BCIS 22: An Interview With Ravi Chopra from ClicksBazaar.com

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It is said that dedication don't see any age factor.

You can achieve anything in any age. The man whom I am going to interview this weekend has also done something like this, he has done exceptional work which is truly admirable. He started learning about online marketing from the age 14-15 and finally at the age of 21 he became Director of Clicks Bazaar Technologies.

This was the age when he should be looking for a job, but right now he is recruiting people elder than him. 🙂

He is the person who found hidden power within him and started putting his efforts to convert his dreams into reality.

This week I got chance to interact with Mr. Ravi Chopra from ClicksBazaar and in this interview he is going to share a lot of things. This is one of the longest interview from Blogging Cage Interview Series. So, I will recommend you to spare atleast 5-7 minutes and try to read each and every answer given by him.

Hope you will find some hidden gems in this interview and you can also achieve your dreams.

Most welcome on Blogging Cage.

My pleasure Kulwant.

1. Please share your journey to enter in online marketing. How did you start and what efforts did you make?

I got my first computer when I was 13 and I had fascination for computers ever since. One of my friends introduced me to the world of website development. At the time we were browsing websites, he was developing them and making good money. All the work that he did really fascinated me and I thought of exploring it more. I spent immense time learning and exploring everything I could do about the online world.

After learning a lot about Web Development and Designing I finally decided to develop my own website. I did one as well, but I was not able to run it successfully (get traffic to it) and it was the time I realized that there is something more important than web designing and development.

This was the time I explored the world of Online Marketing and started exploring it. I didn’t understand its value at that time but it is the decision that changed my life.

2. How the idea to start ClicksBazaar.com came in your mind and what were the difficulties you faced?

Clicks Bazaar came into picture long after I entered Online Marketing. Once I entered Online Marketing the very first thing I learn’t like any other person was SEO. It gave me enough knowledge and confidence to bring traffic to my websites and blogs and within no time I started with a good number of blogs with good traffic.

My stats were impressive enough and no sooner one of my friend approached me and asked if I could do SEO of his blog. He was actually willing to pay me for it. That was the time I realized that I could actually use this knowledge to help people. Also I realized that Online Marketing is much more than just SEO. I learn’t / practiced Google Adwords , PPV, CPM, Online Media planning, Brand strategizing and more and decided to step into the online marketing world professionally.

3. If anyone wants to start any online business then what are the crucial factors which they should keep in mind and what are the technicalities.

The only suggestion would be to “Do your homework well”. Before taking any business online, you should know what are the time, cost and resource requirements that you need and do your calculations well. People often think that you just need a domain, hosting and a good website template to take your business online. This is one of the biggest MYTHS about online business. I have seen many good startup ideas fail because of that.

I always suggest my clients to research well before making any decision as with incomplete knowledge the chances of your online business being successful are very minute.

4. You had many blogs in past. How is your experience to run a company versus running blogs? Are you still managing some blogs?

Blogging was a great experience. The feeling to write anything you want and people loving you for what you write can’t be explained in words. Whatever I am today, it all started with blogging. But with lapse of time I got so many orders that I didn’t get time to work on my blogs so I couldn’t continue with them.

I still have those blogs with me. Some are still getting 2000+ uv’s day despite not being updated over an year. I am planning to come back into blogging again though. Some good ideas lined up. You will soon hear some great news from our side soon.

5. What efforts are you making to promote your company and what efforts would you like to suggest to newbies who wants to start their online ventures?

For Clicks Bazaar, we followed a very different marketing approach. Normally people market Offline products online but we did just the opposite. We took our online business offline. We have taken care of both the Social Media and Online Marketing well but we couldn’t afford to ignore the offline market. There is a lot of audience which has not understood the power of Online Media and to explain them the same, to get those clients we had to something different and had to move from conventional online marketing strategies to offline ones.

We have sponsored many college fests in the last 1 year, we have marketed on OOH media, we have advertised over corporate internal media (like McDonalds food chain in Delhi) and more. Rest word of mouth publicity works the best so the best thing we have done to promote our company is to deliver quality work.

For newbies the only suggest would be – “Deliver quality work and keep your clients happy”. Word of mouth publicity works the best for Start up and mid-sized business. When you have good funds, build up good infrastructure and Manpower. After everything is ready and you are good to handle big work and have funds for marketing, there are a lot of ways to grow your business.

6. How many people are currently working with you and how you managing them? Any special tips for effective management?

We are growing our team pretty fast and growing our network as much as we can. Currently Clicks Bazaar (main) office has a staff of over 17 people and of you include our network partners, the total is over 100 people. We have dedicated team of content writers, web designers, web developers, graphic designers and Internet Marketers to carry on the work.

7. What kind of SEO services do you provide and what efforts do you make to satisfy your customers?

Yes, we are providing SEO services as well. We provide rank oriented SEO services. When we take any project, we assure rankings for the keywords discussed. We just deliver what is promised on / before time and have a long list of happy clients for the same.

That’s the easiest way to satisfy your clients.

But Remember: Online Marketing is much more than SEO. It includes many things like CPM, CPC, PPV , Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing, CPA ads etc depending upon the needs of the project. So don’t restrict your self to just SEO. Try the other marketing methods as well. You can check out the various Internet Marketing services we offer on Clicks Bazaar here.

8. One million dollar question – How you convinced your parents to start this business.

That’s actually a mission dollar question Kulwant 😛

In the beginning my parents had no idea what I do all day over the web. Like every engineer they expected me to do a decent 10 – 6 job and get a paycheck every month’s 1st but I had some different plans. It was my sister’s marriage (A Big Fat India Wedding) that was the time I was still in college and thought I should help my family and I handed over a cheque to my dad of an amount he couldn't expect from me even after 5-6 years of my job and that was it.

Firstly he got shocked to see from where did I get that money and told my mom “Your son is going to get us in Jail, from where did he get this amount in his account”. It actually took me 2 days to explain him everything I do (he still didn’t believe me though). But now he has accepted the fact that I do some good work. My parents always wanted me to do whatever I wanted happily so now they don’t say anything.

9. One out of the topic question – We have very less lady bloggers in India. According to you what efforts should we make to encourage them to become bloggers?

Completely agree with you on this. Here in India we have very few woman bloggers and the main reason for it is probably the lack of knowledge. Blogging itself is not very popular in India. However in the last 2 years we have seen a great exposure to the blogging world among peers but still people.

We should come forward for this awareness and do something good for the society. We can have some kind of special seminars in schools / colleges to make the youth aware of the power of blogging and what it can do to their lives. We are one of the “MOST POWERFUL” forms of ONLINE MEDIA and people need to understand that.

10. Many blogger are rising in India every single day. Would you like to give some special tips to them to get success?

Ans: Just one advice if give to all budding bloggers. DON’T BLOG FOR MONEY, BLOG FOR KNOWLEDGE. Love your blog just like the way you love your other assets and take good care of it. If you start a blog with the motive of making money the very first day, there are high chances of you either failing or quitting due to frustration of not making money. Remember blogging is a long-term game. Just blog what you love and focus on delivering quality to the users. The more quality information you provide, the more people are going to follow your blog.

11. I have seen that most of the bloggers quit their blogging journey very soon. According to you what are the main reasons behind it?

I have just covered the point in the above answer. The reason for most bloggers entering blogging these days is to make money but that’s not the true essence of blogging. Blogging should be to add value to the life of your readers. If you add value to the life of people then more and more people tend to follow your blog and take your posts seriously. The more loyal audience you have, the more ways you have of monetizing your blog. Imagine using Affiliate marketing to promote a product to your blog’s loyal audience to promoting that same product to some random people.

This also answers why most affiliate marketers fail in affiliate marketing. They make their website more product centric than user centric, which is a very bad approach.

I will sum it up as, take care of your readers, money will automatically come in. The more you focus on money, the earlier you will quit.

12. What do you think of Blogging / Internet Marketing and its scope in India?

Both Blogging and Internet Marketing have immense scope in India and people are yet to understand their value. Remember, EVERY Engineering college in the country teaches coding / development but there is not a single institute offering Online Marketing, Digital Media, Blogging in their course curriculum but every website on the planet needs them. Corporate websites need Blog Management Services, All startup / established websites need SEO and other Online Marketing Services. If every year, 1000 engineers pass our from a college (on an average), do you think even one tenth Online Marketers or Bloggers pass from the same college.

Online Media and Blogging are some unconventional form of media that people are yet to understand. Once they understand their value, the scenario of Online Marketers and Bloggers might be completely changed for our country.

Just one example that I give to everyone I consult: If someone is spending just $10,000 on a website / online project development, he might be doing that because he is expecting some good returns out of it. And to get results he might be keeping some good results for the marketing. On an average if a person is spending $10,000 on development he might be having a budget of atleast $20,000 – $30,000 for marketing. So Online Marketers actually have a much bigger scope of work than the developers. Also keep in mind that blogging is also a part of Online Marketing.

13. Which project we are going to see from you in future?

There are a lot actually. Great Surprises in store. Just for a hint – We are going to launch one of its kind WordPress plugin next month that might actually be of great use to almost every blogger out there. Keep tuned for more.

14. What is your current income?

You really want me to answer it? After all the answers I gave above, all the readers will probably understand the scope of Online Marketing and blogging pretty well. You can very well imaging the scope of money one can make in Online Marketing. I can just say that if all goes well, we might hit a Million Dollar Mark by this financial year-end. I hope that is enough to motivate the readers.

15. Message for my readers

Just focus on your work quality and your brand. Money is a by-product. Always have the monetization idea for your business plan but don’t plan your business depending upon the monetization idea.


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