BCIS 24: Meet Spencer Haws, Who Changed the Way of Doing Keyword Research

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Today I am extremely excited to share this awesome interview with you.

The reason behind my excitement is – I have got great success with the tool introduced by this person.

Yes !! I am talking about LongTailPro here. 🙂

He is the man who got the idea to make this revolutionary tool and helped thousands of internet marketers to harvest money-making keywords with just few clicks.

Later he introduced Niche Website Theme which has become one of the top most loved theme among internet marketers to run niche websites and authority blogs.

Let's welcome Spencer Haws here and know more about him.

I am feeling very privileged that he accepted my request and finally his interview is here.

1. First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. I and my readers are very happy to have you here (as I shared on my FB profile about interviewing you).

Thanks for the opportunity!

2. Spencer you don’t need any introduction. But still, please introduce yourself so that we can know more about you.

Well, I run a blog on building niche websites and small business ideas over at NichePursuits.com.  I also own the keyword research tool Long Tail Pro.

I started building niche websites several years ago and got pretty good at it.  Good enough to quit my full-time job because I was making more money from my websites than my day job!

3. How you entered into blogging and how concept of niche blogging introduced to you?

I started building niche websites because I had failed at other projects, including trying to start a personal finance blog.  As I learned more about SEO, I understood the importance of targeting low competition keywords…this led me to finding niche sites.

4. How many niche sites you are running till now and approximately how much money you are making with them.

I’ve built over 200 sites; but many of those no longer exist.  I would say I have around 100 or so sites live now, with about 40 to 50 of those earning money.

5. Niche site vs Authority Site. Which is best and why? What are the pros and cons of both?

I wrote an entire blog post on this here: http://www.nichepursuits.com/should-i-build-large-or-small-taking-a-portfolio-approach-with-niche-sites/

In a nutshell, I recommend both, with the majority of your time and focus being on one or two larger sites.

6. SEO 6-7 years back and SEO today. What are the main differences you saw in these years? How this has changed and what is working now?

Google is now more focused on ranking quality content.  Using automated link building does not work as effectively as it used to.  If you can get real links from real websites, that’s the way to go.

7. You have launched one great tool “Long Tail Pro” which has become favorite of almost all internet marketers (including me). How the idea to make this tool came in your mind and how you converted this into reality?

I was disappointed with how slow other keyword research tools were.  Also, I wanted to be able to search for multiple seed keywords at once, and finding exact match domains automatically.

I’m not a programmer at all, so I hired a developer off of Elance.com to make my idea become a reality.

8. What were the obstacles you faced which working on this tool?

The first programmer I hired did not work out.  This was a huge deal, and I struggled for a while on how I would move forward.  I ended up starting all over from scratch (after I had already paid one programmer), and found a different programmer.  It was the best move I made!

The developer I have now is high quality, and the results show.

Keyword research is a big concept and every internet marketer explains it in his own way. According to you what are the things we should see while selecting best money-making keywords?

First you want to make sure the keyword has an acceptable level of search volume each month. (This depends on your goals, so everyone’s criteria will be different).

Then you want to look at the first page of Google and determine if the competition is weak.  I look at:

Is the full keyword phrase in the title of the ranking pages?

I like to see multiple results with a Moz Page Authority of less than 30

I like to see multiple results with Juice Page links of less than 30

This is a great place to start.

9. According to you what are the factors involved ranking keywords in Search engines? Like wiki, web 2.0, profile links etc.

Links are still important, but I would focus on building real links.  This means contacting other bloggers and getting involved in your niche.  Once you do and produce high quality content, the links will come.

If you are just looking to build a small niche site, that will be different; you may have to manually build links.  I would never use automated links building tools though.

10. What are the factors which help us decide monetization model for any blog. Like how to select from AdSense, ClickBank, Amazon and other resources to monetize niche blog?

It's usually not that hard to figure out how to monetize.  It really just depends on the niche.  Once you’ve selected your niche you just need to test which method is the best way to monetize.

11. People keep talking about PageRank and all and everyone want high PR for his/her site. How important is to have PR for a site and how it help to boost SERP?

PageRank is not that important.  It's still fun to look at to see if your PageRank goes up; but having a higher page rank does not mean you will rank higher in the search engines necessarily.

Does Alexa help in any way for SEO? Nope, I’ve never used Alexa…its not relevant for SEO.

12. What are your views about this interview series on Blogging Cage and how can I improve it more?

Interviews are a great way to get involved in any niche!  By reaching out to others and making contact, you put yourself on the radar.

I don’t have specific recommendations for improvement.  I always am seeking ways that I can do things better; so just always be thoughtful about what would make an interview better or a process more efficient.

13. Approximately in how much days we can rank a less competitive keyword and what are the steps to do it perfectly?

It all depends on the keyword.  It could be a few weeks or it could be a few months.

14. Can old domains give us advantage in SEO? Means if we buy them as expired/dropped domains.

Many people use expired domains, but I don’t usually.  I avoid them for the most part.

15. What's your success secret expressed in just one word?


16. Your future plans and projects?

I have a couple of bigger projects that I’m working on.  Basically just a couple of larger website ideas that I will be spending the next couple of years on.

17. Message for my readers.

Thanks everyone for reading.  If you want to learn more about me, check out my blog at NichePursuits.com

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26 thoughts on “BCIS 24: Meet Spencer Haws, Who Changed the Way of Doing Keyword Research”

  1. Hi Spencer, and welcome to Kulwant’s blog 🙂

    It sure is a pleasure meeting you – or shall I say a privilege to meet the man behind Long Tail Pro 🙂

    Yes indeed, your awesome keyword tool has created waves in the Blogosphere and I think it’s already beaten the others, which were supposed to be its great competitors once, or perhaps some are still in certain aspects. I don’t use any other than the Google Keywords Tool, so don’t have much of an idea but I’ve read a lot of reviews, and yours outshine the rest.

    I enjoyed reading through the wonderful questions Kulwant put forth here and the replies you gave, it made me realize that planning and proper strategy can make you do wonders. I guess you had a vision and aim that you achieved.

    Nice to know more about you, and I shall surely be visiting your blog as well.

    Thanks for sharing more about Spencer and his journey with us Kulwant. Hav e a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    • Harleena, you might be surprised to hear that I bought this tool on the same day when I saw it first time.

      The features of this tool were so appealing that I could not stop myself. And finally it ended up with my best online investment till the time.

      For your niche there is no need to do too much keyword research because people want personal attachment there, and I am glad to say that you have created it very nicely. 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation and becoming one of my hyper active reader.

      Have a great Sunday tomorrow. 🙂

  2. This man is really awesome. He helped many internet marketers to research well.
    Thanks Kulwant for taking his interview and sharing with us. 🙂

  3. Hi Kulwant,

    This is a great interview mate! Glad to see Spencer sharing his ideas and knowledge. Really appreciate the part especially when you talk about SEO 🙂

    Great and keep it up!


  4. kulwant bro., finally you have make one of the my desire techie’s intervioew…thanks a lot…

  5. Thanks Kulwant to interview Spencer Haws, The King of Keyword Research.. I’m very familier with Long Trail Pro, But, Spencer was unknown for me 😉

  6. Hey Spencer,
    You’ve got a great tool for us. In fact, I just published a niche site report on my blog as I use LongTailPro to build them. It makes keyword research simple and down to earth.

    BTW, good to see you here and thanks for accepting the interview

    • Glad to see you here Enstine. No doubt he has came up with great idea to give us such a revolutionary tool. Till now I have got huge success with this tool, and all my present success’s credit goes to this tool only.

      I am also very happy that he accepted my interview proposal.

      • I can understand what you’re saying bro because I’m seeing the results to. I started sharing my experience on my blog. You may have time to check that out

        • Enstine, I am reading all your articles. But I am bit lazy these days so not dropping comments anywhere.. Lazy me. 🙁

  7. Hi Kulwant first time landed on ur blog and I must say ur amazing bloggers, Your contribution is noteworthy here. You have got great tool for us Kulwant. Spencer haws interview is delightful to read.

    • Jitendra, most welcome on Blogging Cage. Glad to see you here first time. Have you tried LongTailPro?

  8. Its wonderful interview about the man behind long tail pro, which is not only an awesome tool, it help everyone to find their perfect way on their niches to go smoothly.

    Thanks to the nice interview with Spencer.

  9. You rocks Kulwant!. I enjoy too much the interviews which you post in your interviews series and as always it helps the whole blogging community because we get awesome knowledge and advices from experts.

  10. Hello Kuwant!
    i am confusing between two keyword research tools 1st “traffic travis” and “LongTailPro”.

    Please look at once traffic travis and tell me

    I am going to purchase one of them.

    Thanking you!

    • Dinesh, I have tried Traffic Travis too. TT is very slow and I will not recommend it for keyword research.

      If you want to find really profitable keywords with much ease then go for LongTailPro.

  11. Thanks Kulwant to interview Spencer Haws, The King of Keyword Research.. I’m very familier with Long Trail Pro, But, Spencer was unknown for me 😉

  12. This interview is one of the king man. Great questions my friend, I’m glad you covered most of questions I was thinking of if I have the pleasure to meet Spencer. “The Man”

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  13. Hello Kulwant sir,
    Thanks for this awesome interview.
    Seriously I am at the pro level in blogging and a lot of things need to understand for me and I fulfill my purpose with your blog.
    Once again thanks a lot.

  14. Awesome interview Kulwant and thanks to Spencer Haws for giving time for interview. Long keyword researching is very important now and I am too thinking to buy this product.

  15. Thanks buddy, I have to say this interview was awesome. I am using Long tail pro and seems that when trail period will expire, I can buy the pro version as it is the best tool for seo and keyword research.

    Interview like this always motivate me a lot.

  16. thanks for sharing such kind of inspirational interview with us. It will helps us to build sites or blogs. Being a newbie.. I really enjoyed this interview…
    Thanks sir..

  17. I enjoyed your post here Kulwant….

    I like your blog here too and with Google using the “keyword planner” now, I’ll be looking into long tail pro as another option.

    See you around the net 🙂

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