{20% Discount} Anstrex Review: Native Ads Spying Made Easy

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Native Ads are one of the most popular ads in the industry to promote your products without being so pushy.

These ads blend themselves in the content so smartly that a normal reader cannot even distinguish the difference between the related posts from that blog and the ads.

You might have already seen ads like this on many big websites.


There are many popular networks where you can run such ads. Here are a few of the top native ads platforms.

  • RevContent
  • Taboola
  • Mgid
  • OutBrain
  • AdNow
  • Content.ad

and many others.

You can run ads on these platforms either on CPC (cost per click) or impression-based ads.

When it comes to run the ads on any platforms, it's all about your ad copy, your landing pages, creatives, and many other factors.

Starting ads may be a daunting task when you don't know what other advertisers in that space are doing.

So here comes such spy tools in the picture.

Anstrex is such a tool that will make things easier for you if you are looking forward to run Native ads.

Why Anstrex?

  • Antrex can make spying so easier for you by showing all the live ads in various countries.
  • You can deep insights about the ads so that you can create a better version of those Ads.
  • The filter capability of the tool gives to freedom to spy on your selected countries and Networks.
  • You can explore all big niches in just a few clicks.
  • You can get the ideas of Ad copies, landers and many other important things very easily.
  • You can save your time by getting winning copies right in front of you.
  • You get top converting images right in the dashboard and download them easily

Who Can use Anstrex?

1. Affiliate Marketers

Being an affiliate marketer, I understand how important is it to spy in the market and understand what other people are doing.

You can collect a lot of data from various ads and replicate those ads on various other marketing channels.

2. Brands

Brands can market themselves by running impression ads to get more visibility of their brand image.

Awesome retargeting can be done by the brands to bring back abandoned customers.

3. Content Writers

Content writers can promote their content on various big websites and get more visitors in their blogs.

4. Viral Sites

It's a magic tool for people running viral niche sites.

With this tool, you can see all the top-performing viral content in various niche and you can download most viral images from various articles.

Let's have a look at Anstrex before starting this review.

They have.

  • 27 Top Native Ads Networks to spy
  • 16,197,795 Ads
  • 145,419 Advertisers
  • and data from 33 countries

Having such a huge database and access to so many countries makes this tool and must-have tool for all the advertisers.

When compared to other popular spy tools in the market, you can see the bigger picture here.

native ad spy

They are superior in every aspect.

Let's have a look inside the platform and see why it is best.

ad spy tool

In this example, I have selected on RevContent network, selected health category and AdStrength 54.

This gave me some of the best running ads worldwide. I could have selected the desired countries from the country filter too.

anstrex review

Once I select my desired country to spy, native Ads network and set other filters, I can click on the ads and look inside.

anstrex review

This will open a new window like this.

anstrex review

In this window, you can get a lot of information about ads like Advertising Network, Alexa Rank, Creatives, Geos etc.

Here are the screenshots of other options.

anstrex review

You can see all the cratives that advertiser is using to run various ads.

anstrex review
anstrex review

You can see all the publishers where the ads are running from the last few days.

anstrex review

Top Ad Networks running such Ads.

anstrex review

You can check all the devices and Geos running those ads.

anstrex review

Anstrex makes spying so easy for you that creating a winning Ad copy will take only a few hours.

Everything is in front of you, all the creatives, landers, Geos, publishers and almost all the data which is required to run a winning Ad.

By clicking on any of the images in the Ads, you can directly download that image in your computer.

anstrex review

Advanced Features

We have bought the Ultimate plan of Anstrex so we got access to all the tools.

One tool which I loved the most is the Landing Page Gallery.

They have more than 700 pre-created landing pages which you can edit as per your requirements and download them easily.

Later you can upload those landers directly from the Anstrex account to your AWS account or download them to upload at any server.

anstrex review

Here are the options to edit a landing page.

anstrex review

You can easily replace the links of any lander.

anstrex review

Anstrex has added almost each and every feature which an affiliate marketers, a media buyer or a brand needs.

This one tool not only gives you the freedom to spy on your competitors but you can download the landers and create your own beautiful landers easily too.

We are going to use this tool for all our future research and looking forward to get some of the best creative ideas.

Here is Our Video Review.


How to Activate Anstrex 20% Discount?

Here are the normal prices at the official site.

anstrex discount

We recommend buying the Ultimate plan to get the most out of this tool.

It will give you access to all 27 Ad Networks, all 33 countries, and many other features which you can see in the picture above.

To activate the discount click on the link below.

You'll see the welcome message at the next screen with our coupon code BLOGGINGCAGE.

anstrex pricing

Use the coupon at Checkout and activate the discount.

I hope you liked this review and going to try this awesome tool for sure.

You can try this tool for 48 hours and ask for a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

Do let me know in the comments what other spy tools are you using and how this review helped you to make the decision.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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    Is the 20% discount still available. I watched your Youtube video and then came to your blog. When I click on your discount link I’m not seeing the same thing that was shown in the video. There is nothing that mentions any discount.

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Learn how to Start Your Affiliate Blog from Scratch in a “Professional Way."​
Join other 34,000+ subscribers on my mailing list and I'll give you FREE 10-days training to start your affiliate marketing career with ease.​