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Affiliate World Europe 2016: Experience and Highlights

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When you are in any industry, attending the events around that particular industry should be your main focus.

Being an affiliate, I couldn't miss this awesome conference.

I attended Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok last year.

That was a breathtaking experience for me. As meeting the experts whom you are following from years is an awesome experience. Seeing them live and talking to them gives you an extra energy and motivation to do much better things in your life.

After gaining so much experience, learning some secret affiliate marketing tips and becoming friend with some of the top affiliate players, I made my mind to attend AWE in Berlin, Germany.

Unfortunately, I was the only blogger from India community to be there. Being alone in such a big conference was an awkward feeling (wandering here and there alone) as well as a joyful feeling too, as I was happy because I got the opportunity to attend such a mind-shaking conference in the industry.

I reached in Berlin on 17th July. There was nice party organized by AffiliateFix team. This was a well-organized party with a lot of like-minded people and great DJ. Here I met some awesome people from the industry and enjoyed a lot.

Here are 2 pics.

IMG_0708-compressed IMG_0711-compressed

Day 1

Day 1 has following awesome speakers:

They shared immense knowledge from the stage.

First speech was by Drew Eric Whitman (writer of the book Ca$hvertising). Copywriting information shared by him was superb. What words to use to attract the buyer, how to write convincing sales letter and many other good info bombs.

IMG_3166-compressedNext session was taken by Hugh Hancock, where he shared the affiliate automation strategies.

Here are the pics taken at day 1.

My affiliate manager at ImpactRadius
With Loz Green

IMG_3208-compressed IMG_3209-compressed IMG_3223-compressed IMG_0775-compressed

All the session were super informative.

After the session there was a meet the speakers drink, where everyone could interact with the speakers around the table.

We captured some pics there.

IMG_0798-compressed IMG_0807-compressed IMG_0813-compressed IMG_3256-compressed

Day 2:

My favorite speakers Charles Ngo and Neil Patel. 🙂

IMG_3276-compressed IMG_3298-compressed

Sessions delivered by Charles Ngo and Neil Patel were super awesome.

To be very frank, I attended this event just to listen these 2 speakers. 🙂

Being a content marketer, I wanted to meet Neil Patel once, and being an affiliate marketer, I wanted to meet Charles Ngo once again (I already met him last year in Bangkok).

They both delivered awesome speeches which helped me to gain more knowledge about the industry.

Some Random Pics

IMG_0911-compressed IMG_0912-compressed

IMG_0739-compressed IMG_0914-compressed IMG_3181-compressed IMG_3199-compressed IMG_3230-compressed IMG_3234-compressed IMG_3268-compressed

And a pic which we ruined completely in the night party..



This was a great experience for me to meet Neil Patel, Charles Ngo, Oliver, Loz Green, Ricky Ahuja and many other great affiliate marketers.

I made some crazy Indian friends there.

After the conference, we explored the city, enjoyed late night parties and did a lot of fun.

I am looking forward to attend Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok in December once again.

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15 thoughts on “Affiliate World Europe 2016: Experience and Highlights”

  1. Hi,

    I congratulate you for the successful blogging career and also about your trip to Affiliate summit in Europe. These type of opportunities are definitely helpful to boost the outreach learn the secrets of others, explore more opportunities and excel the rate of your own success.

    Thank you for sharing the pics also.

  2. I am also a big thinker and I want to become India’s top blogger. Sir, I am starting my blog in Hindi. Can you suggest me for the right way?
    I attend your Seminar at Mumbai.

  3. Events are really great for learning and achieving more success with the powerful motivation that we grab from leaders.

    Really great event, & great pics too 🙂

  4. Hi Kulwant, great to see you there smiling!! Actually I became very emotional to read your About Me page a couple of months back and I didn’t know that you’re progressing well. You’re not only prospering alone, but also inspiring others to carry on with their blogs. I’m like someone who needs regular inspiration to carry on my blogging journey and you’re one of those whose prosperity really really inspires me. Congrats


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