BCIS 17: Interview With Affiliate Marketing Expert Ricky Ahuja

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Welcome back in Blogging Cage Interview Series (BCIS).

If you are connected with me on Facebook, then you might be aware that these days I am learning more about affiliate marketing and spending most of my time on it. I am learning the basic of it, and getting in touch with many good marketers.

First of all special thanks to Zac Johnson, Karan Labra and Subhash Chandra Choudhary who are helping me in big way to learn it quickly.

So with the intention to learn more about it, I decided to interview one of the expert from this field. Because this is the easiest way to know the secrets of experts. 😉

Here we have Mr. Ricky Ahuja today, who is very successful in affiliate marketing and his company Affiliate Venture Group helping people all across the work to make good money. He shared some of his life experiences and very awesome tips to get into affiliate marketing as well as to get success in it.

Thanks to Mr. Ahuja who instantly said ‘YES' when I asked him for the interview on my blog.

Let's get into it.

1. Hello Sir, Please introduce yourself and your story to become affiliate marketer.

I am a serial entrepreneur, have been in the online marketing industry since 1998 and serve as the CEO and partner in Affiliate Venture Group, a privately funded performance based network located in the Washington DC area. Affiliate Venture Group has quickly become the go to network for some of the hottest offers. One of the most accessible guys in the industry, I call it like it is and continue to develop a loyal following with my various groups and through my blog at RickyAhuja.com.

2. When you realized that you can make money online and how you started?

I actually got into this industry by accident. I used to own an internet café in Chicago and some of the patrons who frequented the café needed a website and search engine optimization done and I happened to have some contacts in the space which truly enabled me to find out the benefits and rewards of Internet marketing and haven’t looked back since.

3. Tell us about Affiliate Venture Group. What is this and how this is going to help people to make money?

Ricky-ahuja1Affiliate Venture Group located is composed of a team of experienced and long-term, online marketing professionals. Our affiliates enjoy our unique and exclusive offers, the highest payouts and amazing payment terms.

Affiliate Venture Group's experienced and dedicated Affiliate Managers can help you optimize your traffic to gain the highest possible earning potential. This type of specialized attention is rare and unique in this industry. We stand by our affiliates and make sure you are paid on time! We pride ourselves in being available to meet your needs via phone, instant message or email.

4. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. But becoming a good affiliate marketer we need too much time as well as many skills. How true is this and how we can enter in affiliate marketing?

Thick skin, persistence and perseverance are critical to becoming a successful affiliate. What may be working today may not tomorrow (thanks Google), what may be hot one day may not be the next (we can thank the folks at FTC for this). Odds are you will lose money when starting out, but to truly become successful – you have to test, re-test and then test some more.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “Our greatest glory is not in never-failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

5. Almost all people who are into affiliate marketing use automation tools and some sites to outsource the work. Which are those tools and those sites?

Being in the space for over 15 years now, I have learned to develop numerous internal tools and access to various resources. While I will not recommend any particular one – I will say that Fiverr and Elance have been quite handy.

6. What are basics which a newbie should have to make money with affiliate marketing?

Simply put – here is what one needs to do: Research, Follow your passion, Quality content, Outsource, Keep learning, Test, Analyze and then Test some more.

7. What are the products which you love most to promote as affiliate?

Our leading verticals have been: penny stocks, horoscope offers, downloads, auto insurance zip submits.

8. How you are promoting your company to make it more viral and help more people for generating online income?

We rarely do much advertising at all – over 90% of my business is through word of mouth, referrals or people who have come across my blog, my guest posts or trade shows. Brand is very important to me so we are very very selective with whom we work.

9. How was your experience to attend Affiliate Summit? How this helped you to boost your business?

My experience for the most part has been extremely positive. However, you have to go there with an agenda and try to follow that to the extent you can. There are a lot of distractions and unless you are going there to get drunk and party – you will not have accomplished anything. You can check out one of my articles about Affiliate Summit Failures to get an idea (http://performinsider.com/2012/08/affiliate-summit-failures/ )

10. How much time you are spending online and what you love to do when you are not online?

In my free time I like to go visit the family, travel or just hang out with some good friends. We routinely get together monthly and have an all night poker (teen pati) games. If there is any time remaining, I like to work on my blog and some other side projects.

11. What are your future ventures and how they are going to help people?

Great question – the most exciting one relevant to your readers will be our expansion into India. We have seen a lot of short comings with the current networks there and would like to shake up how business is done there. India is our 2nd largest publisher base and as a result we want to be able to fully monetize that.

12. Affiliate marketing message for my readers.

My friend Evan Lovett said it best: Success in affiliate marketing takes an indefatigable spirit, an endless reservoir of energy, an immense appetite for multi-tasking and a short memory. Intelligence, mental sharpness and inventiveness, cleverness, problem-solving & mental acuity, adaptability & agility are tantamount, but the ultimate factor is the willingness to work hard through all obstacles. Every challenge is surmountable, all partnerships are possible and business is yours if you want it enough.

In the event anyone would like to get in touch with me: gsahuja@gmail.com or on FB: www.facebook.com/RickyAhuja

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    • Use this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/pretty-link/

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  7. It’s a great interview and it is very useful. I got more ideas about affiliate marketing.

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