BCIS 18: Interview With Freelance Writer Bamidele Onibalusi

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Summer is killing here in India and we are just unable to go out of the home.

Temperature is rising 46-49 degree, and it's damn hot outside.

But still I was so courageous that I interviewed one of the best blogger from Nigeria. ha ha !! 🙂 🙂

Although the journey took place from my computer to his computer but having him on my blog is nothing less than a cool warmth for my readers in this hot season.

He is my favorite blogger, when I am talking about writing. All the improvement I have made in my writing style are learnt from his blog and I personally thank him for writing such awesome writing tips on his blog.

I was lucky that I found him in just after 3-4 months of my blogging and I started reading his blog.

Oni has his own identity as a great writer and have worked with many clients who are damn happy with his work.

Today he is going to share his story of blogging and about his writing journey.

1. Welcome here Oni, First of all please tell us about yourself and your background.

Thanks, Kulwant! I'm Bamidele Onibalusi, a young Nigerian blogger, freelance writer and the founder of Writers in Charge – a blog for writers who want to learn to be in control of their writing career.

2. When you found hidden writer in your and when you took the action to make your online presence?

It was in 2009. I never really intended to be a writer; I've heard about the power of the internet and the possibilities it enables for people who want to make money without necessarily having to work in a job. I created my first website to make money online and after months without result, and some further research, I realized that creating a blog was the way to go. Things changed ever since.

3. Writing; one of the greatest skills. What efforts you made to become a better writer?

Some of the things I've done to make myself a better writer are; writing a lot, reading a lot and actively soliciting feedback that can help my writing improve.

I've also written a lot of guest posts for other blogs so this has been very helpful in helping me get feedback about my writing.

4. Newbies always face difficulty (especially in India) to write in good tone on their blog. What efforts they can make or should make to learn basics of writing very fast? And what are the common mistakes in writing which most of the newbies are making and how they can overcome this?

Personally, I think the best way anyone can be a better writer is by writing more; write A LOT, in as many outlets as you can. Sometimes, you won't really find your voice until you've written a lot; you'll get feedback from others and notice a few things about your writing that really get people to interact with what you write, and you can decide to focus on these things.

I think a major mistake most writers make is restricting themselves to their blogs; start writing for other blogs, especially more popular blogs. Not only will this help you get more exposure but it'll also help you improve since you'll be getting feedback from more successful bloggers/writers and their audience.

5. When you started professional journey as freelance writer and what were the obstacles you faced? How you overcame those?

My main struggle as a freelance writer has always been with getting things done; it's something I still struggle with, but I've noticed that waking up very early to focus on my work has been very helpful.

6. Were your parents with you when you started blogging? How they encouraged you or discouraged you?

I lost my father when I was 7 so I only have my mother. My mother isn't really familiar with how computers work when I started blogging but I had a pastor who understood how computers worked and believed in me. With his help, I was able to convince my mom to purchase my first computer for me and things have been easy since.

Also, it was easy to convince my mom that what I'm doing is productive once my blogging started to produce results.

7. How a writer can make money on the internet and what are the sources to make money?

The fastest way to make money as a writer is by being a freelance writer; and one of the best ways to build a thriving career as a freelance writer is to start a blog. Blog regularly about a topic your clients are interested in and use every opportunity to advertise your writing services in your content. This will help position you as an expert, get more clients to contact you and also ensure they respect you.

You can also make money by creating an e-book or by having a blog that you monetize with ads, through affiliate marketing or some other means. The possibility is limitless but currently, my favorite is being a freelance writer.

8. According to you how important is our writing for our blog’s success?

It's very important. The more you write and the more you struggle to improve the quality of your writing, the more successful your blog will be.

In fact, there was this recent Hubspot study that revealed that blogs that are updated more often are more successful; so you shouldn't just aim to improve the quality of your writing for your blog, you should also publish a lot more articles on your blog.

9. From where you are making most of the money online?

Freelance writing.

10. How much time you spend with your laptop/computer in day and what are your favorite things which you enjoy most to do online?

It used to be around 8 – 10 hours daily but now, I spend most of my time offline lately.

Also, what I love doing most online is reading blogs and writing articles/guest posts to help my blog grow.

11. Who is behind your inspiration?

Steve Pavlina. He inspired me not only to start blogging but also to focus on the value I can provide instead of the money I can make.

12. What to love to do when you are not online?

Watching movies; recently, I probably spend more time watching movies than I spend online.

13. From YoungPrePro to WritersIncharge. Why this transition? Any special reason?

Yes, I believe the name “YoungPrePro” is actually confusing when my goal for my blog is considered; my goal is to help writers take charge of their writing career, earn more money and be popular, and I think the new domain name – WritersinCharge.com – is properly positioned to communicate that.

14. You future plans and targets to achieve for this year?

I'll focus a lot more on my blog; I haven't spent as much time on it as I hoped to but this will change as we move towards the second half of this year.

15. Messages from the writer’s desk for my readers.

You can do it; you just have to believe in yourself!

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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  1. Hi, Kulwant Nagi
    Nice Interview! you are good inspiration blogger for newbies. By taking the interview of famous bloggers you are filling inspiration in the newbie bloggers heart to be as blogger. I like you ur blog, I became a fan of you keep going and lead us to become successful blogger.

  2. Onibalusi is the guy who inspires me to keep on writing…Even if I write SEO content for a SEO company at an affordable price from some years then too I have continued working as a content writer…I am waiting for better opportunities so that I can take my writing skills to an another level….I know that Onibalusi is a very superb writer and I always read his blog so that I can get more better at writing…….This was a really superb interview and I am waiting to know more things about him as I want to know that how he started getting so many clients for his writing service…….

  3. Nice Interview Kulwant,
    Bamidele is a great guy and one of Nigeria’s finest bloggers. I like him and his blog and he is such an inspiration.

  4. I got to know Onibalusi from his blog YoungPrePro. Now get know to more. Thanks Kulwant for the interview.

  5. Nice interview you have here bro Thanks for interviewing Bamidele

    I’m not surprised at the success of Bamidele–he’s an hardworking person and he deserves the best

    All the best bro


    • Yes Daniel. He has proved his presence in this world.. Top writer in my list. 🙂

  6. As usual Bamidele Your interview is great & full of tips specially to us, Newbies. You are one of my most valued daily following Bloggers, I have. Even to the point of going back & re-reading Your knowledgeable blogs on “how to do” things in the Internet…So I can do them…Thank-You for all the knowledge You give us…God Bless! & I was going to say Keep up the good work, but I know You will!

  7. Thanks for the interview Kulwant. Writers in charge is a very good blog for those who are looking to enhance their writing skills and I am one of them.

    • Yes Rahul. This is one-stop destination for all learners. Awesome efforts have been made by Oni to provide great writing tips.

  8. Great interview Bamidele and congratulations on your success! To be honest it’s good to see you’re offline more often than not as we all need a hard break from the digital community every now and then.

  9. Thanks for this intriguing interview. I really learned a lot. His is such an encouragement to all blogger over here in Nigeria. More grease to your elbow!

  10. I’m not a regular reader of writers in charge but some of his articles are really inspiring and helpful. Thank you Kulwant sir for this interview.

  11. This guy is really awesome. I’m planing to be a freelancer one day just like him. I always visit BloggingCage and his blog. Thanks for the interview

  12. truly inspirational….hats off buddy really helpful for newbies… thanx for the interview kulwant…:)
    keep doing such work sir…i really love this interview series…

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  13. Writing jobs pay too less, I started working as I writer in beginning but soon left it, and Now I freelance as an adsense expert and help people in improving adsense incomes.
    nice interview series is continuing 🙂

    • You heard it wrong Waqar. People are making good money with just writing skills. You might have used wrong platform with your skills.

      • I get 200$ a month as an advertisement expert and all I have to do is to place ads at the right place and make revenue grow by 50% from what it was previously

  14. Great interview.. tons of value. There are only 2 direct response copywriters whom I admire like crazy.
    1. John Carlton (Simple Writing System)
    2. Gary Halbert
    Of the 2.. Gary Halbert is the GOD of copywriting who’s raked in millions just using the power of words. Just look up on Google for Gary Halbert and you’ll land up on the most valuable website on the internet.. The guy is no more.. but his words will stay forever.

    • Thanks Siddharth. I am not aware about both the writers you mentioned here. For sure I will read some of the books/content written by them and get more knowledge.

      Thanks for putting hands together.

  15. Motivation. Bamidele is a lovely individual, very easy to talk to and always there to help..

  16. Really Nice Interview Kulwant Sir
    Its Inspiring for me
    Now i will write more & more and improve my skills 🙂

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    Inspiring interview……
    Keep on doing these kind of interviews…
    I am waiting for these kind of interviews

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