. Writing for search engines (targeting keywords) vs writing for readers, which one do you prefer and why?

I much prefer browsing through some forums and listing 5 common problems people have.

Then for each problem create a set of bullet points touching upon the different areas that need to be covered.

Once you have written the content, at that point you can start looking for related keywords to scatter throughout the article & write your title.

11. Which tools do you use on daily basis to get more work done in short time and to improve productivity?

My favorite tool for this has to be which uses the free cross device Evernote software.

This system helps me get a whole lot more done in a lot less time. It is 100% free and takes less than 10 minutes to setup and learn.

12. I believe that making relations with great bloggers can give you quick success as compare to being dependent on search engines. Do you agree with this or not?

Search engines just deliver traffic and it’s up to you to make best use of that traffic.

But a relationship isn't as one-dimensional and you can start exploring other opportunity together.

You need both to succeed 🙂

13. Which are your favorite blogs?

There are a fair few blogs I read regularly but for the most part if you just checkout Inbound.org you can find all of the best internet marketing stuff in one place.

14. Who is your inspiration?

It's difficult to say because as a creative blogger I'm constantly drawing inspiration from everything around me.

One of the biggest impacts on my life was reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

That should be standard reading in school in my opinion. I recently re-read it over a decade later and its amazing to see how it shaped things.

15. When you made your first dollar online and where you invested that money?

That is probably going back to around 2001 when I built my first website for a community of gamers.

I got a few donations to help with the server costs, which wasn't really making any money because I still had to do a paper round to cover the server.

I didn't realize it at the time but I suppose that is the first money I earned & invested online.

16. Which methods do you use for effective link building for your niche blogs?

rankcrackerA lot of people like to make link building more complicated than it needs to be. And as humans we are naturally drawn to complicated things for some reason.

Every niche blog/site I start follows the same process in its initial stages.

It's as simple as replicating your competitors backlink profile. It takes a bit of time but it creates a solid foundation to build on.

In fact I just released my private SEO tool that helps with this free of charge.

You can download it here.

17. How difficult or easy it is to make money from any blog?

I think that is best answered with this post and you can follow my journey step by step and see for yourself.

18. Your favorite quote?

I always ask old guys sat at the bar for their best piece of advice.

The best piece of advice I ever had was 2 simple words-

“Try harder”

19. Message for my readers.

If you have any internet marketing questions or need help with anything shoot over to my blog!

There are a bunch of tutorials covering a huge range of internet marketing subjects!

I guarantee they are some of the best posts you have ever read 🙂

If you have any specific question you can just ask on the forum and I will personally answer them for you!

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