BCIS 13: Aadith Sasi, Who Made $20K+ with Websites Flipping

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I am publishing this interview little late as usual. Most of the days I made it live before 11:00 AM but it's 12:03 PM here and I am still editing this interview.

I know you are very excited to read another awesome interview on Blogging Cage and going to learn many new things from this person's life. Blogging Cage Interview Series completed awesome 3 months now and I am having great bloggers in my list whom I am going to interview.

This week we have a guy with us who is not a well-known blogger.


Don't be confused.

He is not well-known in blogging but master in flipping websites and making money online.

Today we have Aadith Sasi with us who is very young in age but he have put himself into internet marketing so hard that he know what to do and what not very well. He has flipped some websites on Flippa and have made $24,000 till now.

Today we are going to ask him how he made it and what we can do to copy this system.

Let's have talk with him.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background.

Hello, My name is Aadith Sasi and I have presently given class 12th papers and is waiting for the results. Apart from being a student I am also an online entrepreneur from more than 3 years. My main sources of income is flipping and seo consultancy. I am working for US, UK-based firms as well.

2. Which methods you tried to make money online and finally which method worked?

I have tried almost all the methods of making online income from writing posts on my own, outsourcing, Adsense etc. Almost everything went wrong in the starting because of my impatience.

Failure! Failure! Failure.

But I never lost my hope and always used to learn from my mistakes. Finally I started getting paycheck from Adsense, Infolinks and many other networks. Believe me I have even got checks of $5 also. Meanwhile I made contacts with US,UK SEO agency, they used to provide me with plenty of SEO work.

3. Which efforts you made to learn the basics of flipping and how in such a short time you flipped sites with $20000+

Generally I do not make a site with a purpose of flipping which people usually do. I start a site on a long-term purpose but when the sites start growing I think about flipping it and earn a handsome amount. If you make a site itself with the purpose of flipping there are very less chances of getting success as you do not love the blog. A good combination of revenue and traffic is the success of flipping. When you list a site you need to make proper Social media promotion of the listing and the listing catchy.

4. Who was the person behind your inspiration to get into flipping?

Ahem ! Actually I never wanted to share it. But let me show me my guts. He is my Friend, Vikas bhatt. Seriously I am a fan of him.

5. Which are the things you see when you buy any website? Traffic or Earning?

Just like you say “With great powers comes great responsibilities” so do ”With Great traffic comes great earnings.” While buying a site we should do a complete case study of the niche? Would it be a loss or profit? Many Many questions.

6. How much time you keep the sites before flipping and how you drive traffic on them?

As such there is no timings. I keep the site till it grows (Generally It takes 3 months). Proper SEO and good quality content helps me getting ranked.

7. Which are the websites from where you outsource the work?

I prefer buy & sell group for outsourcing work. Sometimes I use Odesk and Fiverr too.

8. You don't have any personal website but making great money. How you tell people what I am doing when they ask from you?

That’s really a tough question. I sometimes feel shy when people ask about my main site because I do not have any. I always wanted to have main site and I started many times but eventually those sites ended up on flippa.

9. From where you hire content writers for your blogs?

I use buy & sell group on Facebook for content writers.

10. How this online business has changed the way of living for you?

Online business has completely changed my personality and boosted up my respect among people and friends. I love what I do.

11. Any strategies to sale any site on flippa successfully?

  1. Things to look after for a successful Flippa sale.
  2. Less auction duration.
  3. Make sure the listing is not ending on weekends.
  4. Sales letter has enough attachment to prove your claims.
  5. Reserve and Bin should be set after a good research and study.
  6. Try to start from a small bidding amount.

12. How we can get into flipping and what are the things we should keep in mind to get decent price on flippa?

There is as such no qualification needed for getting into flipping. Anybody can do it. Keep Cool and do not lose your hope from failures. Just try to make a good sales letter and talk to the buyers nicely and politely. Mentioned few things in question no. 11.

13. What is the round figure you have MADE IN FLIPPING till now?

I have made more than 7 Figure INR from flipping.

14. Message for my readers.

Never ever take any work as a small work. Each and every work has it’s own importance.

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  1. This is not about blogger exactly it’s about an person who make money from blogging using his brain,actually that’s an nice way to earn money.

  2. OMG ! 7 figure INR !!! Speechless man..I want to flip my website but have no Idea how to get started.
    Your parents would be super proud of you Aadith!

  3. I don’t believe this. Aadith, would you mind showing proofs or evidences to justify that you’d made this much earnings from flipping alone?

    • Hi IMran, Aadith is right ..I had seen his one listing where he successfully sold his site around $5k..So the above figure must be correct.

    • Yeah.Why not?Just mail me here at aadithtechnama@gmail.com .I will be sending you the screenshots.Sharing the payment proofs in public is not a good Idea I guess.

  4. Wow nice interview! 🙂 I would like to ask Aadith – What’s your favorite niche? Do you work only on 1 niche? or multiple ones??

    • @das no there is no such niches. Although I like working on niches related to technology,SEO Etc. Still to try with micro niches.

  5. Again a fantastic interview by Kulwant Nagi really liked it. and i was shocked when read the earnings are of 7 figure. O_O
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    thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

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    I have read almost every interview of bloggingcage but i think this is the best one.
    And @Aadith Sasi Everyone should learn something from you and all the best for your results.

  8. Nice interview Kulwant, you always pick great guys to inspire your readers. Great journey Aadith, wish you all the best ahead.

  9. Another awesome interview.I am very excited after hearing that Aadit has made more than $20k through flipping.Few months ago,i also planned to do something like that but haven’t started yet because i thought that the chances of getting success is very less.

    Inspiration story..However before trying anything similar to that,i would still love to go for research in this field..

    Kulwant you are doing an excellent job..keep doing that

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    Thanks again for such a nice interview. After reading this interview i am going to start flipping, it is very inspirational interview.

  17. I have been a big follower of both Aadith Sasi and Vikas Bhatt, I remember Vikas fipping his first official site on flippa nichebloggers.org these dudes know their onion very well when it comes to making a living on the internet. Besides i have also bought a site from Aadith Sasi the young hard working Indian guy

    • Thanks jerry for praising me .Really good to know.Would love to deal with you again.

  18. OMG.!! that’s huge. Also, Aadith started with a new idea of flipping that itself has no competition I guess.

  19. Well, website flipping business is definitely an eye grabber looking at the amount of earnings people like Aadith makes. I’m too in the process of flipping a site and have learnt a lot of things along the way. This flipping thing is a real fun. Well done Aadith! And thanks for the interview, Kulwant!

  20. Again, Awesome Interview Kulwant, this is really inspirational for small bloggers who can earn some bucks from flipping.
    Blogging is fun, but really helps in life too.

  21. Hi, read the interview. It’s indeed a great motivation for others. As the saying goes, “hard work pays” and Aadith has shown the same by equally being smart. Long way to go Aadith, my best wishes are with you.

  22. Oh my ghosh! You are appearing for 12th exams in the age of 20!!! I guess you got fail in some classes… 😛

  23. In 3 months to rank a website? Hmmm….

    Let me share something. To succeed with AdSense you can create a small website with 10 pages and than try rank them. Of course these 10 pages requires some work and good optimizing but after they rank traffic flow and money comes. That’s the easiest way to make money with AdSense.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

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  26. Hi Aadith, I know Odesk and Fiverr but never heard of “buy & sell group on Facebook”. Trying to google for this but still can’t find it. Care to share the link

  27. Awesome article kulwant bro, and Aadith thnx for sharing your expirence with flippa. but m too late bcs i sell my 2 sites in 80k inr but if i read this article before then i might earn more then 2 lakh inr. . bcs i didm’t tried flippa .. i only heard about that . but from now i will surely flipp my site on flippa !!

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  36. That’s really an inspirational interview, thanks for introducing another successful internet entrepreneur to us!

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