BCIS 25: In-Depth Interview with CPA Expert Vipul Taneja

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CPA is all about doing experiments and understanding the psychology of people. This is a field where we just redirect people on websites capturing leads and they pay us on each lead generation.

CPA is completely different from affiliate marketing but if we see it closely then affiliate marketing is just a form of CPA (Cost per Acquisition). In CPA we get paid just on lead generation while in affiliate marketing we have to convert them into buyers.

This is a filed which you can try after having little experience of internet marketing and money in hand.

Today I am feeling very happy to have Vipul Taneja on board who is a CPA expert from India and helped hundreds of people to make their first dollar online from CPA marketing. With his marketing skills and guidance people are moving forward to do great in CPA which can be clearly seen in his Facebook group Facebook MasterMinds.

If you are thinking to enter into CPA or already trying at your own and not getting success with it then this interview is a must read interview for you, because I have asked such an awesome questions which are actually your questions. I have tried to ask every small question which we as a newbie ask from ourself or from our online friends.

Let's have discussion with him and dig little deeper into CPA marketing by asking him few interesting question.

1. Vipul, you don’t need any introduction in Indian internet marketing, but still tell us about your background and childhood dreams.

Well, First of all thanks for giving me this opportunity. I’m glad to be able to build some active communities online and help people in gaining some knowledge.

Well I have been fascinated by computers and gadgets since my childhood. When I was in young age (I’m still young) I used my PC for tweaking with windows, playing games and browsing orkut. And I always wanted to be an engineer and visit US for my masters. But as I started pursuing my graduations I came across many student programs like Microsoft Student Partners which could connect me with like-minded people across the country.

I used this opportunity, went to boot-camps and conducted many events across northern India. From being a shy guy to presenting talks in front of 1000’s of students was life changing experience. The confidence grew everyday and I kept on meeting entrepreneurs, school dropouts and lot more talented individuals who inspired me towards my journey.

2. For entering into internet marketing we just need one click. When that click happened in your mind and how did you start?

Well before internet marketing, the idea of being an entrepreneur came into my mind on 4th feb 2010. I visited Faridabad to attend Microsoft’s Open Day and met amazing people. The folks were young, dynamic running their empires since years now and I my mind quickly said; if they can do, I can too.

I started working on web in and around November 2008, and started my first blog as vipultaneja.com. My journey to Internet Marketing came from lots of failures into different ventures. From running couple of blogs, online magazines, coding apps, monetizing blogs with AdSense and yet getting all accounts banned was no less than a nightmare. I lost more than 10 AdSense accounts and I realized this is time I look for alternate options.

I was introduced to affiliate programs by a friend and I kept digging into it. More and more failures, but I knew someday I will be able to connect all the dots. After so many failures I atleast knew what not to do and I kept on improvising my plan of action. And tadaaaaaa.. I was able to crack the code. Well no code, but figured out some working combination. It’s always about taking first leap of faith, and just able to overcome that fear of failure.

3. CPA is a challenging field. How you found your interest in CPA and who was your inspiration?

While exploring affiliate marketing, I came across CPA networks which would pay you just for a signup. And I was sure that this is something I can do. Apply my marketing strategies and help customers reach the right products while making money with it.

The beauty of CPA marketing is that you don’t need to answer to anyone, you’re independent and thought of being on my own was just too satisfying. No Google update can screw any of my work sounds like a plan. My inspiration was definitely Jeremy Schoemaker. And many unknown blogs I have read.

4. What were the biggest challenges which you faced when you started?

Plenty of them. Ha ha. While you are starting you have just no clue whatsoever what to do. And that experience, uncertainty is just amazing. From not able to get credit cards, choosing products, creating landers, targeting and in fact building up budget for paid campaigns was difficult.

But frankly for me, the biggest challenge was to understand that losing money was part of the game. Whenever I saw any losses I would just quit or pause those campaigns without being patient and optimizing them. The fear of losing money was hard to go.

5. For me, selecting product to promote is the biggest headache. How do you select the product and what are the things which we should keep in mind.

Choosing a product is one of the toughest task people face. But I think I always focused on choosing a market and once I was comfortable with that market choosing product was pretty easy. While starting people just put their hands in too many baskets, trying many different niches and I feel that is kinda clumsy. The right approach is to research well, learn well and implement. Once you’re to work in one niche, scaling up or shifting to niche is pretty easy.

Also, as you grow in this market and make connections, u will find people approaching you to promote their products. So rather from finding products to getting exclusive deals right on your doorstep. With testing, data and all experience your instincts start helping you as well.

Please research well and test. And hang in there!

6. People have misconception that for entering into CPA marketing you need atleast $500 in your pocket. Is it true or just misconception?

True as well as false.

True if you’re gonna promote by paid traffic. False if you’re gonna promote with free traffic. In fact there are plenty of cheap paid traffic sources as well. If you know the game well or have researched well, you can start with 100$ and make it big. But usually u lose some money (if it isn’t your lucky day) on testing before you find the right combination. In short, depends on how are you gonna promote your offers!

7. Suppose we have selected one product and going to promote it. What are the things which we should study about the psychology of potential buyers or lead?

Just everything you can. There is no limit to how deep you can go to find out about your potential customers. From their habits to fears to liking, whatever you come across can generate you a new marketing angle for your product.

8. Having a landing page is most crucial and important factor in CPA marketing. I have heard people saying, “I don’t know anything about HTML and CSS so I cannot enter into CPA marketing, because I don’t know how to make a landing page.” Can those people still enter into CPA?

Ofcourse. Why not. Well there is always a way out. If you don’t feel comfortable with HTML, CSS or basic Photoshop, just learn it. The basics don’t take much time and you can easily start building your own designs. Or there are plenty of templates available on the internet, you can always use them and edit them to your convenience.

Last and the easiest way, one can always outsource and let a professional do it. But my strong recommendation is to learn it, as it makes you independent and you won’t be dependent on anyone to make the edits.

9. You are using paid sources for driving traffic on your offers. Please explain few free resources which we can try to drive traffic on CPA offers?

Every possible way to get traffic from the internet where you don’t need to pay is free traffic. Right? Think about it. Normally people talk just about building websites, SEO but what about Pinterest, Digg, Facebook groups, pages, forums, emails, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Tumblr, WordPress and list is probably endless.

You can just drive traffic from anywhere but learning how to get targeted traffic is a skill which comes with time. So choose one sources, find what works on it and kill it.

10. Promoting product in specific countries is a challenge, so promoting such offers on blog is little difficult. Can you tell few methods so that people can promote CPA offers from their blogs too?

I would suggest rather than finding methods, why not figure out what can work well in your traffic? What are visitors looking for? Or even what’s your niche? CPA offers are usually geo-targeted, but one can always find direct affiliate offers to use. Or if in case of methods one can use GEO-IP Scripts to show different visitors different stuff. Like US visitor can see something different and same for your specific redirections.

If you’re interested in incent marketing, you can always build niche websites and do content locking.

11. How your work experience helped you to do better in CPA marketing?

Well one of the most important things that my work experience of “Deloitte” has helped me to get is “Discipline”. Having a glimpse of how big companies work gave me an idea on how to optimize my work and at the same time communicate well with people. And connections play a huge role in any industry.

12. A blogger is into confusion. He wants to enter into blogging as well as CPA. According to you what are the things which he/she should keep in mind before taking final decision?

For me it’s a very personal choice. No-one understands you and your situation better than you. So I think one himself/herself is the wisest person to take up such decision. You can always look into your skills, money, time constraints, and knowledge. The best would be before you actually switch fields make sure you’re ready to do so.

Your plan of action is there, you have targets to achieve, and you have things in pipeline for atleast next 3-6 months. Also, if you fail, what is the exit strategy? CPA marketing is just like any other profession; you have to take it as a serious business rather than a hobby if you wanna make it big.

13. Tell us something about your Facebook CPA Ninja coaching program. How this is going to help people and share few success stories with us.

FacebookCPANinja helps in educating people about “How to drive traffic from Facebook ads” and promote different CPA Offers. The beauty of program is that it isn’t just limited to Facebook ads, it talks about everything. Like what steps to follow, Research, testing, tracking, optimizing, landing pages and what not. So those having no idea or are new to this can also be a part of it and start their journey towards CPA Marketing.

Talking about success stories, I have seen my students grow from 0 to xxxx$ with it. In fact some of them have been making $14k in a week as well. Potential is huge, you just need an idea to make money online. I will push you, guide you and help you wherever you need, all you need to do is “Take Action”

You can find out all details related to program here. We are starting another batch on 9th of December and anyone can be a part of it.

14. 5 important things which an internet marketer should keep in his mind always.

I’ll keep this simple:

• Traffic Source – Be a master
• Customer – Help them
• User Experience – Make users feel better
• Don’t Quit – Stand Strong
• Have fun – Enjoy Yourself.

15. Are you going to do CPA marketing for lifetime or you have other future plans?

Well that’s too much to predict. I love to keep my life dynamic and happening. I can’t say what is there down the line, but let’s hope whatever I’m doing I’ll just focus on enjoying myself. Or whatever it will be I will keep you posted 😉

16. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Till date my dad is my backbone and my biggest inspiration. I don’t have a super big inspiration from the industry. I follow many and respect them but my dad still outshines them.

17. Why do people fail in CPA?

Well there are many reasons behind it. Every other person is having his/her own story but I think most number of people fail because of not taking actions. Other could be these:

• No clue about what is working and how to figure this out.
• Low on funds
• Pushing traffic in competitive market
• Low on motivation/Lack of guidance

18. Your favorite quote?

“It’s Now or Never”

19. Message for my readers.

Well if you’re in a situation where you’re holding yourself back and still wondering what to do, just take a deep breath and take your chances. Life is just too short to wait for right time/situation to come. You’re capable enough to make your own path/destiny, instead you create it!

Thanks for finding sometime and reading about me; don’t forget to connect with me twitter @vipultaneja.

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    CPA is not a “Get Rich quick” kind of thing. It takes lots of hard work, a lot more of trial-and-error method, and patience. It’s good to see the Vipul Taneja has spared some time to answer all this, knowing that he’d have made more money at that time.

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    I really love it !!
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